The Eighth Lunar Mansion: ALNAZA

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)


It reigns the domain situated between 0º and 12º51’26” Cancer on the astrological circle.

It is named Alamiathra, Albialra, Alnaza, Aluayra, Amathura and Anatrachya in the Renaissance tradition, Al-Nathrah by arabic authors and Pi-Mhai by coptic greek astrologers. The arabic astrologers state that this mansion reigns the love, friendships, the amities between prisoners travelers or prisoners. The eighth mansion favors medicines, jewelries and tailoring, so the people born under its reign will have leans toward medicine, pharmacology, aesthetics, tailoring, cosmetology, fashion design and plastic surgery.

From a magical point of view, the first mansion governs, according to Agrippa, the victories in the war, the spells for friendship and enmity, and during this domain or mansion some make talismans for love, friendship or land travel. The sufi mystic Ibn Arabi says that this mansion corresponds to the mystical name “The Footstool”, and to the divine attribute “The Most Merciful, The Pleasant”, the correlated letter from the arabic kabbalah is K, Kâf. The footstool or the chair for legs is a symbol of divine power and divine presence. If the previous mansion had the mystical denomination of the Throne, the Footstool is the God’s connection with the earth, and as humble as it may seem, so great it is. In Islam, the footstool that stands by the divine throne is extending far beyond the boundaries of the earth and the sky and exceeds everything.

The Sun in the Eighth Mansion indicates a healthy person, full of vitality and lust for life. He has an open nature, is sociable, friendly, philanthropist, and often acts unselfish. He will benefit from a distinguished social success, largely due to his career.

The Moon in the Eighth Mansion shows a sensitive, emotional person but at the same time cheerful, with a good sense of humor and full of compassion. The native has a profound maternal nature, tending to take care of all people with whom he interacts, especially of those unfavorable in one way or another. His vice, if it can be called so, is naivety. Because he trusts others too much, often is taking things as they are presented to him.

Mercury in the Eighth Mansion shows a sociable man who makes friends easy and has a very wide circle of circumstantial acquaintances. He is loved and approved by many, he has few enemies, and always knows how to use humor and diplomacy to win others on his side. He loves children and is often a child himself. A bad facet is that a Mercury in this mansion shows business partnerships marked by deception or fraud, legal issues and betrayals.

Venus in the Eighth Mansion Venus in the Eighth Hometown indicates a stylish, slightly superficial person, very interested in the appearance and beauty. She loves jewelery and clothing accessories, good or extravagant clothes, parties and social gatherings. She is a cheerful and charming person who dreams of an ideal relationship. She has a lot of affection, either with her partner or with others, but in a bad facet, she is prone to adultery and adventures.

Mars in the Eighth Mansion determines a possessive and highly protective behavior. Often people with such a mark are quarrelsome, but focused on the values they regard as their own. They will start a dispute anytime someone has something say about their nationality, their family, their city, or their favorite team. They tend to regard others as an extension of theirs, especially in sentimental relationships. For this reason, even if they are extremely devoted, loving, sincere and generous, they can easily become jealous, possessive, envious or gossiping.

Jupiter in the Eighth Mansion indicates a good-hearted man, charitable out of the limits, like giving his shirt to others. When he considers it necessary, he will deliberately be deceived or misled by those whom he considers worthy of his help. He will have a career full of successes and achievements, which is why he will feel that it is his duty to share what he has with the others. He is the kind of person who gladly offers his home or bed to the those who ask him, who gladly shares his food with the needy and who does not feel at ease until he knows that the one next to him is comfortable and pleased.

Saturn in the Eighth Mansion shows us a reserved, big-hearted and discreet familist. He is temperate and knows how to balance things, is right and just even when he himself will suffer. He is extremely attached to his home and family, especially children or grandchildren. It is the kind of uncle without children who fully dedicates himself to his  nephews, more like a father, thing which also applies to the women.

Uranus in the Eighth Mansion describes the native as a nonconformist philanthropist, dedicated to others, alike generous and reserved. His kindness and mercy are strongly motivated by the religious environment or the ideological beliefs he has, especially by the interest for spirituality and esotericism.

Neptune in the Eighth Mansion shows a slightly uprooted person who does not have a place of his own. He wishes to seek, to live, to experience, and to travel. He helps a lot other people, even if he does not always have the full possibilities to do it. He supports those who ask for help and has a strong desire to teach others what he has accumulated in his quests.

Pluto in the Eighth Mansion indicates a person whose mission is extremely important. It will be made known to others around some strange or unplanned series of events, but it will have a clear goal. He is a person full of joy and charisma, but at the same time, of a strange magnetism and of a great capacity to be pleasant and obedient. He likes to help from the shadows, so who is helped doesn’t know who his benefactor is, he is avoiding superficial philanthropy, and the good he does to one or the other holds to himself.

Lilith in the Eighth Mansion designates a cheerful, playful, libertine and a little frivolous nature. The native is practical and superficial, more concerned with appearances than with essences. In relationships he is doubtful and malleable, with tendencies to both possessiveness and adultery.

The North Node in the Eighth Mansion shows that the purpose of the native’s current life is to cultivate unconditional love and friendship. His spiritual mission refers more about the notion of collective or group rather than about individuality. In the present life he must learn and manifest the values of love, friendship and harmony, help those around him, and help himself when needed. He will be a man dedicated to the high causes of collective well-being (family, friends, colleagues, compatriots, etc.).

The South Node in the Eighth Mansion indicates a soul that has a collective karma to redeem. In previous lives he formed with some people groups that did not work on the best principles. He cultivated anarchy, hatred, alienation, racism, xenophobia and the whole range of human ideologies opposed to the idea of love and friendship. In his present life, he has a dual karma of learning and rehabilitation, namely he must relearn closely what friendship, altruism, mercy and love is, and at the same time he must redeem himself to the collective or the group he was wrong with.



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