The pact, dedication and initiation (Updated 12 July 2015)

Teufelspakt_Faust-Mephisto_Julius_Nisle(Faust’s pact with Mefisto, cca. 1840, Julius Nisle – Source)

Because people kept asking me to publish more practical information, I decided to write this short introductory article about three important rituals in Satanism.

Before getting right to the subject, I wish to inform that:

– This information is offered to show the practice of traditional Satanism. I do not urge or advice anyone to practice what I present here.

– Your actions are not under my responsibility. I am presenting the rituals as I know them.

– Once these rituals have been done, there are minimal chanced to cancel them. I ask you to think more than twice before deciding to practice these rituals. These rituals are not being done partially or for a period of time. The dedication and the pact are forever. Breaking the promises you make can make your risk putting your life in danger.

– These rituals are consciously done, with maximum honesty and understanding. If you do these rituals in mockery or to impress your friends (or any other reason that denotes lack of respect) you can mess up your life.

– If you decided to practice them, remember the promises you make and respect them. Don’t make promises you cannot keep.


Before reading this article I recommend reading the Satanic Rituals article.


The pact, initiation and dedication are theoretically the same thing. Practically, they are different.

The pact represents an agreement between the adept and Satan or a demon. This is like a written contract, signed by the adept and then offered to the demon to ‘sign it‘ through the agency of flames.

The initiation represents, depending on the tradition, different things. In some traditions of Satanism, the initiation represents the renunciation of the former religion and the preparation for dedication in Satanism. In other tradition, it represents initiation in Satanism. In Demonolatry, initiation is basically joining a coven, or being initiated into a coven.

The dedication represents dedication your soul and life in service of Satan or a demon. This is done of one’s own free will, symbolizing a gift offered to these spirits.



The Pact

Guazzo writes in Compendium Maleficarum, chapter VI, that the pact can be of two types. The first, is the expressed, being a solemn vow of fidelity and homage in front of witnesses and the Devil (who is present at the event). The second type is the tacit pact, which is written as a petition to Satan and which can be sent through another adept if the individual does not wish to send it directly to the Devil.

The expressed or verbal pact, although not written on paper, is “signed” through the “Devil’s mark” on the person’s body. The tacit or written pact is signed with the person’s blood or is written entirely with blood. William E. Burns writes in his book “Witch Hunts in Europe and America” of one such pact, done by the Australian painter Christoph Haizmann (1651/1652-1700). In 29 of August 1677, Christoph Haizmann “fell into convulsions and exhibited the symptoms of bewitchment” while working in the local castle in the Australian village of Pottenbrunn. Other sources, such as Brian P. Levack’s book “Possession and Exorcism” state that he fell into convulsions while at the church of Pottenbrunn. After the incident, Haizmann confessed that this was the result of a pact he made with the Devil nine years earlier.

According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (who was very interested in what became to be known as the Haizmann-case, and which regarded it as a case of neurosis) who wrote about it in “A Seventeenth-Century Demonological Neurosis“, Haizmann’s father died shortly before he made his first pact, thus he decided to sell his soul to the Devil, seeking in him a substitute father, which Freud interpreted it as a manifestation of the Oedip complex.

The church representatives questioned Haizmann trying to find out if he was a witch/warlock, yet they decided he was a demoniac possessed by the Devil, thus sending him away to the Abbey of Mariazell, where he went on pilgrimages and underwent exorcisms. Haizmann had two pacts, one written in blood and one in ink. On the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Haizmann received his blood pact back from the Devil, which made him think that he was released, yet after he traveled to Vienna he continued to have convulsions and terrifying visions, which made him ask the Devil to give back his second pact, the one written in ink. After repeated exorcisms, he seemed to have canceled the pact and was once again relieved, living a normal life until his death at the age of 48. During his struggles, either mental or spiritual, Haizmann painted several portraits of the devil and his visions.

The pact in ink writes:

“I, Christoph Haizmann, subscribe myself to this lord, to be his own bodily son until the ninth year. In the 1669th year.”

