Who we are

Occult-Study.org is first and foremost a website about general Occultism. Its purpose is to inform people who are new in the area of occultism as well as those already initiated, about the occult mysteries of this world we live in.

What you will find here is general and basic (sometimes advanced) information on subjects such as Occultism (western/occidental), Esoterism, Magic(k), Witchcraft and Religion. Unlike other websites and esoteric organizations, we are trying to keep a balance between the beliefs, traditions and magical systems and to promote the subjects as they really are, even those considered taboo by certain individuals and we wish to create a source of information, free at the user’s disposal.

We currently offer articles and essays written by adepts and students of the occult, reference books, quizzes and an image gallery. In the future we wish to bring interviews with important names involved in the occult, create online video conferences, study courses, contests, news from the media or the occult community and many more.

  • We wish to offer information of the best quality, thus every article or subject is treated only by the best authorities in the respective domains.

What recommends us is the long time study and experience, which exceed 10 years of serious implication in the domain. Our passion, maturity and seriousness recommends us in promoting this delicate subject.

New: In order to better understand who we are and our goal is, we suggest you read A better explanation about who we are and what we’re going.

Short story

This community appeared in 2010 at the initiative of the founders F.v.F. and Asterion under the name Ocult-Ro. It was initially a Romanian forum which later became what is now ocult-ro.com, the Romanian version of Occult-Study.

We started writing articles, sharing information on the forums, doing online video conferences and organizing offline meetings in Bucharest, capital of Romania. The project expanded as we started collaborating with important names in the occult community, thus deciding we should address a wider audience by creating an international version of the website. The version became Occult-Study.org.

What this website is not

1. A complete guide:

This website is by no means a complete guide to Occultism. This is practically impossible because occultism and esoterism are very vast and complex subjects that take years of study and practice for the individual to get to understand the mysteries that are hidden behind these teachings which sometimes date thousands of years and have been changed and improved over time on the entire surface of this planet. Even though we are trying to cover most of the subjects, it is still incomplete. This is like a puzzle. In order to complete it you need to collect pieces from everywhere. This website is just a piece.

  • It is important to understand the fact that we do not intend to convert anyone. The purpose of this website is purely informative and we are not promoting these subjects without one’s approval, we are not forcing our beliefs on anyone.

2. A satanic sect.

Although Satanism is part of Occultism and this website does promote Satanism to a certain degree, the website is not dedicated to this religion/tradition. We represent Satanism only as a part of Occultism and we do not wish to incline too much in this direction.

3. A practical instruction manual

We shall not offer too much practical information because we do not want our visitors who are new to the occult to delve into practices which can be dangerous if not performed correctly. Neither do we intend to offer information to people under the age of 18 for the fact that the information, maturity of thought and action are not yet prepared for such practices. We do not want parents blaming us for the things that their kids do nor do we want to be responsible for the actions of any people. Again, the information we are providing is for educational and theoretical purposes only, and we do not encourage the practice of the occult without the necessary pack of knowledge, maturity and guidance.

4. An illegal organization

All activities and information offered herein are in total conformity with the law and we wish to remain at this point.

5. A website about oriental religions and occult traditions.

6. A website about alternative/complementary therapies, angel therapy, crystal therapy, reiki, conspiracy theories, freemasonry, bilderberg and Illuminati, psychotronics, paranormal activity, parapsychology, ufology, vampirism, etc.