This page serves as a map to the articles about angelology and the archangels, in order to better follow our presentations.


Angelic Hierarchies by Rufus Opus

Angelic Hierarchies by Asterion


1. The Holy Living Ones: Chayyot Ha-Qadosh by Asterion

2. Ophanim by Asterion

3.Erelim by Asterion (in progress)

4. Hashmallim by Asterion (in progress)

5. Seraphim by Asterion (in progress)

6. Malakim by Asterion (in progress)

7. Elohim by Asterion (in progress)

8. Bene Elohim by Asterion (in progress)

9. Cherubim by Asterion (in progress)

10. Ishim by Asterion (in progress)



The first ten archangels are those associated with theh ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life:

1. Kether: Archangel Metatron by Asterion

2. Chokmah: Archangel Raziel by Asterion

3. Binah: Archangel Tzafkiel by Asterion

4. Chesed: Archangel Zadkiel by Asterion

5. Geburah: Archangel Samael by Asterion

6. Tiphereth: Archangel Rafael by Asterion

7. Netsach: Archangel Haniel by Asterion

8. Hod: Archangel Michael by Asterion

9. Yesod: Archangel Gabriel by Asterion

10. Malkuth: Archangel Sandalphon by Asterion

The following archangels don’t necessarily stick to the arrangement of the Tree of Life and the Planetary Spheres, though there are connections:

11. Archangel Uriel by Asterion

12. Archangel Nuriel by Asterion

13. Archangel Suriel by Asterion

14. Archangel Yofiel by Asterion

15. Archangel Seraphiel by Asterion

16. Archangels Barachiel and Barkiel by Asterion

17. Archangel Orifiel by Asterion

18. Archangel Yechudiel by Asterion

19. Archangel Raguel by Asterion

20. Archangel Chasdiel by Asterion






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