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This list is recommended by Occult-Study. The books treat diverse subjects and belong to a vast spectrum of domains, from Left Hand Path (witchcraft, black magic, satanism) to Right Hand Path (spiritual esoterism, high magic, christianity) and many others.

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The Cosmic Doctrine – Dion Fortune [Buy]

Sane Occultism – Dion Fortune [Buy]

The Training and work of an Initiate – Dion Fortune [Buy]

The Secret Doctrine – Helena Blavatsky [Buy]

Access to Western Esotericism – Antoine Faivre [Buy]

Three Books of Occult Philosophy – Henry Cornelius Agrippa [Buy]

Transcendental Magic – Arthur Edward Waite  [Buy]

Occult Principles of Health and Healing – Max Heindel [Buy]

The nature of magic – Susan Greenwood [Buy]

The Black Arts – Richard Cavendish [Buy]

The Powers of Evil in Western Religion – Richard Cavendish [Buy]

A History of Magic – Richard Cavendish [Buy]

The Magical Arts – Richard Cavendish [Buy]

The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly P Hall [Buy]

Lords of the Left Hand Path – Stephen Flowers [Buy]

Eros and Magic in the Renaissance – Ioan P. Culianu (Couliano) [Buy]

Rites and Symbols of Initiation – Mircea Eliade [Buy]

The Sacred and the Profane – Mircea Eliade [Buy]

Occultism, Witchcraft and Cultural Fashions – Mircea Eliade [Buy]

A History of Religious Ideas vol. I, II & III – Mircea Eliade  [Buy 1] [Buy 2] [Buy 3]

Symbols of Sacred Science – Rene Guenon  [Buy]

General Magic & Ceremonial Magic(k)

Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation – Joseph C. Lisiewski

Ceremonial Magic – Israel Regardie

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled – Dion Fortune

The Art and Meaning of Magic – Israel Regardie

The Book of Ceremonial Magic – Arthur Edward Waite

The Practice of Magical Evocation – Franz Bardon

Grimoires: A history of magic books – Owen Davies

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires – Aaron Leitch

Magic Circles in the Grimoire Tradition – William Kiesel

A Collection of Magical Secrets – Paul Harry Barron, Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

Conjuring Spirits – Claire Fanger

Invoking Angels – Claire Fanger

White Magic, Black Magic in the European Renaissance – Paola Zambelli

Eros and Magic in the Renaissance – Ioan P Culianu (Couliano)

The Transformations of Magic – Frank Klaassen

Forbidden Rites – Richard Kieckhefer

Spiritual and Demonic Magic: From Ficino to Campanella – D.P. Walker

Magic in the Cloister – Sophie Page

Ritual Magic – Elizabeth M. Butler

Modern Magick – Donald Michael Kraig

Veritable Key of Solomon – Stephen Skinner, David Rankine

Magic in the Middle Ages – Richard Kieckhefer

Ancient Christian Magic – Marvin Meyer, Richard Smith

Crossed Keys – Michel Cecchetelli

Amulets and Magic Bowls: Aramaic Incantations of late antiquity – Joseph Naveh, Shaul Shaked

Living Theurgy – Jeffrey S. Kupperman

Quabbalistic Magic – Baal-Shem Salomon

High Magic – Frater U.D.