The pact in blood writes:

“In the year 1669, Christoph Haizmann, I assign myself to Satan, to be myself his own bodily son, and in the ninth year to belong to him body and soul.”


(A supposed copy of a pact signed by Haizmann in 1660)


The primary role of pacts is renouncing the Christian faith and the connection with God. This is done, evidently, through blasphemy. St. Hippolytus of Rome said that in the pact, the witches/Satanists pronounce the following:

I deny the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I deny my baptism. I deny the worship I formerly paid to God. I cleave to thee and in thee I believe [ Satan].

After the pact, the Satanist bathes as a symbolic form of a new baptism, in the name of Satan, in which they choose a new name. They then offer a piece of their clothing to Satan and swear allegiance to Satan while standing in a circle (the purpose of the circle is not to protect them, as in ceremonial/solomonic magic). They ask Satan to erase them from the Book of Life and inscribe them in the Book of Death. After this, they promise sacrifices. Every year they are asked to bring gifts to Satan and the Demons. They place a sign of the devil on their body, as to be ‘marked’, after which they many vows.

All of these will can also find in the Initiation Ritual of the Cathedral of the Black Goat, in the book The Devil’s Bible.



Not all pacts are done to renounce a former faith, as a pact is a contract between two parts, in our case, the conjurer and the demon or Devil. Jake-Stratton Kent in his book The True Grimoire details the idea of the pact coming from ancient times. He writes (page 132) that “the idea of the pact itself is extremely ancient. Circumcision among the Jews is the mark of a covenant or pact with Jehovah; agreements with gods other than him are attacked in Isaiah 28:15… The early depiction of the pact in Christian theology refer to pagan relations with their gods, either in magic or religion. This is the core of the concept as it appears both in later theology and in the grimoires. In fact, written contracts with the gods were made by Egyptians of the late first millennium BC, offering, for example permanent service in a temple in exchange for protection from ill fortune and malevolent spirits. The early Christian theologian, Origen, who lived in Egypt 185 to 254 AD, speaks of the use of divination and charms as automatically involving pacts with demons, in which he is followed by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Middle Ages… Significantly, the words “pact” and “conjure” both involve a sworn agreement by two or more parties.”

Indeed, the history of pacts is old and can even be found in the Bible. According to the Holy Scripture, the Devil proposed to Jesus to make a pact in which he would offer “all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor” if Jesus would bow and worship him. The Devil tried to profit of Jesus’ weakness caused by the long fasting, yet he did not prevail. The scene is known as the “Temptation of Christ” and can be found the the Gospel of Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13.

duccio_-_the_temptation_on_the_mount(Temptation on the Mount, Duccio di Buoninsegnabetween, between 1308 and 1311 AD)

Another old legend of a pact is that between the Devil and Saint Theophilus of Adana in the 6th century. After losing his position of archdeacon he asked the Devil for an ecclesiastical position. The Devil asked him the renounce Christ and the Virgin Mary and to sign a pact with his blood. Saint Theophilus accepted and the devil offered him the position of Bishop. There are different version of the story, but most of them recount that Theophilus asked help to Virgin Mary to get rid of the pact. Another variant tells that Virgin Mary appears to Theophilus and helps him, while another says Virgin Mary does not appear, yet Theophilus finds the pact the next day in the morning, being canceled.

michael_pacher_004(Saint Theophilus of Adana renouncing the pact. Painting by Michael Pacher. The man was also identified with St. Wolfgang de Regensburg or St. AugustineSource)

Perhaps the most famous pact is that of Urbain Grandier. It is written in the pact that the priest (Grandier) will need to pay for the services of demons once a year by spilling blood, blaspheming sacred tools (in the pact it says he will trample on the holy tools; here I believe it is referring to the host, which used to be trampled underfoot in the Black Mass; this according to Montague Summers, who explains in his book Witchcraft and Black Magic the entire process, from procuring the host to its role in the ritual) and than joining the demons in sin.

