2. Chokmah: Archangel Raziel


(Archangel Raziel, Crispijn de Passe the Elder, 16th century – Source)

Mainly known to those dealing with esoterism and occultism, archangel Raziel is connected to mysteries. Even his name means “God’s Mystery” or “Secret of God“”. He is one of the archangels associated with the distant planetary spheres, ruler of the area governed by Neptune. In Jewish tradition, he is an angel close to the divine throne, having the duty to take note of everything happening in the Heavens, a sort of divine scribe. According to legend, he is the author of the famous work “Book of Raziel the Angel”.

This would be a book so powerful and secret that it passed to the hands of all patriarchs. The legend says that from the love and compassion for the human kind, Raziel gathered the entire knowledge of the Heavens and condensed it in a single book, which he offered to Adam and Eve. After the fall of the primordial couple, the angels who were witnesses to this decided they should take back the divine teachings from Adam, since he listened to the teachings of the Snake, and so they stolen the book and threw it in the endless ocean.

God instead sent an angel to fix this injustice, finding the book and giving it back to the human race. Also known as the “Book of Signs of Adam”, it was written in a secret manner, with signs and symbols that could only be deciphered with the help of the archangel of mysteries.

The tradition says that Enoch possessed this book, and was lost until the time of Noah, when the archangel Raphael, who was sent by God, brought it to the old patriarch. His sons, Shem, Cham and Yafet/Japheth, were all initiated in the divine mysteries. According to a late tradition, Shem was Melchizedek and Cham was no other than Zoroaster. Cham uses the knowledge obtained incorrectly, declining to witchcraft, and The Book of Raziel is once again hidden to mankind, until God sends it back again, this time to Solomon.

The versions of this work that we have today suggest that it was later given to king Solomon, containing information about angels, astrology, meteorology, kabbalah, talismans and divine names. The latin version and other European languages is considerably much older than the hebrew version, but certainly this book, now known under the title “Book of Raziel the Angel”, is not the original document that the legends speak of.

Raziel’s mission is to look after the knowledge and wisdom, guiding the human race on the evolutionary line. As a Scribe and Divine Secretary, Raziel knows all the possible evolutionary lines that a civilization could develop, and tends to watch over the good functioning of the knowledge in every historical period of that civilization in order to keep mankind on a positive path. He is aware of all the manifestation possibilities of all events, personal or collective, from a group or a family, to entire populations, civilizations and even galactic races.

He supervises and records the choices that every civilization does in its path, either if they have positive or negative finalization. In the case of positive finalization, Raziel governs the process of mass initiation and the rise of civilizations on other vibration coordinates. In the case of negative finalization, such as the sinking of Atlantis, the Black Plague or the Holocaust, Raziel coordinates the process of karmic currents’ directions, evaluating the given situation, prognosticating the future possibilities and recording the karma at individual level, group level or national level of those who have wronged and sinned. Raziel is not a judge, but rather a witness very similar to a man of science.

Given the fact that he holds the keys of ‘heavenly’ and ‘earthly’ knowledge, people were tempted to consider this as being something referring to the science of the stars and of Earth. Although true, this is only 1% of the truth. The keys of heavenly knowledge and the celestial initiations, are those evolutionary grades that the spirit receives when he is evolving, even when he is not embodied. The keys of earthly knowledge are those initiations that are obtained through work and dedication in humanity’s service in the period when the spirit is embodied.

As a spirit can be in the embodiment line for several hundreds of thousands of years or even more, Raziel knows the perfect parameters in which the spirits’ initiation must take place, in the case when the spirit becomes conscious that he must  accede to a new level of consciousness. Raziel even knows when entire nations must be initiated into a new spiritual current, and when the entire planet must be initiated into a new mystery. This is also done through the initiatic offices led by Raziel, either if we’re talking about initiations in subtle schools or the transmission of spirit-teachers to make certain aspects of the Truth known to mankind when needed.

The Angel of Mysteries is also the one governing discoveries, especially those connected to knowledge. When a information considered lost is rediscovered, we find the mild and compassionate tough of Raziel. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the discovery of the gnostic books from Nag Hammadi, the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Sumerian cuneiforms, were all supervised and facilitated by the beings of the divine department led by Raziel. The great thinkers, writers, philosophers and leaders were always watched by Raziel and his messengers, and their actions were always registered and given to justice. Each idea that revolutionized the world can be considered to be a seed given by a wise sower, who is Raziel.

We can always call for this wonderful archangel’s help when we want to better understand God’s mysteries or the meaning of our lives or when we need the wisdom and divine understanding to be manifested in us, with the following sacred invocation:

In the name of God Most-High Yah, I call thee, Most-wise and Powerful Archangel Raziel, to help me know and understand what I need, Here and Now. Amen!





(Sefer Raziel HaMalakh, Hebrew version, Amsterdam (1701) Chabad-Lubavitch Library)
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