Fourth Lunar Mansion: ALDEBARAM

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)

It reigns the domain situated between 8º34’19” and 21º25’44” Taurus on the astrological circle.

It is named also Aldeboram or Addauennam in the tradition of Renaissance,  Al-Debaran by arabic authors and Orias by greek and coptic astrologers. The greek and arabic astrologers say that this mansion governs the house building, ditch digging, cattle and slaves purchase, but also the crowned heads.

Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can conclude that this lunar mansion is influencing the builders, architects, chiefs, company presidents, political or administrative leaders, farmers and the workers in generally.

From a magical point of view, the fourth mansion governs, according to Agrippa, the segregation and malevolent practices and hostile proceedings. During this domain or house some people are making talismans for sowing discontent and hostility, according to some magical prescriptions. The sufi mystic, Ibn Arabi, said that this mansion is corresponding to the mystic denomination “Universal Substance” or “Materia Prima”, the divine attribute “The Last One” and the correlated letter from the arabic kabbalah is the accentuated Ha.

Thereby, the fourth lunar domain teaches us about the raw material or the universal substance, from which the whole Universe was created, matter conforming to the “Universal Nature”, which was manifested in the third domain. This matter is the “flesh” itself of the existence and the perceptible nature of each existential plain, matter whose reality is percepted distinctly from a plan to another, but which is still the same. Either we call it matter, energy, light or anything else, it is that substance which prevails in everything, being able to take the shape and attributes, needed for the nature’s manifestation in a certain moment or place.

The Sun in The Fourth Mansion shows a person with clear leader abilities, who can easily make a career in politics, followed by a pretty good social prominence, but who tends to neglect the family life and the emotional side. Although he can appear as a well-intended person, he can dissemble behind this positive appearance a less pleasant, carnal, unstable and conceited side,  predisposed to violent behaviour. The partnerships are most of the time doomed to failure, both the financial and the intimate ones. He possess a special capacity of diplomacy, knows how to manipulate the perception of those around him and to impose a certain image about himself, according to his own aims.

The Moon in The Fourth Mansion designates an unhappy marriage or relationship, troubles of emotional nature because of the partner’s leans toward cheating. The native is advised not to get married, unless he is reaching a deep knowledge of the person he wants to get married with. Broadly speaking this position means fornication and frequent quarrels between partners, which during a marriage will not improve but will get worse over time and in long-term will lead toward troubles.

Mercury in The Fourth Mansion indicates an undecided and changeable person, who is not able to put some of his bad habits under control and is leaning toward quarrels. This position designates problems with children or even the death of a child, in specially if it is marked by a negative position in the birth chart. The native has a tendency to duplicity, deception and theft, or at least will have a troubled and notorious youth, like juvenile delinquency or other morally weird circumstances. The native’s journeys and movings are also often marked by minor obstacles or various discomforts, like juridical or bureaucratic obstacles or sometimes even weather conditions.

Venus in The Fourth Mansion designates a person with predilection toward affairs and adultery, in specially in the women case. In a manly frame, this aspect is relevant for women, from the native’s life, and their changeable nature.

Mars in The Fourth Mansion determines a choleric, rash, conceited and even violent behaviour. In a female frame, this aspect underlines the features of the men, to whom the native will be attracted, and their seething nature. It designates also communication problems and quarrels based on distrust, adventures and infidelity.

Jupiter in The Fourth Mansion designates a successful life, an enviable social position and a sated and prosperous living. The person may be appointed in a position of boss or judge, even if this position is merely symbolical or honorific, and his words have a great weight. He has friends and loyal employees, trustworthy subordinates, and can achieve a lot during his life.

Saturn in The Fourth Mansion represents a lonely native because of his inability to listen to other people or to put himself in their place. He is fighting a lot with other people and is often criticising them, before self-assessing himself. He has a superiority complex, based on traditional assumptions and tends to justify only himself. He can be a gifted artist instead, a skilled craftsman and a very good worker, excelling precisely because of his compensating feeling. Retreated and antisocial, he can have racial and nationalistic prejudices, in specially against the opposite sex.

Uranus in The Fourth Mansion indicates a native who is preoccupied by his spiritual life with a fully exoteric perspective, he is trying to live his religious life by being framed in such stiff dogmas, which even he can’t fully understand. He has the impression that he is a devoted person and is working a lot on his own chosen spiritual path, but is ignoring the truly important aspects of the authentic spiritual experiences. He is easily irritated in conversations about his religious beliefs, is confident about the truth of his chosen path, assuming for himself a superior attitude against other people and is acting accordingly.

Neptune in The Fourth Mansion shows a person with preoccupations in the spiritual and religious area, but who is in specially attached by his own traditional views. The persons who are are dedicated to spiritual life will have strong inner pressures because of the erotic urges and a lot of internal conflicts.

Pluto in The Fourth Mansion designates a pessimistic person, who lives either in the past, or is too much worried about the future. He is extremely worried about the sustainability of the projects in which he is involved and about their success, even when he has no reasons for such attitudes.

Lilith in The Fourth Mansion indicates a changeable, mischievous, dominating and manipulative nature. In relationships, the native is leaning toward sensual pleasures and perversions, but also toward falsehood and deception. The persons with such a character are mostly adulterine, perverted and deceitful.

The North Node in The Fourth Mansion exhibits the fact that the purpose of actual native’s life is building new structures, not only in an architectural sense, but also in a metaphorical way. He has an important mission and a remarkable legacy to leave behind for humanity, through the work he is doing. He is here to learn the detachment and the value of gradual abnegation from everything he is considering necessary, including the social and intimate relationships.

The South Node in The Fourth Mansion designates a soul which in previous lives missunderstood the detachment and isolated himself because of various reasons, declining the help of those who came to him. His karmic debts are on the group or even humanity level, but first of all toward the companions who are situated on the same evolutive path as him.


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