Mysteriorum – John Dee

The Hieroglyphic Monad – John Dee

Enochian Magic for Beginners – Donald Tyson

Enochian Magick of Dr. John Dee – Geoffrey James

The Essential Enochian Grimoire – Aaron Leitch

Enochian Magic in Theory – Dean Wilson

Enochian Vision Magick – Lon Milo Duquette

How to Study Enochian Magic – Mark Stavish

John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery – Joseph Peterson

The Practical Angel Magic of John Dee’s Enochian Tables – Skinner & Rankine


The Corpus Hermeticum

The Hermetic Arcanum

Emerald Tablet of Hermes

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation -Hans Dieter Betz

Hermetic Magic – Stephen Flowers

The Hermetica – Freke & Gandi

Kybalion – Three Initiates



Sepher Yetzirah

Kabbalah: New Directions – Moshe Idel

Ecstatic Kabbalah – Moshe Idel

Jewish Meditation – Aryeh R Kaplan

Meditation and Kabbalah – Aryeh R Kaplan

On the Kabbalah and its Symbolism – Gershom Scholem

Origins of the Kabbalah – Gershom Scholem

Jewish Gnosticism – Gershom Scholem

The Mystical Qabala – Dion Fortune

The Kabbalah Unveiled – S.L. Macgregor Mathers

The Qabalah – Papus

Kabbalistic Handbook for the Practicing Magician – Joseph c. Lisiewski

The Key to the True Quabbalah – Franz Bardon

777 – Aleister Crowley

Climbing the Tree of Life – David Rankine

Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic – Thomas Karlsson

Kabbalah – Perle Epstein

Path of the Kabbalah – David Sheinkin

Kabbalah – Charles Ponce

The New Living Qabalah – Will Parfitt

A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism – Gareth Knight


Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowning – Stephan A. Hoeller

Wisdom of the Knowing Ones – Manly P Hall

Gnozele Dualiste ale Occidentului – Ioan P Culianu (Couliano)(Romanian version; must read)

Les Gnoses dualistes d’Occident – Ioan P Culianu (Couliano)(French version; must read)

The Tree of Gnosis – Ioan P Culianu (Couliano)

The Egyptian foundations of Gnostic Thought – Daniel R. McBride

The Gnostics and their remains – C.W. King

Rethinking Gnosticism – Michael Allen Williams

The Nag Hammadi Library – James M. Robinson

Pistis Sophia – G.R.S. Mead

The Gnostic Gospels – Elaine Pagels

The Gnostic Bible – Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer

Hermetism-Gnosticism-Kabbalah (various)

Book of Abrasax – Michael Cecchetelli

Hermetic Magic – Stephen Flowers

The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation – Hans Dieter Betz

Egyptian Book of the Dead – Sir Wallis Budge

Egyptian Magic – Sir Wallis Budge

The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics – Jean Doresse

Forerunners and Rivals of Christianity – Francis Legge

Ancient Christian Magic – Marvin Meyer


Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury – Petri Murien

Alchemy: The Black Art – David Cherubim

The Alchemy Key – Stuart Nettleton

Aphorismi Urbigeriani – Baron Urbigero

Arcane Formulas of Mental Alchemy (1909)

The Art of Alchemy or The Generation of Gold (vol. II) – Delmar Bryant

The Art of Alchemy or The Generation of Gold (vol. III) – Delmar Bryant

The Art of Alchemy or The Generation of Gold (vol. IV) – Delmar Bryant

The Book Concerning the Tincture of the Philosophers – Paracelsus

Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz – Johann Valentin Andreae


Astrology: Your place in the Sun – Evangeline Adams
Astrology: Your place in the Stars – Evangeline Adams
The General Principles Of Astrology – Aleister Crowley & Evangeline Adams
The Real Astrology – John Frawley
Astrological Houses – Dane Rudhyar
Painless Astrology – Paul Beyerl
Encyclopedia of Astrology – Nicholas de Vore

Rosicrucianism & Freemasonry

A Rosicrucian Notebook – Willy Schrodter

The Real History Of Rosicrucians – Arthur Edward Waite

The History of Freemasonry Legends and Traditions – Albert Mackley

Glimpses of Masonic History – Charles Webster Leadbeater

The Hidden Life in Freemasonry – Charles Webster Leadbeater



Greater Key of Solomon


Sephar Raziel Liber Salomonis

Liber Lunae

Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

The Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals – Johannes Trithemius


