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About the Ouija

Basically the Ouija is a flat board used as a divination tool in making contact with spirits. The board is marked with all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from zero to nine, and the words Yes, No and Goodbye.

To use an Ouija Board a small heart-shaped planchette made of wood is needed to help indicate the spirit’s messages by spelling it out on the board. It is believed that the planchette is thus moved by the spirit. Others believe that this movement takes place due to the ideomotor effect (a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously – i.e. tears) . Skeptics say that the planchette is being pushed by the practitioner and not by spirits, and that our own mind comes up with the answers to the questions.

The most common way people divine with the ouija is through the deceased, though this is not the only use for it. The Ouija can help make contact with any spirit even with Demons and Angels. Many occultists agree that using the board may be dangerous for this reason. It is said that there is a high possibility to make contact with a spirit other than the one desired, thus is the risk of contacting an evil or lets say, dangerous and hostile spirit and to be attacked by it. People who have worked with the Ouija claimed to have been haunted by the spirits and even possessed by them. Some paranormal researchers say that most cases of demonic possession are caused by the use of Ouija Board (this is shown in the movie The Exorcist, when Regan talks with “Captain Howdy” who is in fact a Demon or Satan, so she becomes possessed). Harry Houdini the famous illusionist stated that five persons were driven insane after using an Ouija Board.

However, most of the times it is a spirit that comes through, or the users own subconscious thus the experience becomes less dangerous.

The history of the “speaking board” is interesting, as it has been used both as a form of divination and also as a parlor game in recent years.

“The first historical mention of something resembling a Ouija board is found in China around 1100 B.C., a divination method known as fugi (planchette writing).” (wikipedia)

A more recent historical event is the use of the Ouija Board by Aleister Crowley, who used it to summon Angels.

Rumors about the use of Ouija

It is believed that two persons of opposite sex should be using the Ouija. I believe this to be not necessarily true. Though I have never used an Ouija Board, I believe that one person using it is more appropriate, as it gives the practitioner and the spirit intimacy. Even so, it is believed that two people can handle the board easier. However, I don’t see the importance of the practitioners sexes.

Another rumor about the Ouija is that it should not be used very often, as one may become obsessed. I believe that obsession can come with any satisfactory achievement in life. And I can’t see anything wrong with that, as long as it doesn’t negatively effect you. If you found that Ouija is the proper Divination tool for you, and that you are comfortable using it, do not hesitate to use it. It can help you a lot in your occult practice. However, I must point out that if you are being obsessed by a topic or looking for the same answers repetitively that a Spirit or Demon cannot answer or wouldn’t want to answer you should stop.

It is also believed that the Ouija should be used only at night. You can use the board at anytime. This belief I think comes from the thought that Demons and spirits only come out at night or are more active during night-time. It may be true that they are more active or can be sensed easier at night. I recently read an interesting essay on this matter, and it was explaining why the night-time is more adequate for magickal practice. Magicians have always acknowledged that certain times are better than others for their workings. The reason why people choose to do magick during the “hours of darkness” is because, in cases of ceremonial rituals or such occasions, this is the time of silence because most people are asleep. It is easier to concentrate in that way. Also, the night is a time for inspiration. During the night-time we become more emotional. Unlike the lucid day-time when all the agitation and distractions take place, the night is a time for more spiritual and emotional work. When a person has been awake long after his normal sleep time, he becomes less lucid and more emotional. This is true for me at least. For example, when I must write an essay that needs more.. poetical explanation, I choose to write it at night.

In the article (Demons of Habit by Ray Sherwin) the author writes that “Magick performed on the dayside may not be romantic, dramatic, or mysterious but if clarity of thought is the object it is obviously preferable since it is only during periods of clarity that an analysis of one’s actions can be made and appropriate and remedial actions be devised.” In that case it may be true, the Ouija should be used at night.

One other rumor is that the practitioner should keep his eyes opened while working with the Ouija. Spiritualists say that spirits need to utilize the eyes of the medium during a Ouija session in order to point to the letters and words needed to form a message. I don’t say this is true or false. I do however want to bring out another example, when the eyes must be closed. This is why sometimes there is need for two people to work the Ouija. The person at the board must have his eyes closed so that he may not interfere with the Spirit’s work. The other person must write the messages that the person at the board writes.

Tips for working with the Ouija

You must first of all understand that the ability to use the Ouija board does not come to everyone naturally. Some people are natural mediums. They can get in touch with spirits much easier then others. For the person who is not naturally endowed with the ability to use the Ouija successfully, it takes practice. That means you must work at it. Do not look at yourself as a failure if you cannot use the board the first time.

Allow me now to give you a few tips for working and treating the board :

  1. Keep the board clean. You must clean the board before and after using.
  2. When not in use, keep the board in a box and put the box in a safe place
  3. One of the first things you must do when working with Ouija, is to get into a state of trance, making you feel outside of yourself. For example, when you place your fingertips on each side of the planchette, you will not even feel when it begins to move because of your spiritual condition and relaxation.
  4. Another thing you must do is to study your surroundings, because they can subtly change in the presence of a Spirit/Demon. Sometimes there will be a light breeze above the board or around you.
  5. For a better and easier work, I recommend that you place the board on a surface at a favorable level. It is important to stay relaxed and comfortable when communicating with a spirit.
  6. Only use the board when you feel like it. Do not force yourself to use it.
  7. If you feel in danger in any way, say goodbye and put the board away.
  8. When you use it, create atmosphere. Burn candles and incense.
  9. Do not become hostile towards the Spirit, or he/she will be hostile towards you
  10. If you do not understand what the Spirit is saying, ask him/her to clarify
  11. If using the board to contact a Demon, you may use the demon’s enn to call him at the board. If not, chant his/her name and ask the Demon politely if it wishes to talk with you.
  12. If using the board to contact a Demon, you may anoint the board with a magickal oleum or if available, with the Demon’s oleum (Demonolatry Blends:A Formulary by J.Thorp for more information on oleums.)
  13. If using the board to contact a Demon, you may bless the board in the name of the Demon as well. Just pass it through incense smoke in the name of an Air Demon (like Lucifer), sprinkle it with salt water in the names of Earth and Water Demons (Belial/Leviathan), and pass it through a flame to bless it in the name of a Fire Demon (i.e. Flereous)

Sources :

Divining And Speaking with Daemons by J.Thorp


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