7.Netsach: Archangel Haniel


(Lamen of Haniel – Source)

Haniel is the next of the Seven Archangels of Presence, right after Raphael. He governs the planetary sphere associated with Venus, and his hebrew name means “Joy of God“. If Michael, Gabriel and Raphael have been mentioned in the holy books, Haniel is one of the angels whose name has been excluded from the canonic texts for fear of not being worshiped.

However, his name has been preserved in ancient hebrew literature, on amulets and magical texts under the form Haniel, Hanael, Aniel, Anael or Anauel. He has under his order the venusian angelic hierarchy and is responsible for the erotic domain of terrestrial life. Haniel is the angelic master of love, polarity, gender, emotions and feelings but also a watcher over social relationships and orders. He co-operates with every soul according to its karma in order to establish the social and emotional reports through which it will learn on Earth. Under the auspices of Haniel, the souls make promises, contracts and dealings before material embodiment, which will remain active on a subtle level until the convenient moment of manifestation.

Being a master of polarity, he manages both love and hate, friendship and enmity, sympathy and antipathy. The entire scale of emotions of which an individual is capable stays under the governing sign of this magnificent archangel. When a spirit decides to take material shape, it agrees to go thoroughly in reality from a tridimensional point of view. This automatically means he immerses into duality: he will be constrained to know and experience both good and evil, pleasure and pain, suffering and joy, in equal measure.  Once the major evolutionary path of the individual has been settled, the souls that already have connections and older “debts” to each other decide to co-operate in other existences in order to learn the lessons necessary in their evolution or in the burning of their karma. When it is needed, new, unknown souls intervene, which agree to play a certain role in others lives. Oftentimes we have the impression that we are talking to a completely new person though we’ve known that person for many years, while other times we have the impression that the person we’ve just met knows us since many years and viceversa. These are the signals of the souls that recognize each other, which co-operated in other lives and with whom we have agreed to co-operate again now. Many times we cannot understand why some people hate us, despise us, alienate us or on the contrary, why they seek our presence and why they are glad to see us. These are purely the effects of our deeds towards them in other lives, the emitted sum of vibrations that now put us face to face with their result.

Haniel is in charge of stipulating the contracts between souls, of the promises made and the judgment of the conflicts and their dissolution. In greek mythology he was called Eros while in the roman mythology he was Cupid, and has been personified by other nations as well, according to their needs. Though he was not necessarily a chubby angel with a funny bow as in modern representations, the ancients believed that this god was throwing arrows steeped in honey which made people fall in love and arrows steeped in venom which made people argue. Far from being a playful and naive demigod, Haniel indeed manages the relationships between people and takes care of the karmic balance necessary to their evolution, meaning he decides when lovers should meet and when enemies should argue and fight, but only by following the Divine laws and celestial logic. This does not mean that the beauty of love and romantic stories have been written beforehand, making us slaves to preexistent laws. Man has free will and can decide if he wants to respect a pre-established event, or on the contrary, if he wants to force the hand of faith and search a certain relationship. When it comes to love, a lot can be forgiven…

Depending on the purity of love, the carried deeds can be more or less blamable and the forgiveness of our mistakes can be given in future lives.

Haniel is indeed a master when it comes to Gender and Polarity. Also under his wise governance comes the domain of gender directory, meaning he is responsible for the management of the successive changes through feminine and masculine aspects. He is in charge of the lessons that a spirit must learn while in a feminine or masculine body. A spirit can learn these lessons through direct incarnation into a body, as well as through contrast. The abundance of information regarding Haniel can surely cover hundreds of pages, especially if we take into account that he is also the angelic governor of sexuality, of the propagation of species and of any kind of interaction based on polarity. He is the most competent angel in the exploration of sexuality on all levels. From the rather innocent erotic experiences of adolescents to the full manifestation of sexuality of a mature couple, from the apparent chaotic sexual pulsions to the art of sacred love, Haniel governs, watches over and offers information and help when and where it is needed.

Anything that depends on the two fundamental energies, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, negative and positive, electric and magnetic, no matter of their manifestation, Haniel and his angels watch over and coordinate the processes of transformations, unifications, separations and sublimations through which these energies are going. Those with spiritual inclinations that are guided by this magnificent archangel can learn how to understand and express love in the couple or the way that the sexual energies can be cultivated and used with full wisdom for the spiritual awakening and awareness. Haniel is after all the archangel of love in all of its forms.

His help can be called for with the following invocation-prayer:

By the name of God Almighty and All Loving, Yod-He-Vau-he Tzabaoth, I call thee Haniel, archangel of divine love, to drawn into the sea of Creator’s eternal love, Here nad Now. Amen!


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