However, the reality was harsher. Although the pact wrote that he will live happily for twenty years, he was burnt at the stake (in 1634) not long before the pact and the hysteria of the demoniac nuns of Loudon. It is not excluded that the pact is actually a fake, meaning it was falsified by torturers and signed by Grandier in order to stop the torture.

Richard Cavendish offers this pact in his book The Black Arts (p. 306):

My lord and master Lucifer, I acknowledge you as my god and prince, and promise to serve and obey you while I live. And I renounce the other God and Jesus Christ, the saints, the church of Rome and all its sacraments, and all prayers that the faithful may offer me; and I promise to do as much evil as I can and to draw all others to evil; and I renounce chrism, baptism, and all the merits of Jesus Christ and his saints; and if I fail to serve and adore you, paying you homage three times a day, I give you my life as your own.

Made this year and day.

Signed, Urbain Grandier

It is known that the pact was written with Grandier’s blood. Another pact, which seems intelligible, is written backwards in latin. This one also has the signatures and sigils of the demons. Deciphered and translated in English:

We, the influential Lucifer, the young Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Elimi and Astaroth, together with others, have today accepted the covenant pact of Urbain Grandier, who is ours. And him do we promise the love of women, the flower of virgins, the respect of monarchs, honors, lusts and powers.

He will go whoring three days long; the carousal will be dear to him. He offers us once in the year a seal of blood, under the feet he will trample the holy things of the church and he will ask us many questions; with this pact he will live twenty years happy on the earth of men, and will later join us to sin against God.

Bound in hell, in the council of demons.

Lucifer Beelzebub Satan

Astaroth Leviathan Elimi

An image of the pact is below.

Another interesting case is that of David Lipsius, a young medicine student arrested in December 1596 after it was discovered he made a pact with the Devil. Following the investigations, he admitted he made a pact with the Devil and even presented it, saying he was inspired by a book of magic.

devil_pact_david_lipsius_aus_erfurt(Pact of David Lipsius – Source)

The young man was near interrogation under torture when he wrote a plea for mercy, swearing he will leave the town forever. The University (Tubingen, Germany) accepted his plea and Lipsius was let to go with no harm.

In the article The Classical Grimoires, Aaron Leitch presents The Grand Grimoire or Red Dragon (Dragon Rouge) as being a different grimoire, with satanic influences. “What perhaps makes this book so famous (or infamous) is the fact that it deals specifically with making pacts with devils. Other texts, such as Goetia and Abramelin, do not work through pacts at all, and the latter example expressly forbids such action.”

I will present below the pact with Lucifuge Rofocale after the translated offered by Owen Davies in the book “Grimoires: A history of magic books.”

* Note: This pact is done after other preparations presented in the book, such as abstinence, fasting, prayers, sacrificing a kid (young goat, not child) in the name of God (Adonay, Elohim, Ariel, Jehovah), construction of the wand, construction of the circle, etc.

Initially Lucifer and Astaroth are being called forth (according to the translation by Robert Blanchard). Owen Davies presents another invocation at page 101:

“Emperor LUCIFER, master of all rebel spirits, I beg you to favor me in the call that I am making to your grand minister LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE, desiring to make a pact with him; I beg you also, prince Beelzebub, to protect me in my undertaking. O count Astaroth! Be favorable to me, and make it so that this night the grand LUCIFUGE appears to me in human form, and without any bad odour, and that he accords to me, by the pact that I am going to present to him, all the riches I need.”

There are four calls to Lucifer, of which the fourth is decisive. You also need the sigils of the spirits, which I found that differ from MS to another as you may see below.

