Sixth Lunar Mansion: ALHANNA

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)

It reigns the domain situated between 4º17’11” and 17º08’36” Gemini on the astrological circle.

It is named Athaia, Alkaia, and Atabuen in the tradition of Renaissance, Al-Hanach by arabic authors and Klusos by coptic greek astrologers. The arabic astrologers state that this mansion reigns the hunting, partnerships and agreements, which will be welcomed and fruitfull, but also water journeys. The arabs also say that this mansion is detrimental for any kind of treatments and patients care, the purchased cloths on this mansion will rip easily and the harvest will be pour.

Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can conclude that this lunar mansion influences merchants, lawyers, ambassadors, hunters, military, fishers, sailors, but is detrimental for doctors, vets, farmers, tailors and fashion designers. According to the occultist Agrippa von Nettesheim, from a magical point of view, the sixth mansion governs the siege of cities, revenge of princes and the luck at hunting.

During this domain or house some people are making talismans for kindling love between two people. The sufi mystic, Ibn Arabi, states that this mansion is corresponding to the mystic denomination “The Shape”, to the divine attribute “The Wise One”, and the correlated letter from the arabic kabbalah is Kh. The sixth lunar mansion therefore patronizes the coagulating shape, passing from subtle to coarse through the power of the Divine Will, explaining the mystery of creation by the embodiment of the unique substance.

The Sun in the Sixth Mansion indicates a proud person, with a big sense of self-importance, for which the personal value is a very important thing. He has a tendency to impose himself and to consider that everyone should accept his opinion, rather because of his position and personality than of plausibility.

The Moon in the Sixth Mansion designates a person with issues in the field of creativity and productivity. He can have leanings toward sedentariness, melancholy, depression and even psychosis. Some natives with this aspect may suffer from infertility, or they can get it from a disorderly way of living or because of some vices.

Mercury in The Sixth Mansion shows a very skillful and communicative person, who knows how to turn the tides in every situation, no matter how unfavorable it might look like from the first sight. He uses often small lies, delusions, tricks and logical artifices to achieve his goal, sometimes being described as an hypocrite. The native will always have small financial issues, but no irreparable disasters.

Venus in the Sixth Mansion indicates a person with libertine leanings, sensual but often also mischievous. He has an extremely active passionate side, consuming one relationship after another with an exceptional easiness. He is always “hunting” for an object of desire and knows how to achieve all that he wants, using all his strengths.

Mars in the Sixth Mansion determines an ambitious behaviour, a person for which achievements are very important. He is the classic type of the champion, who achieves victory at all costs, being neither the most corrupt, nor the most honest person. Victory against obstacles and enemies is the sole reason for everything he is doing, from profession and career to his behaviour toward close people.

Jupiter in the Sixth Mansion represents a person who has the need to be always justified and appreciated by others, and even more, to have the fame of an important person. He is often pretentious and elevated in manners and expression, externalizing his own high opinion about himself, and trying to internalize this opinion to other people. The natives will have big financial issues, important losses and slow recoveries, especially in politics and businesses.

Saturn in the Sixth Mansion shows a lonely and antisocial native, rancorous and sulky. Throughout his life he will have some chronic diseases, which will evolve slowly, leaving little room for improvement.

Uranus in the Sixth Mansion indicates a thoughtful native, who is thinking a lot and rationalising with patience. He reacts slowly, is serious and seems often to be cheerless, but in reality he is absorbed in his own thoughts.

Neptun in the Sixth Mansion shows a person who is avoiding other people, feeling no love and probably no need to be loved. One of the most important lessons of his is to relearn love through his worldly experience. The goals that the native must keep in mind are the liberation from fears and insecurities and the unconditioned acceptance of divine love.

Pluto in the Sixth Mansion designates a person who knows how to make use of all tricks to emerge victorious from a challenging situation. He can be passionate about occult sciences, about behavioral psychology, hypnosis, complementary/alternative therapies, but he will face a terrible instinct for using this knowledge for his own interests, especially for manipulating the perception of other people.

Lilith in the Sixth Mansion indicates a nature full of exoticism, lechery, decadency and even promiscuity. His life, especially the intimate one, will be marked by deceptions, delusions and indiscretions. The native is a person who will use all means to achieve his goals, even applying sophisticated techniques of seduction and manipulation.

The North Node in the Sixth Mansion shows that the meaning of the native’s actual life is to learn the role of victory and the way it should be achieved. A native born during this configuration is regarded as a soul who was embodied not necessary to make from the person a notable, important personality, but for learning what truly means a success and an earning of the situation.

The South Node in the Sixth Mansion designates a soul that in previous lives played a key role in the destiny of other people and even in the development of historical events. He was a person who conquered and achieved victories, regardless of the area he activated in.


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