Sex and Satanism

Written by Xophier

Completed by F.v.F.


People are only animals, its one of the base rules of Satanism, or any LHP religion. As such a beast, we hunger for many passions. Those pleasures have been demonized by the RHP, but we do not follow a church or its doctrines. Before Judaism and religions of repression, sex was a common part of life and even religion. The gods of the Greek were bisexual, and had male and female lovers, they even had temples of sex. Orgy just meant secret meeting usually to Dionysus, the god of wine, so its ironic that a lesser intention of the word is the taboo we now associate with it. Those who have a relationship with someone else who also believes the same thing are lucky.

A Satanist’s life should first and foremost be dedicated to Satan and his demons. So there, they have a person that they can be closer with than a Satanist without such a partner, perform various rituals, partake in sex magic, and be the others support when times of doubt may come. The passion of mankind leads some occultists to believe in the possibility of sex with demons. While a relationship with a demon is something a LHP believer strives for, sex with astral beings just seems like a flight of fancy for the deluded. An orgasm can be triggered without genital stimulation, and the brain is the most used organ in sex. People can believe what they want, but it doesn’t make it true.

For just about everyone, sex is a very pleasurable and a natural drive you shouldn’t try to hide no matter what your preference. You should not fear being yourself and wanting what attracts you. Straight, gay, bisexual or asexual, I have not seen one Satanic group turn someone away from being any of these. In fact, I know of a group for gay Satanists called Cult of the Ram.

How and why is it normal to be LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual)? Because that’s how nature is, diversified. As there are many races there are also many types of sexuality.

It isn’t a genetic disease of a psychological disorder as many believe. That was established since 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association removed their classification of homosexuality as mental disorder. Same was stated in 1975 by the American Psychological Association, and in 1990 the World Health Organization accepted this as well, when it declared that it is not a disease nor a mental disorder and does not need treatment. That, of course, was established after lots of research in psychiatry, psychology, etc. If we are to look at nature, or google, we find a plentitude of homosexual animals. And we’re talking about over 1000 species of animals!

I myself (Xophier) am asexual but am attracted to romance, and at this time the romance was in the form of someone of the same-sex. I feel strongly for him, an atheist who I will not push into my beliefs, but I hold Satan higher and he understands this. I (F.v.F.) am bisexual, and have been in many gay relationships, as I can find beauty in both sexes, as I can find beauty in both the night and the day, the storm and the sunny days. There’s beauty that some people can see, and others don’t. It is of personal preference and desire, and if a homosexual tells you that ass is better than pussy that is not something universally true, what it’s good for him might not be for you and vice-versa.

With LHP religions the topic of discussion sometimes comes up as, if its legal… should we partake? Should we advocate everything legal, even if it is not moral? Well we have no books to base our morals and as Aleister Crowley wrote in The Book of Law  “Do what thou wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law” and “…there is no Law beyond Do what thou wilt…” This Law is not based in legality but rather the oldest form of the word law and the sense of it. What it means for me is that whatever works for us is our law, whatever we feel remorseful and feel is immoral is our Law. That is how I answer those questions for everyone is different and they should not conform onto others ideals of perfection and/or debauchery <root word is Bacchus otherwise known in Greek as Dionysus>.

Getting back to the Greek, I pick back up on the modern interpretation of “Orgy.” Having multiple sexual partners is up to the people involved. Although people believe in “mob mentality” in these situations I assume Satanists can think for themselves and not conform, as by nature we are not conformists. Some Covens have orgies, some do not. A Black Mass involves certain sexual situations by two or more people, does that make it an orgy? In the most original term I would say every rite conducted by people RHP or LHP is an orgy.

Sex is as powerful as its suppression. It holds the foundation of life and ecstasy. Withholding this power within deep meditation can bring one close to a highest plane of thinking, commonly called Gnosis. While, using it within a ritual can give the demon or Satan a gift that is far from anything else, energy wise. Sex in magick has also had its own movements before time. Kama Sutra is the best guide for the history of this subject as it is religious ritualized sex. Every position is liken to a prayer. Building the energy of two <or one> having sex up until the time of climax then focusing that energy, that lust, that love, the shear boundless amounts of emotions towards you intended goal can give important results.

Within one’s life you are told many things, but the whole path of the Satanist is to ignore these age old fears and morals. People are people, human beings are a people of pleasure and they seek this wherever they can. Sexuality is something that person must accept. For “Do as thou wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law – Love is the Law – Love under Will.” Life is life, be who you are and enjoy what life has to offer.


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