The Twelfth Lunar Mansion: Alsarfa

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)


It reigns the domain situated between 21º25’45” Leo and 4º17’10” Virgo on the astrological circle.

It is named Alsarpha, Acarfa, Azarpha, Alzarfah, Atorsiana and Discorda in the tradition of Renaissance, Al-Sarfah by arabic authors and Pi-Chorion by coptic greek astrologers.  The arabic astrologers state that this mansion is reigning the crops, the grain growth and the plantations in general. Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can infer that this lunar mansion influences the agriculture, pomology and gardening in general, the friendships and social relationships, the employees and subordinates.

From the magical point of view, the ninth mansion governs, according to Agrippa, the rich harvests and friends. During this domain or mansion some people make talismans for luck and success, but also spells for breaking up lovers or sabotage sea voyages. The sufi mystic, Ibn Arabi, states that this mansion is corresponding to the mystic denomination “Musa’s Residence”. In the arabic cosmology, this mansion is also corresponding to the second Sky, or the sphere of the planet Jupiter, in which Moses (Musa, in Arabic) was taken after death, just as the first heaven is the residence of Abraham (Ibrahim). The divine attribute or the name of Allah for this mansion is “The One who Knows, The One who possess Knowledge” and the corresponding letter from arabic kabbalah is Dâd or D accented.

The Sun in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a cheerful, strong and optimistic person. The native is destined for prosperity, and enjoys good luck in everything he does and aims for. He is the kind of person-talisman, who seems to be able to turn into “gold” everything he touches, that is, a man who brings what is right at the right time. He has great social success, and can be considered an accomplished man professionally. He has to be very careful about what he wants, because sometimes he tends to overburden himself. He may have an unbalanced diet and eat too much, which will generate digestive diseases and indirectly, through gaining weight, problems with the back.

The Moon in the Twelfth Mansion shows an ambivalent person, difficult to judge by appearances or actions. He knows how to make favors and use debt to advance his goals. He knows how to manipulate people, however, he doesn’t do it just for pleasure, rather in well-calculated plans. He can become a successful man in the field in which he works, making good use of the work of others, most often assuming their merits incorrectly. He knows how to bring wellbeing and profit to those around him, but only if he gains something from this. Most of the people with the Moon in this mansion have extrasensory abilities or at least, have the opportunity to develop them, especially the communication with the unseen worlds.

Mercury in the Twelfth Mansion shows a moody and indecisive man, sometimes mischievous and ironic, but with a good sense of humor. He is a talented speaker and argues about everything and with anyone, if he has something to gain from this. He often encourages others, compliments them when it is appropriate, but often becomes gossipy. He is elegant, pedantic, imposing and he likes to create a good opinion of himself, but he has also bad habits (for example, he doesn’t return loans, either they are money or objects, is not keeping promises, etc.). In journeys he has many difficulties and obstacles, which slightly opposes his taste for travel.

Venus in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a person with strong esthetic leanings. The native is stylish, pretentious, elegant, loves to be noticed and does not miss any opportunity to be in the center of attention. He has a special beauty and a magnetic personality, managing to get under the skin of many people. Beauty and charm can propel such individuals to particularly high and profitable positions, but they should still not underestimate those around them. The natives are intelligent, and they know how to make good use of what they have to get what they want. Men are brave, impetuous, dominant but also very smart, while women are silent, seductive and true men “devouring”. They have a lot of acquaintances, but very few true friends, who will hardly gain the trust of the native. With them, our native will always behave irreproachable and will be ready to sacrifice everything for them.

Mars in the Twelfth Mansion determines an impulsive, instinctive, capricious and indecisive behavior. Those born under this aspect have noble ideals and good intentions, but they act without subtlety, suddenly and seemingly chaotic. They are warriors and conquerors, always ready to serve the highest good. They tend to protect and do justice themselves when they feel they were mistreated.

Jupiter in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a very prosperous man, who seems to gain continuously. He has good ideas, he knows how to apply them, he knows how to capitalize on the existing resources and how to take advantage of the best moment. He is kind, generous, cheerful, well-disposed, well-behaved and generous. He is considerate with his friends and his employees, he is an understanding and kind boss, but he does not allow his trust to be deceived. He is lucky and has key situations he knows how to use. He gladly shares what he has, without leaving himself impoverished. He is the kind of man who cares about the collective future as much as his own present, taking care to leave a valuable inheritance, not only financially, but also ideationally and spiritually. He fights for righteous causes and dedicates himself with great joy to those around him or to those who are in need.

Saturn in the Twelfth Mansion shows us a hard working and dedicated native, withdrawn and a bit lonely. He likes to earn his living honestly and works with pleasure even in the most difficult conditions, knowing that those jobs must also be done by someone. He is religious and intensely dedicated to the spiritual life, in which he often finds peace and rest. He has great satisfaction in his work, likes to feel useful and enjoys whenever he can help others with the few he has. In the second part of life he can access high positions, his subsistence being secured.

Uranus in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a gentle, caring, well-intended and altruistic native. He has few friends, but many acquaintances. He is very sensitive to the problems of others, is a very good listener and a good counselor.

Neptune in the Twelfth Mansion shows a loving and quiet person, with a rich inner life. He is a creative, imaginative man, but with a special taste for truth and authentic knowledge.

Pluto in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a person with important spiritual openness, who is here with a certain mission. It has access to information unknown to the most people, and can develop truly remarkable extrasensory capabilities.

Lilith in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a manipulative person, who makes himself available to the one who can offer him more. He doesn’t know what altruism means, is a calculated man and sometimes quite cold. Whether for fun or self-interest, he likes to intervene in the couples’ lives, sabotaging relationships and trying to separate them. He has malleable, fluid principles, applicable only when the chance of his own gain arises.

The North Node in the Twelfth Mansion shows that the purpose of the native’s present life is the work for the benefit of those around him. In previous lives the native usurped the rights of the many for his own gain, acted abusively and undue appropriated merits. Now he has the chance to repair the effects of his actions, putting himself in the service of others and working hard to ensure their well-being. Here we can speak of both proper work, as a mean of living, as well as of the spiritual work which must be done to help those who need assistance and support.

The South Node in the Twelfth Mansion indicates a soul that dedicated himself to the wellbeing of others in previous lives, that worked hard and learned a lot through his work. In the present life, the native will benefit from prosperity and luck precisely because he experienced the misfortune and poverty, learning the lesson of abundance and work. No soul that does real work is left without reward, whether it is physical or spiritual work.

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