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Certainly, many of the teens who will come to this website will be Satanists. Even if I don’t share their beliefs, I respect them because everything has a beginning and that is how I also started. I believe that adult Satanists would be the best to speak here, knowing that they have more luck in gaining the trust of younger Satanists.

It is our duty to help them make the correct steps in occultism and Satanism. What I want to say is that we need to protect them from any false idea about Satanism and the occult in general.. because there are many such ideas spread over the internet, beginning with the fights with their parents and leading to abandoning school and even serious criminal activities. These problems don’t only affect them and their parents, but us too as a community.

Especially in Romania, the level of knowledge about Occultism is incredibly low especially among teenagers, there are many wrong conceptions about these subjects. They haven’t been given enough attention. Now, you’d probably say “if they want to know, they seek, they study and practice.. etc. who taught me these things?” .. and you’d be right. I know they can search, but they don’t. And when they do, they do it wrong. The majority don’t seek the information in books or in themselves. They search for information at other people, and those people aren’t always the best to follow and listen to.

You certainly seen on the news or read in newspapers about “Satanists responsible for suicide/crime/rape/church arson/grave desecration/etc.” and it bothered you. Most of them Marilyn Manson or Cradle of Filth fans, stereotypes after all, not too out of the common. Maybe you even started cursing them in your mind, because they have stained your image. But have you ever thought that maybe these kids that you are cursing really want to learn and practice something authentic, yet they don’t know how to start? Have you thought that maybe these actions they do not only destroy cemeteries and churches, but themselves too? Have you thought that you could really help them and make something truly useful and important for occultism, which you say you respect so much?

Of course, not all of them are honest and many of them are actually playing, out of boredom, and it is not our duty to help every troubled teen. I’d say there’s one in a hundred, or one in a thousand. The rest being adolescent who can’t find their place in society. But if you have that one honest occultists/satanist, why not help him on the path? It’s somewhat a moral duty.

I remember my situation in the past, of how many problems I have encountered in order to gain knowledge, but also the trouble with my parents. I believe that if these teens would have someone older and more experienced who could explain to them what and how it is with Occultism and Satanism, we’d have less bad news at the TV and newspapers. And it wouldn’t be easier just for them, but for their parents. Even if the majority of parents are trying to keep their kids away from adult satanists/occultists (and they have all the right to be afraid of doing so), maybe some would feel more comfortable knowing that their child is learning from a responsible adult, knowing that the adults is not some child rapist.

It would be a step forward. These kids need guidance. They are seeking for answers and they don’t always find what they should, thus many decide to follow people who aren’t exactly the best to follow, such as Satanic groups (or so called ‘sects’). In Romania at least, there is such a group in every city. I’ve personally had the chance to talk to their leaders and felt to urge to kick them in the face. Basically, they are led by idiots. The majority aren’t documented, they have poor and harsh lives. Those that I have met were about the same age as their followers (so, all of them were teenagers) and thus they had the same tendency to get involved in illegal activities. And that, of course, it making parents mad. The majority of these “leaders” create their own theories and philosophies specially to control the other members. And because the “high leader and priest” has a “satanic” philosophy that will make them all special, he has them at his control. Having this attraction, the members are easily influenced and the leader manipulates the whole group. The members follow the leader’s philosophy and thus, at his command, execute various rituals which imply stupid and illegal activities, which eventually makes them “TV stars” at the news.

Knowing this, who would leave his child with such people?! But what if the parents knew an adult occultist they could trust? Then MAYBE they would be more relaxed knowing that the lad hasn’t started a mission of mass killing.

For example, lets say the teen comes here and starts reading the website and his parents find him. If it were a website promoting and encouraging suicide, crime, theft etc it would be obvious that the parent would beat the crap out of the kid until all occultism gets out of his head and we would wake up with our website closed, at the best. But if the website promotes culture, maturity, logic, kindness, etc.? Well, this isn’t the case everywhere. The internet is filled with bad information and can become as dangerous as offline groups. So I ask you, what real teachings can these kids get?

Lets say 16 year old Timmy enters the world wide weird web and googles. What does he find? First on the page: Joy of Satan, Neo-Nazi pseudo-spirituality mixed with “spiritual” satanism (btw, can a religion be other than spiritual?!) which in fact is the worship of aliens. Seriously, this is what it usually comes at the first page on Satanism. Joy of Satan. And trust me, I know this organization well enough, since I was a member of their yahoo group from 2003 to 2005 or so. The head of Joy of Satan, Maxime (real name Andrea Harrington if I’m not mistaken) is a well-known figure in the online satanic community (she used to be a member of Cathedral of the Black Goat until she was kicked out) since she created her own “special” tradition of “Satanism” in which Satan is an alient called Enki and Ptah (she also affirms that Satan is the god Ea. none of these gods have anything to do with Satan. Enki is a Sumerian god who later became known in the Babylonian mythology under the name of Ea. Ptah/Phta/Fta is an Egyptian god corresponding to the greek god Hephaistos and the roman god Vulcan who, according to the legend, created Earth) who came via spaceship to help humans and then came back to his planet Nibiru.

It might seem funny, but with this theory she manipulated and continues to manipulate thousands of young minds. So again I ask: What teachings can they get? When an adolescent has something in mind it is hard to turn his direction. Especially for parents, because they don’t always understand their kids and what their kids are going through. Even more, they deny everything that their child is trying to explain, which is understandable after all, if a 14 year old kid comes to tell you, a 40 year old, that you’ve been dumb all your life and that he suddenly found the truth.

But what if that kid had someone older who shared his beliefs? An adult occultist/satanist, who wants to guide him. That would be another story, wouldn’t it? The teen would rather listen to him than his parents because the adult satanist/occultst knows what he is going through, because his parents are not like him and don’t respect the same things he respects, but the adult satanist/occultist does.

Having an adult Satanist/occultist would not only help the teenager, but also the parent, letting him know that his child isn’t heading to jail. In this way, it will always be someone that the teenager can trust and listen to. Someone who could tell him what is good and what is bad to do.

I mentioned those who set churches on fire, especially because there is/was a trend after the church burnings in Norway in the 90’s Black Metal scene. If the parent tells the kid that it’s not ok to set a church on fire, the teen will do exactly that. Because in his mind, whatever is not ok in the mind of a Christian is ok for a Satanist. But what if an adult Satanist/occultist told him “hold on a second junior, think about what you’re doing. how will this help you? don’t you realize that in fact you’re giving Christians just another reason to be against you? don’t you realize that you’re not better then them, but worse if doing so?“. I can guarantee you that the teen would rather listen to the adult satanist/occultist. Not just because he respects him, but because he trusts him. “why risk your freedom? Isn’t it absurd? you set a church on fire, another one is built, no problem! and what about you? you go to jail. how will you be able to study and practice there?

So I believe it is our duty to educate them in the ways of the occult and even in life. Otherwise, the next generation of occultists will be a generation of idiots and criminals. I look around and I see nothing is changing. If we don’t do something, who will?

Referring to the image selected for this article. The image represents the logo of the website BrotherNeroShow, lead by Brother Nero, a leading authority of traditional satanism. What does it have in common with the subject? Besides the fact that Nero was among the first to bring Satanism on the internet, he also held audio sermons about Satanism… and one of those sermons that has direct connection to our subject can be listened using the player below.


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