The sigils of Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth in the 1999 PDF version by Phil Legard


The sigils of Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth in the 1823 French edition



As mentioned above, the decisive conjuration of Lucifer, also called “The Great Conjuration” or “Grande Appellation“, is used as the last attempt which will bring forth Lucifuge Rofocale, sent by Lucifer. The conjuration is as follows:

I conjure you, O Spirit, to appear at once by the power of the great Adonay, by Elohim, by Ariel, by Jehovah, by Agla, Tagla, Mathon, Oarios, Almouzin, Arios, Membrot, Varios, Pithona, Magots, Sylphae, Gabost, Salamandrae, Tabots, Gnomus, Terrae, Caelis, Godens, Aqua, Gingua, Jauna, Etitnamus, Zariatnatmik. A+ E + A + J + A + T + M + O + A + A + M+ V + P + M + S + G + S + T + G + T + C + G + A + G + J + E + Z + etc…

from The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton Kent


I enjoin you, O Spirit, to appear this minute, by the power of the great Adonay, by Elohim, by Ariel, by Jehovam, by Agla, Tagla, Mathon, Oarios, Almouzin, Arios, Membrot, Varios, Pithona, Magots, Salphae, Gabots, Salamandrae, Gnomus, Terrae, Coelis, Godens, Aqua, Gingua, Jauna, Etitnamus, Zariatnatmick,

A… E… A… J… A… T… M… O…

A… A… M… V… P… M… S… G…

S… T… G… T… C… G… A… G…

J… E… Z.. etc.”

from The Authentic Red Dragon and The Black Hen, Teitan Press 2011

After pronouncing this, it is said that Lucifuge appears to speak to the conjurer. In the grimoire it is also included the discussion in which the days and hours are settled for the spirit to present itself.

Then Lucifuge responds:

I cannot grant the requests that thou makes of me under these conditions, nor under any others, if thou does not give thyself over to me in fifty years, to make of thy body and thy soul, that which I please.

After this the conjurer introduces the blasting rod into the fire and recites the invocation of the Clavicle, until the spirit accepts his demands. His response is translated by Aaron Leitch as such:

Leave me to my rest, and I will confer upon thee the nearest treasure, on condition that thou dost set apart from me one coin on the first Monday of each month, and dost not call me oftener than once a week, to wit, between ten at night and two in the morning. Take up thy pact; I have signed it. Fail in thy promise, and thou shalt be mine at the end of twenty years.”


(signature of Lucifuge Rofocale)

The response is offered differently in Robert Blanchard’s translation:

“I also approve your Book, and give you my true signature on parchment, that you will there attach it at the end, to serve any purpose, submitting myself also to appear before you the times that I shall be called here, then you will open the Book, that you should purify yourself, that you will have the terrible Thundering Rod and that you will compose the great Cabalistic Circle, and that you will pronounce the word of Rofocale, promising you to appear and deal amiably with those who shall be provided with said Book, wherefore here is my true signature, holding the power for them to call me regularly, the first time they will need me. I engage myself also to deliver the treasure which you ask of me that you guard the secret forever, that you be charitable to the Poor, and that you give me one piece of gold or coin the first day of each month: if you fail here you will be with me forever.”

After this, the promises of the pact are written, in the grimoire being presented in seven parts. The conjurer thanks the spirit and dismisses him. Then is recited a prayer of thanks to God Adonay. After this, there are presented the spirits and other types of pact.

Aaron Leitch writes of historian E.M. Butler, quoting her that “this [the pact in the Grand Grimoire] is the only complete and “perfect” outline of such a pact of which she is aware (though she does make mention of the similar Faustian ritual).” He also goes off to recommend her books Ritual Magic and The Fortunes of Faust, to those interested in the darker side of the grimoires. She is indeed an expert on the Faustian legend which originates in Germany, a subject on which she is also expert, being Schröder Professor of German at the University of Cambridge.

In the many legends appeared about the unholy pact, the majority hinting at successful people such as violinist Giuseppe Tartini or violonist Niccolo Paganini or blues singers like Robert Johnson and Tommy Johnson, which owed their success to the Devil.

