6.Tiphereth: Archangel Rafael


(Tobias meets the archangel Raphael, Andrea Vaccaro, cca. 1640 – Source)


Rafael is, according to a certain system of analogies, the archangel that governs the following sphere of Samael, which is the Solar sphere. He is the Archangel of the Sun, of light and healing. Even his name, translated from hebrew, means „God Heals” or „Healing from God.”

Raphael is the only archangel besides Michael and Gabriel that is known and accepted by the Orthodox and Catholic Church, his name being found in the „Book of Tobit”. In Romanian he appears under the orthodox form Rafail (like Michael and Gabriel are named Mihail and Gavriil) and is presented as a great angel that has the power to heal and to bind the demons of sickness, especially Asmodeus. In the „Acatist of Saint Archangel Rafail” it is mentioned many times: „Enjoy, Rafail, terror of Asmodeus, all healer!

About his identity in this orthodox canoic book there are no signs of doubt, as he himself reveals to Tobit and says „I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of the Lord.” (Tobit 12:15) Thus, even in the oldest texts Raphael is counted among the seven archangels that stand in front of the Throne of God, described in the Apocalypse, also called Angels of Presence.

Raphael is also mentioned in a apocryhal text, very important for the beginnings of Christianity, that is „Book of Enoch”. For example, in chapter 40 there are presented four angels to Enoch. The second one is Raphael, who deals with all the wounds and diseases of human beings. In Chapter 10, Raphael is asked by God to bring the Demon Azazel into the desert and exile him there as punishment for his rebellion. We see that Raphael is not only a healer, but also a feared enemy of the demonic forces and his named can be called in prayer with much succes. In the oldest of magical texts and on many byzantine amulets, Raphael is the one that defeats the forces of evil similar to Michael, only that the latter is represented many times on a horse, like Saint George, while Raphael is seen only standing, many times with a twig in his hand as a sign of healing. Under the name Arlaph, Raphael was called by women giving birth to be protected from the evil forces that could hurt the new-born.

Raphael is the angelic governor of the planetary sphere of the Sun. This has a good connection and communication with the Solar Logos, being part of the angelic side of the Hierarchy of Light. Given the fact that the Solar sphere has under call the influence spheres of the other planets, Raphael acts as a diplomat-governor. His function is pretty hard to define in human terms, for in a way he governs the activity of all the other planetary archangels, but he is not above them, but their equal, having competence in all the spheres. His energy is very strong but mild and acts in the favor of all beings, including humans, throught the agency of the healing energy.

Though it wouldn’t appear, Raphael is the archangel that synthesizes the actions of all spheres in order to work with them. The divine instructions come through the archangels of the superior spheres, like Metatron and Raziel, then go through the filters of karma and justice, which are governed by Tzafqiel and Zadkiel, then imprinted on the efects of the martian sphere, in the governing of Samael, and then come to the domain of Raphael. If the domain of collective Karma is governed by Tsafkiel and Zadkiel, personal karma is governed by Samael and Raphael.

Samael mostly deals with applying the negative consequences (which people call punishments) while Raphael plays the role of the savior and healer. When the karma of an individual has been payed, including through punishment and suffering, Raphael can be called in help to reestablish and heal.

The energies of healing, governed with generosity and mildness by Raphael, come in action automatically in the moment of surpassing a certain obstacle in the activity of the individual. In other words, when a man suffers, and the suffering burns the karma that must be eliminated, certain processes are taking place that Samael governs. When karma came to a minimum level and the individual learns to fix his errors, the suffering is preceeded by healing and the healing energies are automatically called in help. This happens without the knowledge or intention of the individual, though intention can help and accelerate the process. Through intention, man knows he has been wrong and asks for the mercy, love and healing of the Father, and thus begins the process of Raphael’s healing. When the individual suffered and knows that he has expiated a certain karma, accessing the intention through prayer, he helps himself in the healing process. Tsafkiel judges, Zadkiel gives mercy, Samael constrains and punishes and Raphael heals.

From an esoteric point of view, Raphael and the angels in his service are considered doctors, therapists and celestial healers. He is the patron of medicine and all disciplines that deal with caring, reabilitation and healing of all living beings, from humans and celestial beings to animals, plants and crystals. He is not only the inspirer of medical discoveries and inovations, but also the one who offers the divine gift of healing to the individual that needs to manifest it. Raphael is the genius behind all the healing systems. In Atlantis, Egypt, Babylon, there were mystery schools that developed the principals of the Way of Light. Today, the healing energies of Raphael are manifested in biotherapy, Reiki and all its branches (Usui, Karuna, Shamballa, etc) but not limited to that. Those who wish to access these healing energies don’t have to make these initiations or expensive courses, but can obtain them by their own.

The help of this wonderful archangel can be called as such:

In the name of the Most Holy God, Eloha, I call thee, radiant and mild archangel Raphael, to help me in this time when I need protection, healing and love, Here and Now. Amen!




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