Folk spells and disenchantments against the evil eye

Written by F.v.F. with quotes from Asterion


Note: I have translated and adapted a part of Asterion‘s messages posted on and introduced them here with his approval in the form of quotes to make the distinction between my writing and his.

Romanian [traditions of] healing incantations are very precise. They deal with natural induced illness (snake bite, bug bite, dog bite or other harmful animal woulds), with magical induced illness (evil eye, life force depletion, sexual problems) and with natural occurring illness. Every disease, wart, eruption and sickness has it s own army of incantations, varying from region to region.

These are not made up traditions and hokey pokey poems. These are real live incantations used by peasants for such things as the evil eye, the black wart, snake bite, binding and unbinding love, and so on. This is not Wicca, these are real incantations that old women know (men rarely), for different purposes. They’re handed down from mouth to ear. Incantations in Romania are passed down orally, and have a tradition that stretches back to Antiquity, to the priests of the local god Zalmoxis (Zalmoxe), mentioned by Plato. They are accompanied by various ritual prescriptions, like collecting clean water, plants, brooming, etc… The names are quite archaic and hard to translate, like black wound, red wound, red hotness, red fever, red rash, red stains, yellow wound, yellow rash, yellowness, redness, blackness, badwart, badwoud, etc… Popular names. I have no idea if they work in English, because in Romanian they rhyme, and have a specific cadence to them.” – Asterion

These spells and disenchantments are called descântece and are used for the evil eye, which is called deochi. They are a big part of romanian folklore and are still practiced today, especially in rural areas. Personally, I had the chance to experience them when I suffered the evil eye, or as we say, I was deocheat. It was in my childhood when I fell sick and so I got to hear and see an authentic descântec said by my aunt, who learned it from her grandmother, meaning my great-grandmother. She didn’t offer me many details, except that she said Our Father a few times while massaging my wrists a certain way, as I had the wrists swollen (a sign of the evil eye according to her). After she said the spell, I fully recovered after the fever, nausea and vomiting. – FvF

In the video below we have an example of a traditional romanian spell against the evil eye, or descântec de deochi. As the video suggests, we are watching an old lady named “tanti” Nuța, who learned from her mother how to make the spells.

We see an old woman that chants it on behalf of the young man who is filming her, named Cătălin. Where his name is used in the text, it’s usually replaced by the target s name. She is using a knife to make cross signs in the glass of water, after which most probably she will sprinkle the water on him or instruct him to drink it.

I am only writing the beginning. It starts at 0:45

Fugi de deochi
Dintre ochi,
Fugi de la Cătălin,
Să rămâie Cătălin curat,
Ca Maica Precista de curat,
Ca argintul cel curat.


Flee you evil eye,
From between the eyes,
Flee from Cătălin (person’s name)
So that C. will be left clean,
clean like the Virgin Mother
clean like silver.”
– Asterion

About the above spell it seems I have found further information, at least about a similar one.

The disenchanter (descântătoare or descântător), a witch, monk, priest or a person with great faith and fear of God makes the spell (descântă de deochi) moving the blade of an unused knife for three times in the sign of a cross in a glass with unused water in which he/she first throws some coal or burned matches. Initiates say that we can immediately see if the victim is sick from the evil eye (deochiată) or not if the coals are sinking or not. Thus, this descântec is also called “extinguishing the coals” or “stingerea cărbunilor”. After the spell is finished, the victim is given to drink from the glass and is recited a special descântec or only the prayer Our Father three times consecutively. Some affirm that a sure sign that the affection was caused by the evil eye is when the disenchanter starts to yawn in the middle of the prayer.” – Translated from here.

The beginning of this spell can also be found at the end of a song by legendary Romanian rock band Phoenix, which usually gets inspiration from folklore.

Lyrics start at 03:36


“Ieși deochi
Dintre ochi,
Ochii cei vătămători
Și de foc săgetători
Învăliți să fie cu fireaguri albe
Să nu mai privească la obraze dalbe.”


“Flee you evil eye,
From between the eyes,
The hurtful eyes
Throwing piercing fires”

I cannot translate the rest since the verses are composed of archaic words.

Another example can be found in the book “Superstitiile poporului Roman“/”Superstitions of Romanian people” by Gh. F. Ciausanu

The spell is said over the victim three times:

“Fugi, deochi, dintre ochi,
Fugi, deochetura,
Ca te-ajunge vant din gura.
Fugi, deochiat,
Ca te-ajunge vant turbat.
Fugi, deochi, dintre ochi,>
Ca te-ajunge soarele,
Si-ti taie picioarele,
Fugi, deochi, din fata obrazului,
Din zgarciul nasului,
Din grumazii gatului,
Din crierii capului,
Din splina, din inima,
Si sa iesi si sa te duci,
Ca eu cu gura te-am descantat,
Cu mana te-am luat,
Si-n vant te-am aruncat,
Sa ramaie N. Curat, luminat,
Ca floarea campului, Ca roua diminetii.”