Of course, the most famous legend is that of Faust. It started from a real person, Dr. Johann Georg Faust (1480 or 1466 – c. 1541), alchemist, astrologer and magician of the Renaissance era. His life was a source of inspiration for the story book Historia von D. Johann Fausten (1587) then the famous play The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus (1604) by Christopher Marlowe followed by the tragic play Faust (1808) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

An example of a pact:

I, [you name], ask for the help of [Satan or name of demon] to help me [state your wish]. After these are offered, I will offer in exchange [write what you offer] and state that this pact is a proof of my promises.

May this pact by signed in return by [Satan or name of demon].

Your signature.

Traditionally, the signature is written with your own blood. If not, the signature can be stamped with the blood from the tip of your finger, as a fingerprint stamp.



As I was saying, we’ll see quite the same instructions from the Compendium Maleficarum in the book The Devil’s Bible.

In The Devil’s Bible it is described an initiation ritual that is done over the course of three days, having three goals:

  1. To dismiss any affiliation with the former religion. It is pure blasphemy towards the previous religion.
  2. To receive the Mark of the Beast, or the Devil’s Mark and to make the pact with Satan.
  3. To present oneself in front of Satan and Hell as a new adept.

To read the complete instructions of the ritual, buy the book The Devil’s Bible or Tentatio Diabolos.

An example of initiation:

The adept steps into the ritual chamber wearing the cross and the Bible in his hand (or in the case of a different anterior religion, using it symbols and sacred books). He throws them on the ground and pronounces:

“I come here tonight to declare my renunciation of the Christian faith! From this night, I shall no longer bow to God, nor pay tribute to Jesus or the Holy Spirit”

The practitioner stamps on the cross and Bible and pronounces:

“From this moment I shall no longer follow the Christian ways! I renounce the teachings and spirit of God and his bastard son!

I shall no longer serve the cross, which in my eyes represents disgust! I shall no longer serve a symbol of suffering! I shall no longer serve a religion of slavery! I completely renounce God and his ways!”

The cross and the Bible can be thrown in fire or buried somewhere far from the adept.


(Witches trampling a cross in front of the Devil. Illustration from Compendium Maleficarum, edition 1608 – Source)

Initiation in Demonolatry represents joining a sect or joining the Demonolatry religion. Usually, the practitioner is presented in front of the patron/matron demon of the sect.

The complete ritual can be found in The Complete Book of Demonolatry.



The Dedication Ritual is probably the most important ritual in Satanism because it represents a supreme service and honor to Satan and/or the demon(s). This ritual and its promises are to be honest, pure and coming from the heart. Everything that you declare in the ritual must come from you, as this is a very private and personal act.

The example below is just an example, not something to be done by the book.

The ritual:

First of all, clean and aerate the room. Take a shower or a calming bath. These are signs of respect, but also pre-ritual operations, because the shower can refresh you while a bath can calm your mind and get you into a better emotional state.

Close the window and light incense of your choice. During the ritual it is possible that more demons will be present, so just as you’d be having guests, it is good to make a pleasant atmosphere.

Eat, but not too much so you won’t get sleepy. Drink. Go to the toilet. Assure that you will not be bothered by hunger, thirst or any other factor.

Disconnect all electronics in the house. The telephone, door phone, TV and even the doorbell. Nothing must distract you during the ritual.

Prepare the altar with all the necessary tools, being: a sterile needle or sterile blade, black candles, paper/parchment and a pen.

You may place as many black candles as you like, because the light during the ritual must come only from these and not an electric source.

Dress in comfortable black clothes, not too loose and not to tight. A robe is not necessary, nor is any form of clothing, as you can simply do the ritual naked.

You may begin the ritual. Enter the room and pronounce:

“I come here this night to announce my affiliation and loyalty to Satan and his demons. Demons of Hell, I call for your presence!”

Raise up your arms and say:

“Satan, hear me! Beelzebub, hear me! Astaroth, hear me! Leviathan, hear me!”

