I am asking for your help in maintaining the website, as I am no longer capable of paying everything that is connected to it.
I am compelled to ask for donations in order to administrate the website. Basically, our website now survives on donations. In order to survive and improve in both content and design, these are necessary.

We need to pay the annual fees for the domain, hosting, SSL certificate, webmaster and other web services. Also, in order to be able to bring new and good articles on the website, we need to pay authors who are willing to share their work exclusively for us. The translators have been working for free for a long time, and I need to pay them somehow.

The website maintenance is expensive and I cannot afford to work for free and to pay with my own money at the same time. All donations are going to the administration of this website and not in my pockets.

It doesn’t matter what sum you are willing to donate, if it is a one time donation, any donation is helpful and important. One of you donates 5$, another donates 5$, maybe one donates 10$ and so on. Think of it as if you were buying me a coffee or a beer in return for my work. As such, we’ll be able to bring you the best we can!

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