Another example:

“Fugi deochi dintre ochi,
Din gene, din sprancene
Din varful nasului,
Din maduva oaselor,
Din crestetul capului
Si du-te unde cocosul nu canta
Unde popa nu toaca
Acolo te-asteapta cu mesele intinse
Cu faclii aprinse
Si lasa-l/las-o pe [numele persoanei]
Curat/a, luminat/a
Cum Dumnezeu l-a/a lasat/-o,
Amin!” – Source

Asterion gives us other examples along with their translations.

Incantation No.1

Descântec de dragoste şi de ursită (Enchantment of love and predestined mate)

It s spoken at an elder, a hazelnut tree and a sweet apple tree. Take three young branches of elder, three of hazelnut and three of sweet apple tree. The enchantment is spoken at each tree, and then you put the branches under your head at night, and you shall dream of your predestined love, and they will come.


Soc Solomon! Soc solomon!
Eu cu soc te solomonesc,
Cu inimă bună şi mare dragoste
La mine te îndoiesc.
Eu cu alun adun
Omul cel bun.
Eu cu alun te-adun
Şi cu măr dulce te îndulcesc
Şi la mine te pronesc,
La mine te sosesc.
Vii? Vin!
Vii? Vin!
Da’ de nu-i veni şi nu-i veni,
Inima din tine pe loc a plesni.
Da’ de nu-i pleca şi nu-i pleca,
Inima din tine pe loc a crăpa.
Iuti şi degrabă să porneşti,
La mine să soseşti!
Eu când la tine am gândit,
Mie noaptea mi-a părut
Că eşti un câne jupit.
Şi tu când ai gândit la mine
Ţi s-a părut că sunt o căţea buhoasă.
Dar eu mai tare ţie să-ţi par mai frumoasă.
Da’ cum să-ţi par eu ţie?
Ţie să-ţi pară că tu eşti
Într-o casă de aur îmbrăcată
Şi cu mine te-ai sărutat
Şi cu mine te-ai dezmierdat


Elder Solomon! Elder solomon!
With elder I solomon you
With a good heart and great love
Towards me i bend you
With hazelnut I bid to come
The good man
With hazelnut I gather you
And with sweet apple I sweeten you,
And towards me I make you leave,
Towards me i make you arrive.
Are you coming? I am coming!
Are you coming? I am coming!
But if you won’t come and you won’t come
May your heart at once burst
But if you won’t leave and you won’t leave
May your heart at once break(crack).
Swift and hastly shall you leave,
At me to arrive!
When I have thought of you,
At night it seemed to me
That you were a skinned (skinny) dog.
And when you thought of me
It seemed to you like I was a disheveled bitch.
But more and more I will seem to you beautiful
How shall I seem to you?
It shall seem to you that you are
In a house covered in gold
and that with me you have kissed
and that with me you have delighted.


Some of the verses rhyme, and i could not keep that in English.

I solomon you- An inexistent verb in English, very archaic in Romanian, derived from the Solomonari- popular magicians. To Solomon something would mean to use the enchantments of the Solomonari.

Incantation No.2

This is a spell for binding a man or a lover. It s chanted over summer hemp, making in it four knots behind one s back then tieing it to a fence.

Pelin tare
Şi mai tare,
Să-mi aduci pe lucru vrăjmăşesc
În cale.
Ce leg şi cu ochii nu văd?
Gândul (cutăruia) îl legai;
Îl legai,
Îl frecai,
Îl amuţii,
Îl împietrii,
Îl încremenii,
Să nu mai aibă gând asupra (cutăruia),
Şi gura căscată
Şi limba ridicată,
Să se potolească
Şi să muţească
Cum se potoleşte steaua-n cer
Oaia-n staul,
Porcii-n strat,
Vitele în sat,
Şi el să rămâie în seamă nebăgat
Ca un sac vărgat
Pe un gard aruncat.
Şi el la gard să fie legat.


Strong wormwood,
Stronger wormwood,
Bring to me
The thwarting deed.
What is this here that I knot
And with my eyes I see not?
The thought of N. I bound up;
I bound him up,
I tied him up,
I silenced him up,
I froze him up,
I petrified him up,
Let him have no thought against N,
With his wide open mouth,
With his tongue moving about,
At once to be calm,
Silent to become,
Like the star calms in the sky,
Like the sheep in the stable,
Like the pigs in the sty,
Like the village’s cattle,
Let him remain unheard out,
Like a cloth bag worn out,
Over a fence thrown out,
And at the fence let him be bound.

Incantation No.3

This is a spell against the demoness Samca

SAMCA is very similar to LILITH and many child-snatching demons, down to the Chants used.
She has 19 names: Vestitzia, Navadaraia, Valnomia, Sina, Nicosda, Avezuha, Scorcoila, Tiha, Miha, Grompa, Slalo, Necauza, Hatavu, Hulila, Huva, Ghiana, Gluviana, Prava and Samca.