You will now carefully write down your promises and intentions. After you have written your vows and declared your affiliation, you prick or cut your thumb and stamp the paper with your blood over your signature. After this, you pronounce:

“I have now offered by body and soul in service of Satan and his demons. I have offered my life and allegiance to Satan and his demons. I declare in front of all the demons in Hell that Satan is my only God and Master and I will honor him with my soul. I have the service of Satan my life’s goal.

Satan, Unholy Lord of Darkness! I ask to join thee! I swear in front of all demons and inhabitants of Hell that from this moment, my soul is yours!

Hail Satan!”

You may now extinguish the candles and incense and remain for at least 10 minutes in contemplation and meditation.


* I do not recommend you burn the paper with your promises. This tradition is not practical, since promises can easily be forgotten. You must keep the paper somewhere well hidden, so you may read the promises you made at any time. Remember that dedication is a life-time engagement, it is not a pact which can be called off or which can be settled for a period of time. Breaking the rules can bring dire consequences, as I have seen many times with many people.


Another example of dedication in a traditional form can be found in The Devil’s Bible or Tentatio Diabolus.

Dedicating to a demon, meaning demonolatry, is done differently. Here, the matron/patron demon is preferred to be chosen according to your elemental correspondent, or at least a demon that is similar to you. It is recommended that you work with more demons before choosing one to dedicate your life to. This process can take years.

S. Connolly recommends that the dedication be done in a special day, in order to remember the ritual. It can be your birthday, your child’s birthday, or other special days. The complete ritual can be found in The Complete Book of Demonolatry.


Another interesting example of initiation and dedication appears in a 1966 audio recording entitled Satanic Mass of the psychedelic rock band Coven. Here, the dedication and initiation are integrated with a Black Mass. It was essentially a 13 minute audio recording that was part of their stage show back in 1968 and was included on their 1969 record album “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls” together with the full published text. It took hundreds of hours for researching the material and to the bands knowledge it was the  first Black Mass published in any language.

You can download the audio file from here:

I will offer here the full ritual along with the translations:

Altar bell is rung nine times to invoke the spirit of Satan.

Chanting invocation to conjure Satan from the infernal abyss:

“Bagabi laca bachabe

Lamac cahi achababe


Lamac lamec bachalyas

Cabahagy sabalyos


Lagoz atha cabyolas

Samahac et famyolas


High Priest enters to center of the altar and chants, while crossing himself in a counterclockwise direction with his left hand.

“In nominee de nostre Satanas

Lucifere Excelsis”


“In the name of our Satan

The glorious Lucifer”

High Priest chants:

“Introibo ad alatare Satanas”


“I will go up to the Altar of Satan”

Coven chants:

“Ad Satanas, qui laetificat gloria meam”


“To Satan, the giver of youth and glory”

Coven chants conjuration to yield their souls to the Devil:

“Palas aron ozinomas

Baske bano tudan donas

Geheamel cla orlay

Berec he pantaras tay”

High Priest:

“In the name of Satan, ruler of Earth, the King of the world, the Chief of the Serfs, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us.

Save us, Lord Satan, from the treacherous and the violent. Oh Satan, Spirit of the Earth, God of Liberty, open wide the gates of Hell and come forth from the abyss by these names:







High Priest chants:

“Gloria Satanas, et Belial et Spiritui maloso.”


“Glory be to Satan, and Belial, and to the evil spirits.”

Coven responds chanting:

“Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et simper, et in saecula saeculorum, Amen.”


“As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.”

High Priest chants:

“Satanas vobiscum “


“Satan be with you”

Coven responds chanting:

“Et cum spiritu tuo”


“And with thy spirit”

High Priest calls the coven to prayer:

“Let us pray… Urged by our Lord Satan’s bidding, and schooled by his infernal ordinance, we make bold to say:”

High Priest and Coven recite the Lord’s Prayer backwards:

“Amen.. Evil from us deliver but.. Temptation into not us lead and.. Us against trespass who those forgive we as.. Trespasses our us forgive and.. Bread daily our day this us give.. Heaven in is it as earth on.. Done be will thy.. Come kingdom thy.. Name thy be hallowed.. Heaven in art who.. Father our.”

