Satanic Samhain Celebration (ritual)

Euronymous Altar (1)(My altar at the Eurynomous Samhain Rite – 31st October 2007 – F.v.F. personal archive)

For more information about Samhain, read the article Satanic Holidays.

On the night of 31 October the practitioner prepares the Samhain Altar with black altar cloth, 4 black candles in each corner of the altar and one black candle in the center, the sigil of a death Demon, an item belonging to one of the dead persons, one or multiple pictures of persons or pets you have lost in death, and, if available, Skulls and other representations of death are to be available on the altar or in the room.


(ssigil of Eurynomous – Source)


(sigil of Baalberith – Source)

When all is set and the practitioner is ready, the celebration may begin with a small ritual to the death demons Eurynomous, Baalberith and Babeal.

The individual enters the room lighting all the candles and incense (if available),  and calls upon the death demons. To invoke the demons the practitioner must grab the centered black candle, lift it up and point it at the demon’s sigil while saying the invocation. If he wishes he may use the enns or personal invocations.

If he prefers the enns:

Ayar Secore on ca Eurynomous

Avage Secore on ca Baalberith

Alan Secore on ca Babeal

Example of invocation:

I call upon the gods of DEATH to attend this rite in the night of Samhain, the celebration of death and dying. This sacred event I dedicate in the honor of Death, that is all around us. Let us now join in celebration!

Come, Eurynomous, lord of Death!  Come and join me in celebration of thy name!

Come, Baalberith, lord of Dying!  Come and join me in celebration of thy name!

Come Babeal, lord of the Graves!  Come and join me in celebration of thy name!

After the invocation the practitioner then brings forth an item belonging to one of the dead persons and puts it on the altar. After this he invites the dead to the ritual chamber to join him in the celebration with an invocation. To invoke the dead the practitioner must grab the item of the dead, lift it up and point it at the dead person’s picture while saying the invocation.

I call upon the spirit of my beloved [Name] who has passed into the shadow of Death. May [name] be present in this rite in the night of Samhain, the celebration of death and dying.

Tonight the dead are free to walk the earth once again, and are united with us on the sacred night of Samhain.

Come!  Come forth [name] !  Come and join me this night to celebrate and be together again.”

After the invocation the celebrant then gets into meditation upon the relics of the deceased, and begins to think of the deceased in a pleasurable manner. This can last as long as he likes.

After the meditation the celebrant grabs the centered black candle and points it to the picture of the deceased, and begins to talk to the dead in a normal but private voice. Speaking your thoughts and letting out your feelings can be easier to be directed to the deceased in such manner. You may also start giving praises of respect and love.

After the celebrant is done speaking to the dead, he puts away their relics next to their picture and starts praying to the death demons for the souls of the deceased. After this, you can give a closing to your ritual as such:

After these moments I have had with my loved ones, I am ready for the feast. If the spirits are willing, may they continue to join me in the celebration during the feast.

Hail Eurynomous!

Hail BaalBerith!

Hail Babeal!


The practitioner extinguishes the candles and leaves the chamber with a window opened. After this he shall prepare and make food for the feast after the ritual, or begin the feast if the table was ready. After the food is ready and the table is set, the practitioner dedicates the food to the death Demons and the dead ones and invites them to join him. He may also make a toast (red wine is perfect) to the dead ones and the death Demons. After the feast everything is done and the celebration may be over or continued all night.


(Samhain altar- source)

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