Arbatel of Magic

Secret Grimoire of Turiel

Black Pullet

Grimorium Verum

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses

Sworn Book of Honorius the Magician

Grimoire of Honorius

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The Book of Abramelin

The Grand Grimoire

The Magic Grimoire of Armadel

Libellus Magicus

Enchiridion of Pope Leo III

Liber Veneri Nigro Sacer – John Dee

Hygromanteia or Magical Treatise of Solomon

True Grimoire – Jake Stratton Kent

Clavis Inferni – Stephen Skinner & David Rankine

Galdrabok – Stephen Flowers

Black Dragon

Red Dragon

Black Raven – Johannes Faust

The Black Books of Elverum – Mary S Rustad

Sephe Raziel – Stephen Skinner & Don Karr

The Sword of Moses – Gaster Moses

The Book of Secrets – Albertus Magnus

Grimorium Imperium


The Dictionary of Angels – Davidson Gustav

Angels A to Z – Evelyn Oliver & James R Lewis

Angel Magic – G.James

Sacred Magic of the Angels – David Goddard

Angels and Angelology in the Middle Ages – David Keck

Dr Rudd’s Treatise on Angel Magic – Adam Mclean

Realms of the Earth Angels – Doreen Virtue

Demonolatry - Demonology

Complete Book of Demonolatry – S. Connolly

Goetic Demonolatry – Ellen Purswell

Sanctus Quattuordecim – M.Delaney

Demonolatry Rites – S.Connolly

Divining & Speaking With Demons – J.Thorp

Demon Stones A Complete System Of Demonolatry Divination – J.Thorp

The Complete Book Of Demonolatry Magic – J.Thorp

Demonolatry Blends – J.Thorp

The Daemonolater’s Guide To Daemonic Magick – S.Connolly

Daemonolatry Goetia – S.Connolly

Kasdeya Rite Of Ba’al – S.Connolly

Honoring Death: The Arte Of Daemonolatry Necromancy – S.Connolly

Angels And Demons According To Lactantius – Emil Schneweis

Diabolology – Edward Hurtt Jewett

Michael Psellus On The Operation Of Daemons – Marcus Collisson

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum – Johan Weyer

Demonology And Witchcraft – Robert Brown

Traditional Satanism

Satanism: A Beginner’s Guide Vol I – Brother Nero

The Devil’s Bible – Brother Myrmydon

La Bas – J.K. Huysmans

The Satanic Mass – H.T.F. Rhodes

The Satanic Cult – Gerhard Zacharias

The Synagogue of Satan – Stanislaw Przybyszewski

Missa Niger – Aubrey Melech

Satanic Sermons – Brother Melek

Satanism – Paul Elvidge

Sinister Path Satanism

Black Book Of Satan – ONA


Hysteron Proteron – ONA

Otonen – ONA


Exeat – ONA

LaVeyan/Modern Satanism

The Satanic Bible – Anton LaVey

The Satanic Rituals – Anton LaVey

The Secret Life Of A Satanist – Blanche Barton

Satanicon – Adrian Clavex

The Book Of The Circle – K.Whalen


Kosmology – Jeremy Christner

The Red King – Mark Alan Smith

Medieval Witchcraft

Malleus Maleficarum – Heinrich Kramer & James Sprenger

Compendium Maleficarum – Francesco Guazzo

Demonolatry – Nicholas Remy

Satanism and Witchcraft – Jules Michelet

Witchcraft And Black Magic – Montague Summers

A Popular History of Witchcraft – Montague Summers

Irish Witchcraft And Demonology – John D. Seymour

The Witchcult In Western Europe – Margaret Alice Murray

The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology – Montague Summers

The Devil And Demonism In Early Modern England – Nathan Johnstone

Sabbatic Witchcraft

Hekas – Andrew Chumbley

Azoetia – Andrew Chumbley

Qutub – Andrew Chumbley

Viridarium Umbris – Daniel Schulke

Ars Philtron – Daniel Schulke

Aradia – Charles G. Leland


Witchcraft Today – Gerald Gardner

Wicca In The Kitchen – Scott Cunningham

Living Wicca – Scott Cunningham

Complete Book Of Witchcraft – Raymond Buckland

Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner – Scott Cunningham

All One Wicca – Kaatryn MacMorgan

Wicca For One – Raymond Buckland

Esoteric Christianity

Insights into Christian Esoterism – Rene Guenon

Esoteric Christianity – Rudolf Steiner

Christianity as Mystical Fact – Rudolf Steiner

Jesus the Magician – Mortin Smith

The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible – Geoffrey Hodson

Jesus Christ Sun of God – David Fideler

All the Names of the Lord – Valentina Izmirlieva

Ambivalence toward Christianity in the Kabbalah of Abraham Abulafia – Robert Sagerman

Misquoting Jesus – Bart D Ehrman


Inner Christianity – Richard Smoley

Book of Enoch

Hidden Wisdom, Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism – Guy Stroumsa

Esoteric Christianity or the Lesser Mysteries – Annie Besant

The Secret Teachings of Jesus – Maurice Doreal


Jotunbok – Raven Kaldera

Galdrabok – Stephen Flowers

Icelanding Magic – Stephen Flowers

Magic of the Norse Goddesses – Alice Karlsdottir

Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages – Stephen A. Mitchell

Gods of the Ancient Northmen – Georges Dumezil

Germanic Heathenry – James Hjuka Coulter

African Religion

Voudon Gnosis – David Beth

Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones – Stephanie Rose Bird

African Traditional Religion – Aloysius Lugira

Kindoki – Afefe Ogo


The Way of the Shaman – Michael Harner

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy – Mircea Eliade

The Heart Of Huna – Laura Kealoha Yardley

In The Shadow of the Shaman – Amber Wolfe

Urban Shaman – Serge Kahili King

The Kahuna Sorcerers Of Hawaii Past And Present – J.S.Rodman

Hawaiian Magic – Clark Wilkerson

Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide To The Huna Way – Serge Kahili King

Huna: The Ancient Religion Of Positive Thinking – William R. Glover

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide – Sandra Ingerman

Practical Shamanism: A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds – Katie Weatherup

Chaos Magick

Apikorsus – LooN

Liber Null – Peter J. Carroll

Oven-Ready Chaos – Phil Hine

Practical Sigil Magic – Frater U.D.

The Book Of Results – Ray Sherwin

Sex Magick

A Manual of Sex Magick – Culling Louis T

Hecate’s Womb – Jason Perdue

Magia Sexualis – Paschal Beverly Randolph


Book of the Law – Aleister Crowley

Magick In Theory And Practice – Aleister Crowley

Magick Without Tears – Aleister Crowley

Maat Magick – Nema

The Book Of Lies – Aleister Crowley

The Sword Of Horus – Kenneth Grant

Astral Projection - Lucid Dreaming

School of Out-Of-Body Travel – Michael Raduga

Treatise on Astral Projection – Robert Bruce

Between The Gates – Mark Stavish

Astral Projection Plain And Simple – Denning & Phillips

Practical Guide To Astral Projection – Denning & Phillips

New Age

Your Forces And How To Use Them – Christian D.Larson

How To See And Read The Aura – Ted Andrews

Auras – Edgar Cayce

Freedom From Pressure – Story Waters

Natural Healing With Spiritual Guides and Radiesthesia – Ruggero Moretto

Seeing With The Mind’s Eye – Mike & Nancy Samuels


Beyond the Five Senses – Margery L. Bazett

How to develop Psychic Abilities – Mark Stavish

The Dead Have Never Died – Edward C. Randall

The Afterlife Experiments – Gary Schwartz

The Development Of Psychic Powers – Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips

Meditation & Yoga

The Science Of Pranayama – Sri Swami Sivananda

Chakra and Kundalini Workbook – John Mumford