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Xophier’s Practical Guide to Do It Yourself Magic

Lesson 1, Rituals


(Chaos Magick altar. The system is based exclusively on the DIY concept. The image used is a satire.   – Source)

Now, with a little time and patience you can find the internet littered with grimoires which would be nearly impossible to own, or just read otherwise. Most new books of magic, whether it be high magic, lesser magic, black, white, or any color of the spectrum will usually refer to or include tid bits of older manuscripts or grimoires. So, basically there are a few books out there which are the building blocks of today’s magic. Looking through you’ll see a lot of things, but also a lot of the same things. Just think of magic like music. Every note has been played, it is up to the transition and the combination to be unique.

From The Keys of Solomon to The Magic of Abramelin the Mage, the bulk of these books have much information, but the problem is usually for someone of the LHP. These rituals are built upon Jewish mysticism and Qabalah to an extent. It would help if you knew the mechanics of these systems but it isn’t necessary. Qabalah is simpler than it seems and had roots back to many cultures. Also, a LHP doesn’t have to just do Qlippoth, because Death is Dark and Life is RHP. If they would actually study it, it’s fairly neutral, like all magic is.

When reading these older grimoires often there will be chapters for invocation of angels, the gifts for them, and later chapters of how you can have them protect you from whatever pagan based Demons you intent to bind, enslave, or call for your use. With the exception of Abramelin the Mage, every grimoire will tell you there are proper courtesy, and tact for the calling of these Demons. That if they obey without fault do not attempt to attack them, and if you have to do things to force them to come, apologize when they do. I think this is funny, “I force you to come here this instant!” “Oh… um sorry about that, please don’t squish me!” What is more funny is that the psychological damage results in people afraid of Demons and the LHP. I guess when you play with fire, you get your balls burnt off.

In the way of language, in the grimoire of Abramelin the Mage, it states that one shouldn’t perform any magic in a language outside of one’s mother tongue. This even S.L. Mathers points out to have digression against. But, this grimoire was made for Abraham’s son to teach him the way of magic and it is a rule geared to the novice, the initiate, and it is a good rule for those young in the ways. Working with magic within your own tongue allows creativity, allows you to know each and every word said and speak them with true compassion! A ritual will hardly work if you are muttering and mumbling words you can’t even pronounce. I mean think! Also, don’t use big words like you are trying to impress the Demon. Just because you can pronounce a six syllable word doesn’t mean it will be any more successful.

I recommend taking every ritual you see, totally stripping it down, take out whatever names you see, translate the language to English or your native language, even add things so it feel better to you. Cherry pick at lease for this time in your occult life. Believe me every religion which exists now is the result of cherry picking. It’s because it works! Yes, I am saying if a prayer to Jehova sounds really good, change some names and use it. People really think Demons will attack you over petty things like that.

But what of those people and the lines which say NEVER ALTER THIS TEXT and people who say if you change one word of a ritual the Gods will smote you?

I say fuck them, fuck tradition, and fuck any warning you see in a book! Do not be swayed by words of warning! Touch the stove to see if it’s hot! At this point tradition has no grounds to tell you what to do, it doesn’t know you, it doesn’t know how well you work with a Demon. I am not saying you have to destroy every single ritual for something to work, but I am saying the Demons will not attack you for these things, nor will angels, gods…  or any damn imaginary beings. That’s right I am talking to you Mr. Flying Purple People Eater!

Since we have went over breaking down years of oppression and all that, lets get down to the meat of this operation. I am going to write the bones of a ceremonial ritual down. It will be just a simple outline to show how one can make a ritual from nothing. You can also alter existing rituals by just following these guidelines and remember. It is all dependant on you. If it doesn’t feel right, get rid of it. This isn’t a be all and end all, it is just a possible way.


A simple act which helps you concentrate. I never really imagine I am banishing anything outside myself, more so to clear my mind. I simply turn to each direction and imagine a light far off in the aether which dispels the fog of my mind.


Not necessary, but helps me get into the mindset, and when the appropriate incense is lit, helps the invocation.


Not necessary, but along with saying the opening helps me balance out my energy and makes a corporeal representation of Demons.

Ritual opening

I use a standard Demonolatry Invocation opening, calling to Flereous, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan or Fire, Air, Earth Water, in their appropriate direction. This isn’t necessary, but it assists in balancing energies during the ritual.

Invoking the Demon

This is asking the Demon you are working with to assist you in what ever way you need. It could be something from a simple “I invoke you (name)” to an elaborate ceremony  which prayers, drinking from a blessed chalice, giving gifts, bloodletting… but the main point is for the calling of the Demon.


Now, these are different from the above if it is an elaborate ritual. These are more so prayers for the goal you want, and thanking the Demons for their time. This can also be towards the end, but I prefer it here.


I would say not necessary but I’d feel like an ass. The gift is just a thanksgiving to the Demons. It can be during really any time of the ritual, there can by multiple gift giving’s as well. I would say burning the sigil would be a gift if you believe that the energy raises like a phoenix. If this isn’t your personal belief and think it is more torture, well don’t do that.


This is not necessary, but recommended. It is the point in the ritual you explore the energy, the changes, and perhaps when you will receive a communication. It can last just a few minutes or for however long you want.

Ritual closing

This is just basically a thanks and a license to depart. It’s simple enough but I have forgotten it a few times caught up with things which happened during the ritual. Also, you can leave a ritual open if you intend to do dreamwork.

Then you clean up, snuff the candles of their flame, unless your goal is to burn them all the way. Wipe away the ashes of the incense, or collect them for a future use, empty a burning bowl in which ever way works.

It really is that simple. I’d say work with any Demons regardless what someone told you. Try to work with other Deities too.

The main thing here is to not be afraid. There are people who have done this many times before, you are a long way from being the first. Do what feels right, and be ready for a different experience then Joe, Mike or Melissa had. It’s all relative to the occultist.



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