Contemplation: On the nature of God and magic (needs correcting)


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The existence of a Supreme God is found in all religions, being presented as being Eternal, Omniscient (all-knowing), Omnipotent (supreme power), Omnipresent (present everywhere). Jehovah (the Judeo-Christian God) is the most known of them and many have been said about him. In this short article I want to talk about his existential nature from my point of view.

God is presented in Christianity as being an entity/deity looking similar to man. While his appearance isn’t exactly described anywhere officially, an image of him has been created somehow, presenting him as an old man with beard. All these representations, both physical and supernatural (omnipresence etc) are, according the C.G.Jung’s psychology, archetypes. The most obvious would be the archetype of the so-called “wise old man”.

The wise old man generally represents the individual of a long life that uses his wisdom in the use of the people. Such an example is the father or the grandfather. This archetype is presented in many religions, but the most obvious would be the representation of Zeus in the Greek mythology.

Another archetype in the representation of God is his supernatural, infinite nature. Features such as omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience are evidently taken from the nature of the Cosmos. According to hermetic ideology, there is an Universal power, the source of all energies from which the Universe is a part (this meaning that we are also of divine nature). It is the Whole, the All. This explains the logical possibility of God being omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

He is the source of all energies, he is the whole Existence of which the Material and Spiritual Worlds are part of, all having different layers that are manifested in the Universe. These layers, or Worlds are connected between them, according to hermetic and kabbalistic teachings.

There is also the theory of the Macrocosmos and a Microcosmos. It is said that they are identical or similar (as above so bellow). The Macrocosmos has been identified with the World, the external Universe and the Microcosmos with Man and the internal Universe (the soul).

Man is an ambivalent creature who is part of both the Material World (macrocosmos) and the Spiritual World (Microcosmos) and can experience both Worlds. We all have this capacity, but not as much developed. Some are born with this capacity, others develop it and others never reach it (or not in a single life).

Getting back to the idea of God, I want to present some ideas about his Universal nature and the reason for which he can be considered an archetype.

According to esoteric belief, this Whole (God) is like a continuous and eternal form of life with its own natural course that never stops. Everything is in continuous motion, in evolution and we evolve and move along with it. What some people consider “Para-normal” is in fact a natural/normal course of this Universe. Every movement and change of ours, of nature, of the planets, is part of this Universe and theoretically, nothing is random or accidental but just the natural course of this World. In other words, when someone says “It was the will of God” he isn’t wrong at all, because God is the Universe and this Universe has its course that organizes and arranges everything (even events in our lives).

According to this idea, if we are part of God and are also Divine, it means that God is also a part of us (As above so below) and is Human. And if this God “arranges” everything in existence and has his own course (in which we are part of) it means that we also, at least theoretically, can change the course of the World in which we live in. Here were are getting to a very interesting idea which could give an explanation for magic and how it works.

Magic is from my point of view very psychological and physical and can be explained scientifically. According the physics, the Unvierse is created of energy. All living things, nature and the elements, are composed of energy. All matter is created by tiny particles like subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells and organisms.

Even the spirit is said to be created of energy, only of a lesser density. For example, when someone dies it is said that the spirit detaches from the body. Theoretically, it is true. If the spirit is created by particles, when the body dies it begins to decompose and the atoms detach from the other particles. If this theory is true, it means that it also answers to three other mysteries. If there is life after death, how can God be in different places at once and how can spirits take form and operate in the physical world.

If the spirit is made of particles and can unite particles together, he can create a material body. As for life after death, this is a delicate subject. If we are talking about consciousness, there are two ways of viewing this situation. If consciousness is completely dependent on the body (the brain) then life after death does not exist. If consciousness is not dependent on the body but is actually energy that never dies but only changes form, then life after death is a possibility.

This could explain experiences of past lives and trances in people that they never developed in their evolution. For example, I’ve seen on TV an interesting thing. A woman just made an organ transplant and started having traces that the donor had. The donor was a black male of 20 years of age that practiced martial arts and listed to Hip Hop. After the woman made the transplant, she started practicing contact sports and listened to hip hop. What is more interesting, is that she knew the lyrics from songs she never heard. This could be explained by the fact that the “information” particles in the organ were transmitted from a person to another.

The Universe however, exists in other forms as well, such as the spiritual form. The spiritual and material form are in a direct connection. If these are in direct connection it means that we can change the material form with the help of the spiritual form and viceversa and magic is a method of doing that. Even the definition of magic says that it is “the science and art of causing change in conformity with will” (A.Crowley). Another interesting definition says that magic is “a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole Nature”. Cornelius Agrippa tells us that its effects are produced by “uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to other”.

Having these two notions, we understand that magic is a form of science and art which through the power of nature and combination of these “virtues” can cause change in the world (internal or external) according to the magicians will. In other words, every act produced with the intention of the individual, be it a mundane act or a paranormal/spiritual act, is a magical act. Magic represents the manipulation of energy, the change brought into the world.

Energy is all around the Universe and inside us, and connects us to everything. If it connects us to everything it means that we have a modality to change everything using these energies. The magician, using his mind, can direct these energies from his body to change energies outside himself. This is magical control.

Getting back to the idea of God as a Whole, we understand that all energy is part of God. This explains that God is not only external, as a Macrocosmos, but inside us, part of us, as a Microcosmos. This idea is exactly the contrary of the general conception of God, especially the conception of the Church.

If God is inside us all, it means that even bad people have God in their “souls”. And this makes us understand that God is “good” and “bad”. Even Jesus says that “I am in the Father and the Father is in me” (John 14:10). Jesus had God in himself like we all do. In this case Radu Cinamar makes an importance notice, that if God was not part of us then all the people who lived before Jesus would’ve been some kind of rejects and waste that God just avoided.

The same idea can be found in many cultures. In the Hindu culture, this idea is represented by Brahman, the Universal and Supreme Spirit that is outside us but, somehow, is also a part of us, manifested under the form of Atman.

This Brahman manifests inside us under the form of Prana energy (or Qi in Chinese culture) that can help us realize Atma Jnana (self-knowledge). Once we realized Atma Jnana we get to know Brahman.


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