The Tenth Lunar Mansion: Algebah

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)

It reigns the domain situated between 25º42’53” Cancer and 08º34’18” Leo on the astrological circle.

It is named Algebhe, Alglebh, Algeliah, Algebiah, Alzezal, Algelhab, Algelbah  in the tradition of Renaissance, Al-Jabah by arabic authors and Pi-Autos by coptic greek astrologers. The arabic and the indian astrologers state that the tenth mansion is favorable for rising buildings, starting partnerships and preparing sweets. It is detrimental however for the travelers, to clothes, jewelry, and to hand over personal goods to others. Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can conclude that this lunar mansion is beneficial for architects, builders, workers union, legal or personal partnerships, but also for the sugar trade and for the sweets industry. It is also bad for journeys, travel agencies, transport, clothing industry, jewelry and in general for those dealing with estetic articles trade.

From the magical point of view, the ninth mansion governs, according to Agrippa, the strengthening of the buildings, the love, the goodwill and alliance against enemies. During this domain or mansion some people make talismans for fear, respect and adoration. The sufi mystic, Ibn Arabi, states that this mansion is corresponding to the mystic denomination “The sky of the fixed stars”, to the divine attribute “The Strong One” and the corresponding from arabic kabbalah is Shin (Sh). The tenth mansion is related to the Heavenly Sun, and resembles the sphere of the extraplanetary fixed stars, also dubbed the Roof of Hell. If the ninth mansion corresponded to the unmanifested sphere, to the starless sky, the arabic mysticism assigns to the tenth mansion to the astral world, the fixed stars and the beginning of the manifested spheres. The Starry Sky, eternal and unchangeable, expression of the divine fire (Shin) makes the connection between the upper sphere of unmanifested light and the seven planetary spheres from below, beginning with the one reigned by Saturn.

The Sun in the Tenth Mansion indicates a very entrepreneurial, creative and dynamic person. He loves to work, to create, to produce useful things and to renovate. The native cares for work, no matter what is his work field. He can be a very gifted architect or inventor, his technical and innovative side is working in harmony with the desire to be useful to others.

The Moon in the Tenth Mansion shows a kind, gentle and sensitive native, who easily makes a good impression to those around him despite his apparent fragility and introverted nature. He is humble, temperate, he is rarely seen wearing extravagant or very fancy clothes or jewelry.

Mercury in the Tenth Mansion shows an intellectual and analytical native, with a tendency for studies, striving for an academic career. He usually like to stay in his home, either due to commodity or a hidden fear for accidents. He is an insecure person, who always sees the negative side first of all, very skeptic and analytic. He needs the approval and recognition of other people to feel good and he pays attention to other opinions about himself.

Venus in the Tenth Mansion indicates a very empathic person, prone through his nature to feel and perceive what others feel and experience. He has a very strong bond with those around him, especially on emotional level, often to his detriment. Although the empathy can be used as a way to understand and learn from others’ experiences, an excessive sensitivity can be detrimental. There are however many advantages for the emotional life and big chances to find his other half.

Mars in the Tenth Mansion determines a passionate, bold and authoritarian behaviour. The native feels that he needs to prove his abilities to others, and he does this very well. He is an appreciated and admired person, given as a model which is closely followed, but unfortunately he doesn’t always have a modest behavior. The native is aware of his force or attributed authority and he uses them fully, the positive or negative leanings of this power are determined by the planet’s aspects.

Jupiter in the Tenth Mansion indicates a special personal success, regardless of the individual’s career. From a good aspect, Jupiter rewards fairness, work and honesty, bringing the native on important positions from a professional and social point of view. The bad aspects indicate a native who uses unorthodox, illegal and even wicked means to obtain success. In this case the native should be aware about the Law of Rhythm, realizing that after each rise there is a descent, and the faster or shadier the rise is, the faster and more painful will be the descent. For the intellectuals it denotes an academic career of great success, with many honors, titles and distinctions obtained throughout life.

Saturn in the Tenth Mansion shows us a determined individual, confident of his own abilities, who knows pretty well both his advantages and his weaknesses. He is acting carefully, by himself, but taking into account the wise advice of those who passed through the situations with which he is confronted. He can listen, not only hear, he can put an idea shortly, not only speak it, and he can also implement, not only make plans.

Uranus in the Tenth Mansion indicates a native full of goodwill, a kind and warm man, implicated in the social relationships as much as he wisely considers it is needed. He usually has an optimistic nature and his biggest qualities are devotion, loyalty and honesty. He has high moral standards and tries to inspire others through his example, but he does it with modesty, without taking a lot of credits for this. Although he loves the truth and honesty, he is very careful in expressing truths that can hurt those around him, using diplomacy even in everyday life.

Neptune in the Tenth Mansion shows a dreamy person, often keeping a fragile contact with the objective reality, an intuitive and sensitive person, sometimes too sensitive. The excessive sensitivity and the mental frailty in case of some discordant aspects can lead to abuses, meant to serve as a temporary haven. Depending on the inclinations and dependencies of each one, the abuses, which are always directed against his own person, can be alcohol, medicine, stimulant substances, cigarettes, sex, and even human relationships, in the sense of a harmful attachment to a particular person or social group.

Pluto in the Tenth Mansion indicates a melancholic person, a bit eccentric and often situated at the extremes. The native can be sometimes calm to apathy, other times he can be very passionate and impulsive. These things nourish his personal charm, due to a pleasant and agreeable nature in his periods of optimism.

Lilith in the Tenth Mansion designates an authoritarian and manipulative nature. Even if the native doesn’t make it consciously, he has a very clear drive when it comes to what he wants. He likes to lead, but does not take responsibility for leadership. He likes to get what he wants, but not to keep what he has. He has a special sex-appeal and knows how to use it in the most profitable way. The native is very convincing, his seduction abilities making him an ace of seduction.

The North Node in the Tenth Mansion shows that the purpose of the native’s current life is the expression of love and constructive principle. He is the kind of man who has the duty to be remarked though his deeds or through his legacy which he will leave to future generations. However it should not be nourished by vanity or thoughts for a reward, but by a sincere and altruistic love for people.

The South Node in the Tenth Mansion indicates a soul who in his past lives has abused the qualities with which he has been invested and used them selfishly, whether he was aware of it or not. He was endowed with a lot of power to persuade or influence others, but he acted through his selfish principles, ignoring the love for other people. He wasted the resources intended for other projects and tried to get rid of this responsibility through deceitful ways. In his present life, he must redeem his ignorance and selfishness by serving other people, disinterested, modest and with full devotion.












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