3. Binah: Archangel Tzafkiel


(Seal of Tzafkiel/Kaptziel reconstructed by Asterion after the figures attributed to the seven angels found in Aryeh Kaplan s Sefer Yetsirah, fig.44, page 171. They are taken from the treatise Shoshan Yesod Olam, circa 1727.)

The name of this archangel in Hebrew means “Sight of God”. He appears in different sources as Ţafchiel, Tzafqiel, Tzaphqiel, Tzaphkiel, Zaphkiel, but also with inversed letters, Kaphtsiel, Kafsiel, or Cassiel.

All of these are variations of his name, not different angels. He is the first of the angels associated to the classical planetary spheres, being ruler over the sphere of Saturn. Tsafkiel is the archangel of understanding, knowledge and information, but also the archangel “of Spiritual Strife against Evil”.

The magical texts talk about this archangel as one being extremely imposing. Some have seen him in visions as a wise old man, powerful and sober, with a glance that no man can resist. Others have described him as a powerful priest-king, with his head covered by a hood or egyptian crown.

Also, his vestments are of black color, with indigo reflections, having a portrait full of solemnity and seriousness. Sometimes, because of his gigantic dimensions, man can only see a part of his body, such as the eyes, head or the hand with his staff.

Being the angelic regent of the sphere of Saturn, Tsaphkiel is the one who inspires people not only in moments of calm and sacred meditation, but also in search of knowledge. He is the keeper and Guardian of the Akashic Records and Watcher of Karma in the angelic world.  Because of this fact, we can say that every soul that comes to embodiment goes in front of him before he is born and after he dies. His sober figure inspired the pre-Christian deities, dividing them into righteous ones and damned.

Tsafkiel is the patron of all endings, and for that reason many were tempted to categorise him as the Angel of Death, which is very far from the truth. He is the most detached of all archangels, being the one who judges correctly and who watches over the way that the souls are expiating their accumulated karma. Without being overly tough, neither too merciful, Tsafkiel puts each soul in front of his own life’s archive, analizing the repercussions that their actions had.

Once these things have been brought to his knowledge, the soul is helped to understand why he had to suffer or to be happy in his life, according to the past karma, and what he will need to do in order to cancel the present karma. Depending on the gravity of the actions or the high spiritual values, the soul can be constrained to accept certain sufferings, or on the contrary, can choose by himself the way in which he will eliminate the accumulated karma. Tsafkiel is also in charge of Time.

Everything that is connected to Time on Earth is governed by him, from the sacred calendars of the egyptians and maya, to the atomic clocks of great precision and the rare pieces of antique collectors. Where the calendars or the methods to study the sky to measure time appeared, we find the influence of Tsafkiel, where there are reforms in the observation, measuring and noting of the passing of time, the inspiration of people involved in that process comes also from him. He is the one that watches over the genetic archives of the souls, adjusting the temporal parameters for each soul.

If a soul must know illumination, for example, in a terrestrial life, Tsafkiel is the one who knows when it will happen. If an entire family will be marked by a strong incident, if a country or nation will receive a calamity or a special event, even if the entire humanity will be affected by a certain factor, Tsafkiel is the one who knows even the smallest detail. Without his approval and knowing nothing happens, he is the one that gives his approval in everything connected to the karmic process of learning. He is the patron of history and archives, chronicles, records, truth and precision.

When it comes to information or books, his domain is not fantasy, tales, poetry or fiction. He is a representative of Truth, going in his way to study and extreme precision. The exact sciences are his domain, and according to his activity as Guardian of Time, he makes sure that no invention shall appear before its time, no idea to appear only when it must and no event must take place with an undetermined effect.

Tsafkiel’s world is one of precision, of mathematics, of thorough analize and careful research. He is the one that patronizes those who retreat from the world for various reasons, the loners, the hermits, ascets, but also science researchers. We can call for this wonderful archangel’s help whenever we feel wronged and in injustice, or when we need retreat, silence and peace, to be able to „go within ourselves” to find our piece, even when we need a greater capacity of understanding and learning.

We can do it in silence and solitude, with the help of the following sacred invocation:

In the name of the Almighty Tetragrammaton Elohim, I call thee, most wise and most powerful archangel Tsafkiel, to help me know and and understand what is in my soul and in the World, Here and Now. Amen!


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