Archangels Barachiel and Barkiel

Written by Asterion

Translated by Gabriel A.

(Barachiel – Source)

We will now deal with two angels who were often associated and even confused with each other because of their similar names. Although their names differ only in a consonant, they are two separate entities with different traditions and separate offices, and our duty is to search and see where the intact information has been kept about the two, and where it was mixed up. To understand why this has to be done, we can call upon a historical example: two different characters, united by man’s imagination and ignorance, are useless. Alexander The Great was the conqueror of the ancient world, and Alexandru Ioan Cuza was a Romanian ruler. Alexandru Cuza The Great, a Romanian ruler who conquered Greece, did not exist, although the names of the two are identical and we might be confused. Barachiel means in Hebrew  “God’s Blessing” and Barkiel or Baraqiel means “God’s Lightning”.

Barachiel is presented by the Solomonic magical tradition as the angelic prince of the first Altitude, but most often he is referred to as Barahiel, Verchiel, or Varahiel. In the Orthodox Christian tradition, he is known as Varahiil, and there is no doubt about his identity since his name is translated as “Blessing or Blessings from God” represented by a white rose on his chest.

In most of the works of angelic magic and astrology, Barachiel is known under the name of Verchiel as governor of July and of the sign of Leo. In his monumental work “The Practice of Magical Evocation”, the Czech initiate Franz Bardon gives one of the most interesting and new descriptions of Verchiel’s office and mission. He is part of the twelve angelic masters residing in the cosmic area of Jupiter, that is, the twelve angels who govern the zodiac signs. As it is supposed, there are several classes of entities under his control: three angels of the deacons of the sign of Leo, six of the 72 native angels, 30 geniuses of each degree, and countless angelic servants whose number can not be estimated. Barachiel is described as responsible throughout the whole solar system with Life. Everything living is in the care of this magnificent archangel, and no wonder, since the Leo is ruled by the Sun, the luminary of life by excellence. Life has no secret for Barachiel, from its appearance in the spiritual Universe, in the physical Universe, to its appearance on Earth. From the smallest bacterium to the most evolved individual of the angelic races living in our system, Barachiel knows all the forms of manifestation of the living, understands them and can control their development.

Barachiel is also the patron of all hierarchies in all respects. Natural hierarchies, such as the food chain or the genealogy of individuals, as well as human hierarchies, such as political, social, religious or spiritual hierarchies, are under its sign. He knows the greatest mysteries of the universal spiritual hierarchies and all the secrets of human order. He helps the heads of the hierarchies serving the Divinity, but also the subjects who serve the supreme good through their actions. Barachiel is the angel of kings, emperors, masters, and the gold talismans containing his name and sign, made under the auspices of the Regulus star and the constellation of  Leo, were fashionable among the kings, centuries ago. Barachiel protects not only the natives of the Leo but also those born on Sunday, those who lead, those in important positions, and those with great responsibilities. Verchiel is especially good and loving with all beings, but he shows his appreciation especially to those who protect life, those who are merciful, and to those who help the living beings and care for them. Verchiel also values honor, morals and respect. We can call upon his help whenever we feel threatened or wronged with simple prayer:

In the name of the living God, Archangel Verchiel (Barachiel), Help Me!

(Archangel Barkiel, mistaken by the creator of this image with Barachiel –  Source)

Barkiel is the angel of lightning, the master of meteorological phenomena, quite different from Barachiel. His name is also found under the forms Baraqel, Baraqiel, Barakijal, Barqiel, Barquiel. The great Jesuit scholar, Athanasius Kircher linked him with the 42-letter name of God, along with another 41 angels, calling him “Angelus fulguris seu gladii coruscantis”, the Angel of Lightning or the Angel of the Lightning Sword.

The earliest mention of this angel can be found in Enoch’s famous apocryphal book, where he appears as the ninth Watcher. In the theosophical tradition, especially in the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and those of Benjamin Creme, Baraqiel is one of the names of Sanat Kumara, the head of Shamballa. Beyond all modern speculations, Barkiel is first mentioned in the Book of Enoch, like Barakijal, Barquiel or Baruqiel, and he is the angel who taught men the mysteries of astrology.

He is tied mainly to the art of divination, because outside astrology, in ancient times the observation of atmospheric phenomena could produce predictions, especially in the case of lightning. Barqiel is not only the governor of astrology and divine arts, but also of astronomy, astrophysics and sciences that use electricity. Barkiel knows in detail all the properties of matter, from the atom to the smallest sub-atomic particle, and the way in which pure energy can be obtained by manipulating them and the force fields. Electricity and all its secrets are only an insignificant part of the phenomena that Barkiel knows and controls. Apart from these strictly scientific fields, Archangel Barkiel is one of the most feared celestial fighters, patron of corrections, wages, and punishments. The things he tolerates the most is loyalty to God and to His laws and the righteousness of men, qualities without which no one can benefit from his help. Whether we want to be protected from lightning or electricity, or that we want justice when we have suffered unjustly, we can call upon his help, simply, with sincerity and humility as it follows:

In the name of the Most Powerful God, Archangel Barkiel, help me!


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