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It’s been some time since I decided to retreat from the spiritual community in Romania and I can honestly say that I am very happy with my decision.
It is a world where everybody wants more and more, and strictly for free, a world in which everyone is a Master because he read a book by Osho and a world in which you don’t need to make any effort in others’ service, only in your own service, in order to evolve spiritually.
– See? I’m a master in Reiki, Karuna, Tibetan Usui, Cristal Healing, Theta, Bowen, Tantric Fingering and astral travel.
– Can you please give me a glass of water?
– Go and get it yourself! You’re thirsty? It’s your karma. You don’t have money? Also your karma! Become a master and you’ll also make money out of courses, you’ll see. Oh, no.. the diploma is printed. No, you don’t need to pay taxes to the state.
I’m tired of all this nonsense, of all the promises of the World’s End and Apocalypse from 5 to 5 years and of the fact that every time I tried to warn people that there won’t be any apocalyptic catastrophe in 2012, I was blamed for being negative.

2012 came and gone and nobody got into a parallel dimension, no alien spaceship came, no messiah came to save the Earth from the Darkness (besides the three Sanandas, two Kalis, five Zalmoxes and 126 Jesuses that carry their missions only for money. This being the case in Romania, because outside we only meet Antichrists)

The world continues to live the same, and if you are waiting for a specific date in order to be spiritually awaken or to be given gifts from the gods, then please close this page, don’t send any commentaries and please go practice Dolphin Reiki Healing with the money with which you could feed a nursing home.
What I would like to talk about is the notion of “feeling” (spiritual experiences).
When people who pretend having extrasensory perceptions find something they don’t like, especially a person or the decisions they made, they say they “feel a negative energy” or that “the vibration has been changed.”
There is no greater nonsense.

First of all:

Nobody, no person that I have met in these 15 years of activity among “paranormals”, gurus, yoghi-bears, numerologists, “astrophiles”, “ufonauts” and “bioenergocojonucleotherapists” has proven to me that he has some sort of talent of FEELING more than what they see in a person, how a person speaks or how a person acts.
As proof, I’ve used the same techniques without saying I am extrasensorial, on such people who certified that I am actually a clairvoyant. Making simple associations between colors and a person’s expectations (ocultism-violet, love-pink, religion-gold, sexuality-red) I’ve said the colors of the aura of few so-called clairvoyants, who actually confirmed what I said, even though I never said I can see their aura and never said I was clairvoyant, however THEY insisted that I AM.
I don’t deny that there are such people in the world or in Romania. But I personally never met anyone except smart people who want to fool others and people who lack self-confidence and confidence in God’s power and who accept to be fooled.

Second of all:

Everyone who said about someone or about me that we have a lower vibration, that we emit negative vibrations or any other such nonsense, have got to that conclusion AFTER they met us, after they discussed with us and after they didn’t like us or what we said.

Dear clairvoyants, you can’t say you were attracted to talk to me, add me on Facebook, search for me, call me, tell me all you have on your soul and consider me a friend, congratulate me for how good and luminous I am, ask me to make free tarot readings or free rituals, and when I refuse, you simply change your conclusion to “Oh, what a negative vibration you have. You always emitted negative energy. You have broken chakras, etc etc.”
I can’t refrain from laughing when I hear, day by day, that the structure of my spirit has changed and I am no longer the same, when such a thing is pretty impossible, and that more probable would be the reversing of my vertebral column with my coccis to my skull…

And how does it that every day I am luminous and good for the majority of people, but I am dark and have a lower vibration to someone who simply doesn’t like me or what I do or if I refuse to do something for them.

Third of all:
None of these people who said that my vibration changed can pass a simple test: if you put eight pictures facing down, the seven dwarfs and Hitler and tell them to “feel” the negative vibration, I promise that in the first 5-6 attempts they will pick Grumpy or Dopey. Even from three pictures, one with a serial killer and two with saints, they will rarely pick the correct picture from the first attempt.
Thus, I don’t get influenced when I’m being called “of lower vibration”, “selfish” or “hypocrite” if I refuse a stranger who wants to brain wash some poor guy nor do I suffer after I help a person 15 times and then I’m taken as a fool, and the 16th time I simply refuse and thus become a “jerk”.

Because these opinions don’t matter.

I know whose opinion matters. I know people who speak with their soul and are not being bound by their own desires and hidden interests. I know who appreciates the good things I’ve done and is grateful, no matter if it’s a great help or a simple advice. These are the people who see me as a human and never said a bad word about me, nor about others.

These are the people from which all our masters with posters and courses of chakra awakening should really learn from.

I am quite busy most of the times, but I don’t refuse anyone and I try to help as much as I can. The business that I have, with the help of God, prospers, my spiritual life is rich, and my daily life is full. I daily thank God for what He has given me and I consider I have not changed, and that’s how the people who really know me see me as well.


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