Archangel Orifiel

Written by Asterion

Translated by Gabriel A.

(“The angel proclaiming the End of Time” paiting by James Justus Tucker. Source. I admit it might be a wrong association – FvF)


Orifiel is one of the most important angels of the esoteric tradition, considered to be an archangel by many angelology specialists. He is associated with Saturn’s Sphere and the influence of this planet. In Kabbalah he is associated with Binah, which best incorporates Saturn’s qualities. The first mention of this archangel belongs to Pope Gregory I, whose pontificate lasted between 590 and 604. He places Oriphiel on the list of the seven primary archangels, alongside Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Simiel (Samael), and Zachariel. Orifiel also appears in the famous book of magic of Honorius of Thebes, as the second Saturnian angel, after Zapkiel, another name of the archangel Tzafkiel.

A medieval magic book says that Orifiel is closest to the home of God, and he is the master of divine science. He governs theology, metaphysics, writing, religion, prophecy and astrology. We can understand from this that because of his Saturnian nature, Oriphiel is an angel of Karma, one of the great Directors of Human Destinies. He is the master of past, present and future knowledge, one of the spirits that manage the Akashic Records. The power on prophecy, future and astrology comes precisely from its governing of destiny, information and knowledge, one of the characteristics of Binah. Oriphiel is an archangel of profound information that can change the destiny of a man or a nation. Most times, there is no prophecy of future events without this celestial scholar having authorized it. He is one of the foremost keepers of knowledge on our planet, and in the solar system.

The seven Planetary Angels in the list of Pope Gregory I play a particularly important role in the Renaissance thought. The abbot Johannes Trithemius, an overwhelming personality in the history of magic, dedicates them the work “About the Seven Intelligences” or “The Seven Secondary Causes of the Heavenly Intelligencies” (De Septem Secundeis) in which each archangel has a period in the history of mankind. The Archangels govern the centuries in a row, and when each of them has governed his own period, the government resumes. Trithemius assigns two periods to Oriphiel. “The first Angell or Spirit of Saturn is called Orifiel, to whom God committed the government of the World from the beginning of its Creation” says Trithemius.

The first rule of the angel of Saturn begins at Genesis, which is believed to have begun on March 15, the first year of the world, and lasts for 354 years and four months. During this government, people were savage, dwelling in deserted and unpopular places, like the beasts. Oriphiel governs the beginnings of any kind, remote periods in the history of mankind, and even history itself. He is a master of Time and an angel who holds the secrets of the destinies of all beings. He is the patron of the origins, of self karma, and the genealogical karma, the one who knows in detail the beginnings of things and their purpose. The second reign began on 26 June in the year 2480 since the creation of the World, and ended in 2834. According to Trithemius’ vision, at that time the earth began to be divided among nations and various kingdoms were established. Here is the construction of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages, and people begin to scatter on the face of the Earth. Humankind begins to build up the earth, to sow, to plant vineyards and trees, in a word, there is a sedentarization of human tribes and a huge agricultural progress. Agriculture has, since ancient times, been under the sign of Saturn, which has the symbol of sickle and ax, so it was normal for the Saturnian angel to govern this period. We see that Oriphiel is the father of nations and of the collective identity and ancestors.

All  nations had a God of the earth, the father of the other gods and the people alike, the heavenly plowman who teaches agriculture the people. Greeks had Cronos, the Romans had Saturn, the Getae had Zalmoxis and the Canaanites had El. The rule of Oriphiel, the angel of Saturn in the first era of the world, followed by Zachariel, the angel of Jupiter, resembles the Greek mythical history where Cronos (Saturn) is the governor of the Golden Age, followed by his son Zeus (Jupiter) . Orifiel is the patron of the elders and ancestors, but also of the workers and the farmers. It is the archangel of hardships, needs and survival. Trithemius tells us that among his most important subordinates, three are worthy of mention, namely Sadael, Poniel and Morifiel.

Archangel Orifiel is one of the leading angels of karma, and his action is not limited to our planet. His duty is to monitor, evaluate and record the events, along with their possible evolution, throughout the solar system. Like Tsafkiel, Oriphiel is the one who knows in detail what is happening in every moment in our system, his mental capacity being infinitely wider than that of an earthly being. If we were to compare the angelic mind and the mind of the planet’s most advanced scientist, we could make a resemblance between a genius and an insect: no matter how risky this way of presenting its capacities is, it is without doubt an example meant to make us understand the supra-human and even supra-angelic nature of Oriphiel. He is simply a patron of memory and everything connected to this domain.

He is the master of libraries, archives, databases, safes and warehouses, but at the same time of human memory, traditions, memories and remembrance. Under his sign is the human degeneration at the end of life, the test of a life lived in harmony with the Divinity. Those who do not resist the burdens of life go slowly to the state of impotence that would characterize childhood. Man becomes weak, powerless, body functions go out of control, memory is getting shorter and gaps are getting bigger. He becomes dependent to the help of others, like a child, and his memory is first affected by degeneration. In understanding all things, especially human destiny, the way in which we are influenced by the stars, the Divine Will or our own choices, Orifiel can provide support and inspiration, but only indirectly. Like all the angels of Saturn, Orifiel is an observer, scientist, and analyst, rather than an active element. We can ask for his help and inspiration in the great moments of life, through the following sacred prayer:

“By the name of God Almighty and All Knowing Yod-He-Vav-He, I call you Orifiel, archangel of divine mind and destiny to help me in this hour in which I need guidance and understanding, Here and Now. Amen!”


Orazio Gentileschi, St Francis and the Angel
(1612-13, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Roma), taken from
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