The detection of curses and their dismissal (Updated 4th July 2015)

How to find out if we are cursed

and how to rid ourselves from curses

(The fifth pentacle of Saturn – Source)

I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to get information about a possible curse thrown upon a friend. After I replied, I realized that the article about curses I wrote for the website did not contain this information, thus I decided to publish them in this small article.

To be “charmed” or “put under a spell” is a very possible thing even today, however it is rare to happen if you are not “hanging around” in circles of people with knowledge about this. But if it is a real situation of a curse or something similar, there are various ways of getting rid of it.

It is important that we first find out if it is a curse. People who are superstitious are quickly getting to this conclusion at the smallest and insignificant problems.

Here are some signals that you could be cursed:

  • you have dreams of entities that attack you
  • you find different weird objects around the house (paper with burnt sigils, wax, needles of a certain number, etc) that you haven’t placed there
  • you find sigils or incantations in foreign, old or magical languages (these are usually hidden)
  • you are offered various gifts for free and for no reason (usually, these can be cursed or could be a connection to you to send the curse)
  • your emotional, physical and mental state are in difficulty for a long time, with no exact reason
  • you have persistent problems like lack of money or bankruptcy, stupid but intense arguments and fights, illnesses, deaths of close ones, etc.

If there are also poltergeist phenomenons, it is possible that someone sent an “entity” or thought-form called “egregore” (or a familiar spirit as it was called in the middle ages) to “deal” with you.

If we are talking about a familiar spirit (a kind of demon of lesser rank) this one can pretend to be anyone, from Lucifer to the great demons or angels, and in fact to be lying (and this is the general case, because superior entities do not possess people).

Methods to dismiss a curse, for those who are not initiated:

  1. Go to another wizard/witch and ask to dismiss the curse. When I’m talking about witches I’m not referring to gypsy “witches” but to people with a family tradition who know the art. The witch will identify the curse and send it back to the source, because the negative (or positive) energy cannot be destroyed or stopped, only dismissed and sent elsewhere. Romanian witches can do what we call descântec which is a disenchantment or a sort of exorcism.
  2. If a cursed object is found, it will be averted from the victim and buried somewhere far from the house, it will be given to fire and destroyed.
  3. Prayer to archangels or gods the govern over protection or simply prayers to God (or the god you worship). There are exact rituals for this.
  4. Using protection talismans over the individual or in the house (at the entrance door or at the windows)
  5. Purification of the house and body.

Since antiquity there is the belief that all misfortunes and disasters are caused by demons. In ancient Egypt, all the fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. were thought to be caused by demons. We can see this idea in many important source, among them being Goetia. An example in this case would be the demon Agares which causes earthquakes.

They were also held responsible for all diseases and illnesses, as we can see in the Testament of Solomon:

I am the first decan of the zodiac (and) I am called Ruax. I cause heads of men to suffer pain and I cause their temples to throb…

I am called Bersafael. I cause men who reside in my time period to have pains in the sides of their heads…

I am called Artosael. I do much damage to the eyes…

I am called Oropel. I attack throats, (resulting in) sore throats and mucus.” – James H. Charlesworth (ed.), The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, volume one, page 978.


I am called Rux Audameoth. I give heart aches [anginas] and heart disease. If someone writes <<Raiuoth>> I retreat at once…

I am called Rux Manthado. I give kidney disease. If someone writes <<Iaoth, Uriel>> I retreat at once..

I am Rux Axesbuth. I give people diarrhoea and hemorrhoids. If someone cursed me with unmingled wine and gave it to the sick, I retreat at once…

I am Rux Anoster. I give hysteria and give uterus pain. If someone rubs three seeds of laurel with clean olive oil and anoints himself with it saying << I curse thee, on Marmaroth>>, I retreat at once…

I am called Rux Akhoneoth. I give throat aches. If someone writes on a leaf of hedera [Ivy] <<Leikourgos>> I retreat at once.

I am called Rux Phteneoth. I curse and enchant any man. But I am defeated by disenchantment if it is drawn*…

I am Rux Mianeth. I hate the body, empty houses and destroy flesh. If someone writes over their doors <<Melpo Ardaad Anaath>>** I run away at once…” – my own English translation from Stefan Colceriu’s Romanian translation of the original Greek Testament of Solomon, as established by Chester Charlton McCown in his standard edition.”

* Colceriu suggests it is referring to the wide spread representations of the evil eye of that time, attacked by daggers or animals such as the scorpion, ibis, dog, etc. and the greco-egyptian amulets. He also makes a reference to the Bawit fresco. John H. Elliott writes of a fresco at Bawit depicting a cavalier spearing from his horse a female demon, having above its head an Evil Eye pierced by three daggers from above and an ibis, two serpents and a scorpion from below. (John H. Elliott, Beware the Evil Eye: Volume 1, page 146).

** Here we observe a very important detail. The inscription before the doors of the house. We can find this example in the Bible story of the Ten Plagues of Egypt, where people marked their doors with the blood of a lamb so they may not be affected by the plagues, as instructed by God, or one of God’s angels, a “death angel” as some suggest. (Exodus 12:13). This tradition is very important and old, and we can find it in many places in occult literature.

Wearing talismans or placing them at the windows and doors is another example, used a lot by the Copts.

Michael Cecchetelli offers us in The Book of Abrasax a few examples taken from Papyri Graecae Magicae or PGM, which are “a highly syncretic union of Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Coptic Christian, and Gnostic magical praxis.

Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers also offers us a few examples in his book Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris, suggesting it is based on “a collection of authentic ancient operational formulas specially translated and edited for this work [book].” It is based on PGM and PDM (Demotic Magical Papyri)

A lot of information is also offered by Sir Wallis Budge, one of the most important egyptologists. He offers us a lot of information on ancient egyptian magic in his book Egyptian Magic, where he presents rituals with stones and magical amulets, magical formulas, magical names, etc.

Then, we can consult The Greek Magical Papyri in translation by Professor Hans Dieter Betz, which is the source of the most authentic ancient magic to ever be translated until now.

All of these magical operations are very complex from beginning to end, and for this reason I shall not offer any examples here. Instead, we can look at the talismans presented in the Key of Solomon. For curses and their dismissal it is recommended to use the Talismans/Pentacles of Saturn, especially the Fifth Pentacle of Saturn and the Second Pentacle of Mars. Of course, their creation as well as their utilization represents a well defined process. For this, check The Key of Solomon.

For those working on the Left Hand Path, S. Connolly offers us a little advice in her book Curses, Hexes & Crossing. There she says that in certain cultures, a bowl or glass of water is kept above the head while sleeping, in order to protect yourself from attacks in your sleep or curses done while you are sleeping. The theory behind this is that the negative energy is diminished by water.

For traditional folk magic and witchcraft, you can read an entire article here.



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