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(Magical sigils from Sefer Raziel HaMalakh)


Moses, the father of the jewish people is an egyptian reformer, because by leaving his country he begins a search for a new land, where people would live by the Laws of God and not manipulated by the Man who thinks is God (Pharaoh). The entire jewish thought is contained in the Pentateuch, the five books of Moses that constitute the Torah (the Law).

Moses founded a school of High Magic which he called The Tabernacle Mysteries where he first taught kabbalah, a secret doctrine delivered by Yahweh along with the Decalogue, through which man could delve in the astral and spiritual planes. The most renowned mage of antiquity was considered king Solomon, who built for the first time the Temple of Yahweh on Earth. Of course, the physical construction was doubled by an invisible temple in which the Divine Forces manifested.

About Solomon it is known that he had power on all planes of existence, evoking angels, conjuring demons, speaking with the spirits of nature. He left to his followers the Clavicles of Solomon or Keys of Solomon, a real Bible of esoterism, the corpus from which later derived: astrology, alchemy, magic.

Although, today the jewish thinking is very rigid in recognizing the unseen worlds and especially in accepting divination or magic, its founding father Moses was one of the most terrible mages of the world. He competed with the Pharaoh’s mages by transforming a staff into a snake, throwing 10 plagues over Egypt and splitting the Sea in two.

The term moses comes from Egyptian esoterism and means: “Initiated in the mysteries of the Schools of Wisdom, who preaches the wills of the gods and the mysteries of life”.

The legacy of Moses and Solomon the late western though had a good sudden change in the Middle Ages but was quickly eradicated by the Inquisition.

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