Archangel Chasdiel

Written by Asterion

Translated by Gabriel A.

(Angel of Mercy, painting by Joseph Highmore, cca. 1746 – Source)


Chasdiel appears quite rarely in esoteric literature, something quite curious given its popularity in the early centuries of the Christian era. His name means “Goodness of God” or “Mercy of God“, which can also be found in the form of Casdiel, Kasdiel, Hasdiel, Khasdiel or Castiel.

Although his name is related to Chesed, governed by Jupiter, Chasdiel is considered an angel of Venus. This is not the only confusion. In the Heptameron of Pietro d’Abano, Castiel appears as one of the three Jupiter angels alongside Sacchiel and Asasiel, the governors of Thursday. Sacchiel is one and the same with Zadkiel, and often the two archangels appear together as angels of goodwill.

Chasdiel’s name appears on countless Hebrew amulets in medieval Germany, including the famous work Sefer Raziel. Here Chasidiel is called upon to help against Lilith, together with the angels Senoi, Sensenoi and Samangelof, who were sent by God to chain her when she rebelled against Adam. Here also, Chasdiel governs the third planetary zone, that of Venus. Although we have the traditional scheme of the angels, The Book of Raziel adds a parallel tradition that coexists with the first. According to this tradition, Michael is Saturn’s archangel, Barchiel or Berechiel is Jupiter’s, Mars is governed by Gabriel, Sun by Rafael or Dodeniel (Doreniel), Venus by Chasdiel, Mercury by Tzadkiel and Moon by Aniel. In another list, Chasdiel appears as the angel of the Moon. According to the scholar Moise Schwab, Chasdiel was invoked by Moses at the burning bush, but he does not give details of this tradition.

In Zohar (154b), Shamshiel (or Shamsiel, “The Sun of God”) and Chasdiel are two archangels who fight alongside Uriel and carry his flag.

Also in the Hebrew Book of Enoch,  text of the Heikhalot Kabbalistic tradition, Chasdiel appears curious as an aspect or name of Metatron, together with 69 other names. He is named Chasdiel only when he does good deeds for mankind.

From all historical information, Chasdiel governs either Thursday (for Jupiter) or Friday (for Venus). While in the early centuries it was a Venusian archangel, in modern times since the Middle Ages it is increasingly associated with Jupiter. Regardless of its planetary nature, Chasdiel has the same function and is closely related to mercy, compassion, love and goodwill. His name was often invoked together with Haniel and Tzadkiel, to obtain the goodwill of others or to call upon the divine power for help when man felt enraptured by negative opinions and enmity.

Chasdiel is one of the most positive angels of the spiritual tradition, with a subtle, mild and penetrating presence. It is not as present as the other archangels, but anywhere he passes, he shows the fruits of goodness and friendship. Chasdiel’s power helps the oppressed to endure and seek the positive side, gives courage to those who are in despair, and calms the desperate people. He can be called the ambassador of goodwill because any harmonious human contact and any attempt to communicate with those around us, if it comes from love and compassion, is surely supervised by him and by the subordinate beings. Where there is a negative imbalance, attention is drawn to it and its office involves assisting those in that situation.

Given the fact that man has free will, he can only be marginally influenced, and only if he is already naturally inclined towards peace and good will. Chasdiel does not calm anyone who does not want to be calmed or relieved, unless it endangers the fate of another person who prays for protection. Chasdiel and his angels can intervene with great joy in favor of those angry or depressed, at the request of their loved ones. That’s why it’s good to pray for those who have such feelings, largely because they, like us, need help, but they do not know how to ask for it.

Chasdiel is the one who softens the hearts of those careless when they resonate with the notion of mercy. He is the one who stifles the attacks of enemies, beasts, or spirits, he is the one who watches over the good course of any contract and agreement and the general balance of nature and society. He also inspires the hearts of those who pray for wisdom, and thus illuminates the souls of those who seek the truth. Suffering is a necessary lesson, and by learning to love suffering and embracing it, we can put ourselves in the service of divine wisdom.

We can call him when we are upset, weary of hardship, or when we wish to draw goodwill upon us, by saying the following prayer/invocation:

In the name of EL, the Merciful and Good God, I call you, Archangel Chasdiel, to rejoice over me grace, love, and divine benevolence, as I pour them over others, here and now. Amen

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