High Priest removes his headdress and approaches the coven, congregated a few feet in front of the altar, and says:

“Children of my office. From high matters I spare the time to preside over this gathering. By the favor of our Lord Satan, I have the power to grant your wishes, should it please me to do so. Waste no moment in unnecessary babbling or you will incur my anger. Now, lift up your heads and tell me your desires! ”

This is where the initiation and dedication take place.

Neophyte knocks at the side door of the Altar Chamber.

High Priest:

“Who seeks entry here?”


“One who repents her past heresies and craves to be accepted into the grace of our Master, Satan.. designated by the Creator. Lord of this World from beginning without end.”

High Priest:

“Enter, penitent, that you may abase yourself before the only true God.”

The side door opens, revealing a scared young girl, who has been persuaded to join the coven. She enters, hesitantly, wearing a long white muslin garment, tied at the waist with a cord. Her ankles are bound in shackles.

High Priest:

“Penitent, the opportunity is offered you to redeem your past… Do you desire to take it ?”



High Priest:

“Are you prepared to serve our Lord Satan with your whole mind, body and soul, permitting nothing to deter you from the furtherance of His work?”



High Priest:

“As proof that you have purged your mind of all false teaching, you will now break this crucifix and throw the pieces from you.”

The crucifix is now broken and thrown

High Priest:

“Stand up, and raise your left hand! Repeat after me, sentence by sentence, the words I’m about to say:

I deny Jesus Christ the deceiver.. and I abjure the Christian faith, holding in contempt all of it works. By the symbol of the Creator, I swear henceforth to be.. a faithful servant of his most puissant Arch-Angel, the Prince Lucifer.. whom the Creator designated as His Regent and Lord of this World. As a being now possessed of a human body in this world. I swear to give my full allegiance to its lawful Master: to worship Him, our Lord Satan and no other; to despise all manmade religions, and to bring contempt upon them whenever possible; to undermine the faith of others in such false religions whenever possible; and bring them to the true faith when desirable. I swear to give my mind, body and soul unreservedly.. to the furtherance of the designs of our Lord Satan.

If I betray my oath, I do now decree to have my throat cur, my tongue and heart torn out.. and to be buried in the sand of the ocean that the waves of it may carry me away into an eternity of oblivion!”

Probationer repeats after the High Priest sentence by sentence.

High Priest:

“If you ever break this oath, we shall pronounce sentence upon you in the name of our Lord Satan.. that you shall fall into dangerous disease and leprosy, and that, in the sign of his vengeance, you shall perish by a terrifying and horrible death, and that a fire shall consume and devour you on every side and utterly crush you.. and that by the power of Satan, a flame shall go forth from His Mouth which shall burn you up and reduce you to nothing in Hell..”

High Priest removes a bag from the altar; this bag contains the shavings of a clock

High Priest:

“Now take these shavings in your hand and face the Goat of Mendes… repeat after me:

I deny God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and I adhere to thee, and believe in thee.”

Probationer repeats after the High Priest sentence by sentence.

High Priest leads the girl to the right side of the altar to a black throne, upon which is seated Satan in the materialization of a huge black goat with a human body, but with the hooves and head of a goat. The goat has three horns, the middle one being a lighted torch.

High Priest:


As the girl kisses the posterior of the goat (oscullum infame) from behind the throne, the ceremony of fidelity to Satan known as the Pax, the High Priest intones:

“As the shavings of the clock do never return to the clock from which they are taken, so may your soul never return to Heaven.”

The High Priest leads the girl back to the altar. This is where the Black Mass is incorporated.

High Priest:

“Now.. remove your garment, and lie down at full length upon the altar.”

