The Thirteenth Lunar Mansion: Alhayre

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)


It reigns the domain situated between 4º17’11” and 17º08’36” Virgo on the astrological circle.

It is named Alalma, Asalame, Alhahue, Aloce and Alhayre in the magical tradition of the Renaissance, Al-Awwa by arabic authors and Asphulia by coptic greek astrologers.  The greek and arabic astrologers state that this mansion is reigning the journeys, trade, marriage, the pleasures and jokes, sewing, medicines, hair washing and cutting and the secrets. Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can infer that this lunar mansion influences the travelers, travel agencies, people working in entertainment, tailors, fashion designers or clothing manufacturers, hairdressers, coiffeurs, but also people working in the intelligence services.

From the magical point of view and according to Agrippa, the thirteenth mansion influences the favor of the high-ranked people and the release of prisoners. Also in this mansion there are talismans made for the good understanding in couple, conjugal harmony, and the undoing of spells meant to hinder the power or fertility. During this domain or mansion, in “Picatrix” is recommended to make talismans for the trade improvement and harvest abundance.

The sufi mystic, Ibn Arabi, states that this mansion is corresponding to the divine attribute “The Victorious, The Winner”, and the correlated letter from arabic kabbalah is Lâm or L. In mystical cosmology, this mansion is also corresponding to the third Sky, which is the sphere of Mars, the celestial home of Harun (Aaron, the brother of Moses).

The Sun in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a well-intended person who hides this under a carefully elaborated mask of asperity and strictness. The native is smart, wise, intelligent, yet reserved in revealing his true potential. He is extremely cautious and knows how to control himself even in the most difficult situations. Men with this aspect will have a very good health and a long life.

The Moon in the Thirteenth Mansion shows a scrupulous, attentive and well-intended native, but cautious and selective in providing help. The people born under this sign will have a great talent in finance and will be able to make a career in the commercial or banking field. They are cheerful, playful people and sometimes are taken as non-serious, but they are also quite capable and tenacious when the situation calls for it. Women with this aspect may be prone to illnesses, so they will have to attach great importance to their own health.

Mercury in the Thirteenth Mansion shows a smart and intelligent man, not necessarily educated, but very clever and quick in decisions and reactions. He is extremely talented in working with people, speaks nicely and knows how to convince others very easily, so he can be a good businessman or trader. He has a clear judgement and a formidable mind, these things can be noticed since childhood. He can mobilize people through his talent, whether is a single person or larger groups, but the purposes for which they are mobilized depend entirely on his morality.

Venus in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a person with strong leanings towards pleasure and entertainment. Hedonism can be a major part of the native’s character, who is always looking for a new source of fun. He has a lascivious, sensual nature and knows very well how to make others play his game. Those born with this aspect seek happiness, either on their own or with others, but they are people for whom the joy of the moment means much more than well-being or comfort in general. They are people who are open, playful, pleasant, and who love to be in the spotlight.

Mars in the Thirteenth Mansion determines a tense and slightly restless behavior. Natives are healthy and live a long time, but it is precisely their health that can bring them hypochondria. They often joke about their troubles and have a rather sharp sense of humor. This sense of humor, often manifested through sarcasm and irony, can hurt others, even if it is not their intention. The native is impulsive, rashly, makes quick decisions which sometimes they regret. In time he can become an outcast and ostracized person, precisely because of the way he treats others, being lonely is at the same time an extremely difficult thing for him to bear.

Jupiter in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a very good man, full of compassion and understanding. Such people get upset quite hard, and generally are not offended by the troubles other people do to him, forgiving and forgetting everything quickly. He tries to make those around him feel better, giving them what they have, including his material and even emotional resources. They are good, confident and trustworthy counselors, and often even psychotherapists involuntarily. They have a highly developed sense of humor, always trying to bring a laugh or even a smile around them.

Saturn in the Thirteenth Mansion shows a rational, calculated, attentive, and somewhat melancholic native. He tends to hide his true nature under a mask of the opposite sign. The ones who are somber or sad will always show a bright face and a comfortable smile that cannot be suspected, and those who are well-intended and full of love will show those around them a severe and tougher expression. They are extremely balanced and tempered people. They think a lot and see much further than the others, and often this kind of thinking only brings them concern and anguish. They are talented intellectuals, showing a great leaning especially in the exact sciences, such as physics or mathematics, but especially in theology and philosophy.

Uranus in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates an extremely talented native in any field in which he focuses his attention and resources. He has a fantastic memory and a sharp intellect.

Neptune in the Thirteenth Mansion shows an extremely sensitive person, both mentally and energetically. In general, the native seeks happiness, both for him and those around him, and this may be due to the fact that he has an empathic nature. He feels very well what those around him feel, often identifies with them and their problems, which leads to great practical wisdom and enormous compassion. He loves to love and somewhere deep inside, he loves to be loved back. He is dedicated, faithful, cheerful, friendly, but above all, altruistic.

Pluto in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a person involved in collective experience. He is a man who has a great impact on the crowds, whether he is aware of this or not. His words and ideas reach many people and inspire many of them, his actions are taken as examples, and his posthumous legacy will be particularly useful and rich. Similarly, he is himself receptive to groups, and the global, national or collective situations are the ones that have the greatest influence on him.

Lilith in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a lascivious and sensual nature, loving pleasure and entertainment. Regardless of the nature and character of man, periodically this aspect comes to the surface, trying to disconnect him from the things he usually handles. Whether it is the need of the man dedicated to his work to have fun from time to time or the enjoyment of a forbidden adventure of a man who is otherwise just and devoted, we are dealing with the manifestation of the same aspect.

The North Node in the Thirteenth Mansion shows the fact that the purpose of the native’s current life is to work with the public, with people, to help them and to increase their level of understanding. Through the work that the native will do, either on his own or in the group, he is destined to have important results for many people and to leave behind to future generations a special legacy.

The South Node in the Thirteenth Mansion indicates a soul that in previous lives wronged or harmed a certain group of people, either national, racial, religious or any other. He has a group karma to atone for, and this will take his entire life to accomplish. He must learn the altruism, the unconditional love and forgiveness, noting that every distress that occurs to him should be understood as an aspect of divine justice and a response of the Universe to his own deeds.

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