1. Kether: Archangel Metatron

Metatron El Shaday

(Metatron, represented in the El Shaday pentacle. Remade by Asterion.)

Starting with this article, we are going to try to approach either an Angel or an Archangel, from some of the more well known – Like Michael or Gabriel – to some that are a bit less well known, like Metatron, Sandalphon, or Haniel.

There is actually an entire mystical literature in which you will find all the names, attributions or domains of these angles, but we will be trying to make their presence known, one step at a time. Everyone has a guardian Angel, a divine and protective being or an Astral guide, if not even many more. They are always there for you, and there is no prayer that ever comes short of their hearing, carrying it forward to fulfillment, according to their station and the divine order of things. The Angelic class is quite vast, starting from the angel that supervises the growth of grass blades, to the angel that governs the entire hierarchy of our solar system. Gentle and radiant entities or frightful and covered in lightning and flames, angels belong to different categories, according to their evolution and the roles assigned to them in the universe.

A particularly special case concerns Archangel Metatron, for he is the angelic aspect of Enoch, who was transformed into an angel after his Ascension to Heaven. The Hebrew Book of Enoch says that “This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eye-lashes to flashes of lightning, his eye-balls to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron

In the hebrew tradition angels are not permitted to be seated on a throne, but Metatron is the only one who is allowed to, by the command of God, as High Priest and Divine Scribe in the Heavens. Particularly because of the light and the glory that Metatron radiates whilst sitting on his heavenly throne, the initiate Rabbi Archer exclaimed upon seeing him: “Truly there two powers in Heaven!”, meaning God and Metatron, which made him a heretic. Metatron corrected him, as he was but a servant of the Almighty One.

Being an angel of such a high estate, he received many names and titles: the first of which isLesser YHWH” or “Lesser God”, a title conferred unto him by God himself, placing him above all other angels and powers from all the heavens. Acting as the Face and Voice of God, as in His Manifestation in the lower worlds, Metatron also received the title of “The Prince of Divine Presence”. It is said that by Metatron’s presence and voice did God communicate to the prophets of the Old Testament, and especially to Moses.

It is supposed that Metatron was the one who led the israelites out of exile and that through his voice were the ten commandments spoken out loud. As one who was transformed from Enoch, he is also called Naar”,  which means “the young”, the youngest of all the angels, but at the same time the one who was most filled with power and glory.

In Kabbala, his name is equal to the name of God – El-Shaddai, from a numerological standpoint, the archangel also being called “One who bears the Name of his Master” or “Name like his Master”.

His powers are as great as his titles and his influence and Glory are quite hard to grasp by laymen. In the works of Franz Bardon he appears as the undisputed leader of our Solar habitat, governing all 45 intelligences of the Sun. These 45 angelic super-entities rule and coordinate the forces acting in our solar system, their radiance being one which would hardly be possible to imagine or withstand, even by some of the high initiates, but the radiance and Glory of the one leading them is far more greater.

Some of his older names – Mittron, Mitraton, Mithraton and Mithra – remind us that the figure of this most high angel is related to the iranian hero-god Mithra. The latter was also an angel of unmatched splendor, a symbol of the Sun and head of all the angels, his cult being very popular in Antiquity. It would appear that Zoroastrianism was the first to name Mithra-Metatron as the Chief Angel in the Hierarchy of Light, a cult that gathered scores of followers. They had shared suppers and communions long before Christianity, but sacrifices and political interests turned this wonderful religion of mysteries into a bloody masquerade  that had nothing in common with the teachings received from Mithra-Aton.

At last, we can always reach out to this wonderful and glorious archangel whenever we want to better understand God, and whenever we need him to be made manifest in our lives, by this next sacred invocation:

“By the name of God Almighty El-Shaddai, I summon thee, almighty and all powerful Archangel Metatron, to help me manifest myself Here and Now. Amen”

Metatron’s presence is very subtle, but very powerful and full of vigour, when he is truly needed.


(Metatron’s Cube in sacred geometry – Source)
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