As the girl drops her garment and lies naked on the altar, the High Priest stretches out her arms and places a lighted black candle in each outstretched hand. She is now a human altar in the shape of a crucifix; her ankles still being bound by the shackles. Some members of the assemblage, looking ahead to the ceremony where she must submit to the sexual desires of the coven, are beginning to express their emotions.

High Priest:

“Brothers and Sisters of the Left-Hand Path… the penitent has proved a worthy neophyte in our high order. It is now my happy duty to free her from the bonds of ignorance and superstition.”

The High Priest removes the shackles from the ankles of the young probationer/neophyte and proceeds with the rite symbolic of copulation with the devil. If Satan or one of his demons is present at this portion of the Mass, the High Priest will step aside and lead conjurations of lust while the ceremony is actually performed. After this rite, the neophyte, still serving as the altar, has the Chalice containing the host and a skull filled with blood placed upon her prone body. The host is generally stolen from a Catholic church, dyed black, and cut into a triangular shape. The blood is generally from a previously sacrificed animal.

High Priest chants:

“Satanas gratias

Satanas vobiscum.”


“Thanks be to Satan

Satan be with you”

Coven responds:

“Et cum spiritu tuo”


“And with thy spirit”

High Priest walks to the left of the human altar to begin the Offeratory. He holds up the Paten containing the consecrated host.

High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest walks to the right of the human altar, and holds up the skull or other Chalice containing the blood (or wine).

High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High Priest:




High priest taking Communion, consecrates the Paten and the Chalice with the blessing of Death:

“Blessed be the bread and wine of death… blessed a thousand times more than the flesh and blood of life, for you have not been harvested by human hands nor did any human creature mill and grind you. It was our Lord Satan who took you to the mill of the grave, so that you should thus become the bread and blood of revelation and revulsion. I spit upon you! And I cast you down! In the memory of Satan, because you preach punishment and shame to those who would emancipate themselves and repudiate the slavery of the church!”

He casts the consecrated host and blood on the floor in front of the altar and spits on them. At this sign, the entire congregation rushes up amidst screams of hate and tramples upon the mixture. They also scramble and fight for remnants to be used in casting private spells.

High Priest – tearing off his vestments and trampling them on the ground, says:

”These ornaments, badges of authority, serve only to conceal the nakedness which is alone acceptable to our Lord Satan!”

Entire coven rips off their cloaks and any other garments amidst bestial shrieks and growls. This is silenced by the High Priest who rings a gong, causing the reaction of a thunder clap. The High Priest holds his left hand aloft helping the unsteady, and seemingly drugged, young neophyte off the altar to stand naked before the now naked coven.

“Neophyte, you have served me well! Stand up and join these assembled here so that they may look upon you, and do with you as they desire..”

The neophyte is pushed into the midst of the assemblage, who stare at her and gesture and whisper among themselves. Later, at the end of the Mass, she will be submitted to the carnal desires of any member or members of the coven who request her. She will also assist in mass perversions.

High Priest announcing the dismissal from the formal Mass, proclaiming the Benediction for increased virility, and calling for the homage to Satan through feasting, dancing, and a general orgy till dawn.

“I, [insert name here], Prince of the Bats and High Priest of the Lord Satan, by this act do dismiss you from this service.. Prepare to receive through me the Benediction of Our Lord Satan, that you may honour the Creator by the rite symbolical of his work.”

As the altar bell is again rung nine times, the High Priest wanders among the assemblage, touching the genitals of each member of the coven with a special Satanic blessing to insure the success of the orgy to follow.

High Priest:

“Eva, Ave Satanas!  Vade Lilith!  Vade Retro Pan!  Deus Maledictus Est!  Gloria Tibi!  Domine Lucifere, Per Omnia Saecula Saeculorum. AMEN!

Do What Thou Wilt, Shall Be The Whole of The Law!

Rege Satanas! ”


“Hail Satan!”

High Priest:

“Ave Satanas! ”


“Hail Satan! ”

High Priest:






(Satanist holding a chalice of wine mixed with blood during a ritual – private archive of Flacara Neagra)

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