They vary a lot, just like the names of Lilith and Abyzou. The name AVEZUHA is quite related to ABYZOU.

She appears, according to folklore, like a very skinny and ugly woman with messy hair down to her heels, flascid and shriveled barren breasts, small shiny eyes and fiery tongue, fierce long and sharp nails of the fingers and toes, like claws, large, putrid askew fire-speweing mouth.

samca(Demoness Samca. Original artwork by Radu Nastase, Magic Mushroom Studios,for All rights belong to the owner. Click the link for more info about Samca, and also check out this amazing blog -> here )

She appears close to the Full Moon to children under 4 or birthing women, scares them and terrifies them leaving them scarred for life out of fear.

Her animal forms include unclean animals, always black and often with fiery eyes: hog, dog, hairless cat, spider, etc

Her chant is to be done over three months, three days in each month, over some brandy, and the objects used are a broom straw, a needle and a found whip. I translated it as for a male patient for the sake of brevity.

[N] went on his way, on his path he went,
When halfway, a four legged Samca did he meet
Dressed in bears hair, long down to her feet.
As soon as she met him,
His body she made crooked,
His chest she made heavy,
His eyes she made hazy,
His blood did she drink
His flesh did she eat
All his powers took away.
Nobody saw him,
Nobody heard him,
Save for Our Lord s Mother
Up at the gates of Heaven
Saw him and heard him:
-Why do you cry and why do you weep?
-How should i not cry
-How should I not weep
-When I went on my way
-I went upon my path,
-Fat and handsome,
-When halfway,
-A four legged Samca met me,
-Dressed in a bear s skin,
-My body did made crooked
-My chest did made heavy
-My blood she drank
-My flesh she ate
-And nobody heard me
-And nobody saw me.
And our Lord s Mother said:
-Go forth to he who knows how to chant
-With a broom he will sweep you
-From you be departed,
-With a needle he will sting it it
-And he will pierce it
-From you be departed,
-With a whip he will whip it
-From you be gone
-Over the Black Sea he will throw it
-Where no priest bells,
-to God does not pray
-There it shall dine and rest.
-And let N remain light,
-Clean like the cristal rock,
-As God made him.
-And his mother birthed him!

Original version

A purces pe cale, pe carare, N.
Cand, la jumatate cale,
L-a intalnit o Samca cu patru picioare,
Cu par de urs imbracata pana in pamant.
Bine l-a intalnit,
Trupul i-a schimonosit,
Pieptul i-a stricat,
Ochii i-a paienjenit,
Sangele i-a baut.
Carne i-a mancat,
Toate puterile i-a luat.
Nimeni nu l-a vazut,
Nimeni nu l-a auzit,
Numai Maica Domnului
Din poarta cerului
A auzit si l-a vazut
Si l-a intrebat
– Ce te vaicarezi si te cainezi?
– Cum nu m-oi vaicara
Si nu m-oi caina,
Cand am purces pe cale pe carare,
Gras si frumos
Cand la jumatate de cale
M-a intalnit o Samca cu patru picioare,
Cu piele de urs imbracata,
Trupul mi-a schimonosit,
Pieptul mi l-a stricat,
Ochii mi-a paienjenit,
Sangele mi-a baut,
Carnea mi-a mancat,
Si nume nu m-a auzit
Si nime nu m-a vazut!
Si i-a zis Maica Domnului:
– Du-te la cine stie descanta,
Cu matura te-a matura,
De la tine l-a departa,
Cu acu l-a impunge si l-a strapunge,
De la tine s-a duce.
Cu biciul l-a biciui,
De la tine s-a porni,
Peste Marea Neagra l-a arunca,
Unde popa nu toaca,
Lui Dumnezeu nu se roaga.
Acolo sa-i fie cina si odihna
Si N. sa ramaie luminat,
Ca cristalul de curat,
Cum Dumnezeu l-a zidit,
Si ma-sa ce l-a facut!

The Black Sea is not a scary Mordor thingy, it s the actual Black Sea. Where the priest bells, i could not find the correct equivalent. In many Orthodox countries, the priest calls to Vesper or simply calls to prayer by hitting a wooden board with a hammer to a certain rhythim, sometimes faster and faster, hitting the board with great dexterity and producing a very interesting effect. It s called TOACA, and the action is named the same. This particular action holds evil spirits in dread, much like the payers to God, that is my the spirit is sent where there is none.

The expression FAT AND HANDSOME is quite often, in the countryside a certain fatness and robustness is seen as a sign of health and prosperity, along with the rosey cheeks, while being slender and skinny and pale is seen as weakness and lack of vitality.

”  – Asterion

These spells, enchantments, however you want to call them, are NOT recommended to those who do not know their true secrets.


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