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Advice for teens and adolescents involved in Occultism


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I thought that you could benefit from a little advice. After all, we were all young once and we all went through this and had problems because of our beliefs and practices, so I thought “why not share a few tips for a better development in study and practice of the young ones in the Occult?”.

I remember the discussions with mom and dad on subjects such as the Occult… especially because I was devouring every piece of information about Satanism. Now I’m amused when I think of what I was doing and thinking back then, but I also remember it wasn’t easy at all.

So, this is my message and advice to the youth.

Problems with family, friends, lovers, school, church and (hope not) police appear at almost everyone involved in the Occult. And this usually happens in adolescence, when everyone is pulling you to become ‘someone’ and to stay out of trouble. You try to make them understand and you don’t succeed, and it sucks… I know.

I believe it is important to stay opened, especially to your parents. Hiding these things that ARE INFLUENCING your life can become obstacles in the relations you have with your close ones.

So, if you are having any of these problems, the advice and tips below might be of good use.


1. Friends

In order to escape the possible bantering of your friends it is needed a lot of justification and explanation. If they are real friends, they will understand. Or, if they won’t understand, at least they will accept (yet not agree), because such a difference between you should not ruin a beautiful friendship. As long as you are capable of explaining and defending your beliefs, you will only have victories.

First of all make it clear from the beginning that we (the occultists) are not so different. We are people and we eat, sleep and have sex like everyone else. People alone create negative images about us because of the mass-media and other factors less important such as “park satanists’, or those weirdos who are hanging in parks and cemeteries pretending to be satanists and occultists. Usually it is not us who offer this image (though, there are bad people everywhere and occultists are not an exception).

The difference is that we seek answers that others choose not to find. We search for freedom and wisdom in the hidden mysteries of the world more than we search for clothes in the Mall. We wish to understand nature and everything connected to it, instead of poisoning it.

2. Parents

The same goes with parents. What I have learned in all these years is that parents are as confused as you are. Their parental care is to assure that you will become a man and not some kind of monster. A good, respectable man, that they can be proud of.

Occultism is something scary and alarming to them. A lot of people associate Occultism with Satanic rituals where all sorts of crazy illegal shit is happening, so you must show them exactly what you understand of the Occult. Some will understand, some won’t. The idea is to explain as clear and as honest as you can.

I suggest you take them easy. First, show them that this change is not affecting you in a negative way. Try to emphasize all the good things about you (good grades at school, good manners, maturity, etc). Believe me, it is very important! Honestly, I was never a good example. I was a rebel child. It was hard for me to show them what occultism meant to me and why I considered it to be beneficial.

Show that this inclination is a positive one and remain patient. As someone once told me, if you stay closed in your “dungeon” and come out like a Marilyn Manson clone and start to throw insults to the world and to Christianity, it is obvious that you will be treated as a rat. Try to explain the basics of the Occult and the tradition that you follow. Even if you don’t have enough knowledge about them, simply talk from your heart and explain what it means to YOU.

Find friends who are mature, well educated and well raised. Mothers always appreciate politeness… a friend with long hair or a big green mohawk who comes to your mother and says “Good morning miss X, how are you?… may I ?… Thank you… etc” might do better than a geek church kid who doesn’t know how to behave in the real world. And this friend could also impress your father with maturity and education. Fathers don’t like immature people or “time-wasters”.

Getting back to the discussion with them… try to make analogies, try to show the differences between other religions and yours (while doing so, explain why you prefer occultism instead of other religions – even though occultism is not a religion in itself but an umbrella-term for various systems and traditions). If they refuse to talk about it, remain calm and leave the room. You can risk by saying something like “I though we can have a mature discussion, I guess I was wrong”. They might give you a second chance.

Remember! DON’T try to explain with other peoples theories, like what you have read on a website. Say what is in your heart ! It is more clear and important. And also, don’t make them understand that you want to join a sect. It is obvious they will react ugly. Many sects are full of idiots and can be dangerous.

Anyone who walks this path, does it in his own way. Some do it early, some do it late, but it doesn’t matter. If you start when you are young you will have to face a lot of problems and challenges, and depending on how you were raised you can even write on your forehead “OUTLAW” instead of telling those who gave you life and protected you that you have become an Occultist. It is also a journey to your soul, a destruction of great myths and emotional repression in the time building your will and “touching” your ‘deification’. And of course, it is the practice of occultism in your own way, not like everybody does it. Occultism promotes knowledge and self education, not joining a herd. Be bold and strong in your beliefs and never look back.

For the teenagers who wish to practice occultism it is a long hard road. Many feel a great pride and honor in being the adept of an initiatic occult path and want to tell everyone about it, no matter the long term consequences. I’d say be careful with that, but how many will listen ? If the people who let you live, eat, and use their home for free etc do not agree, then you better not insist. I know people who were kicked out  from home at 16 y.o. just because they became Occultists (actually, Satanists). Living on the streets is not easy, and the rapes, abuses and violence are really practiced there. In the best scenario you get to work extremely long and hard only to survive, because your friends, no matter how good they are, won’t be able to help you forever. Also, if you end up on the streets you won’t have the possibility to study or practice occultism.

Again I say, be careful to whom you open your heart. I know people who told their parents about their beliefs and ended up having all their books burnt, all their ritual tools thrown away, their internet cut off and even got confined to psychiatry hospitals.

Stay true and honest only with yourselves, no matter what age you have, no matter what belief or tradition you have


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