Third Lunar Mansion: ACHAOMAZON

Written by Asterion

Translated by “Grammateas

(Source – Miniature from Zubdat al-Tawarikh (ca. 1580), an Ottoman survey of world history by Seyyid Loqman Ashuri. It shows, from the centre: the ancient planets (the Moon with a mirror; Mercury as a scribe; Venus with a dulcimer; a haloed Sun; Mars as a warrior; Jupiter as a worthy; Saturn as an ascetic), the signs of the Zodiac in a clockwise order, the Moon’s phases in an anti-clockwise order aligned with the Mansions of the Moon.)

It reigns the domain situated between 25º42’53” Aries and 8º34’18” Taurus on the astrological circle.

It is named also Achomazone, Athoray and Ascorija in the tradition of Renaissance, Al-Thuraya by arabic authors and Kolin by coptic and greek astrologers. Arabic astrologers state that this mansion reigns alchemical and scientific experiments in general, love spells and pentacles for sea travels.

It is favorable for sciences and for those who live in nature, but is detrimental for marriages and sea travels. Adjusting the medieval opinions to present, we can conclude that this lunar mansion is influencing scientists, physicians, chemists, alchemists, economists, bookkeepers, teachers, mathematicians and sociologists.

From a magical point of view, the first mansion governs the sailors, hunters and alchemists, and, according to Agrippa, during this mansion or domain talismans are made for “happy fate, luck, and any good thing”. The sufi mystic Ibn Arabi, who wrote around the year 1200, said that this mansion is corresponding to the mystic denomination “Universal Nature”, to the divine attribute “The Inside” and the correlated letter from the arabic kabbalah is Ayin.

This mansion is exhibiting the universal matter, from which all the things are taking shape, matter, which is ordered and organized by the creative principle manifested in the first two mansions, the unvaried light, which underlies all things, named “Materia Prima” by the ancient masters of alchemy.

The Sun in the Third Mansion designates a man with a kind and strong personality, very hard-working and with a special delight for labor. The native is cautious and rigorous, with a special self-consciousness,  being very aware of himself. He is an expert in his domain, always trying to surpass himself first of all, and not others.

The Moon in the Third Mansion shows a very tenacious and determined person, with clear and strong feelings. Such native will be seldom unsure, undecided or with a divided heart, and will know all the time in which direction he must channel his emotional resources. His heart is more leaded by head, and never other way around. In relationships he can be a bit remote or detached, but even when he will seem in a passionate moment, he keeps his priorities inwardly.

Mercury in the Third Mansion indicates in special toward children, who will be strong and lively during childhood. A Mercury in this mansion is a sure sign that the native will have children, and their education will be a severe one, leaned in specially toward valuable inspiration of correctness, morality and hard-working.

Venus in the Third Mansion designates a person with strong dispositions toward the opposite sex. The men are vulnerable to women, and the women will be tempted equally by men. A bad aspect is that a Venus in this mansion is a sign of a libertine personality, with a strong sexual drive, leading often to adultery. Personal life is full of conflicts, both in couple and inner, individual, but despite of these things the native will have a rather positive reputation.

Mars in the Third Mansion determines a rash and rough behavior, originated mostly from the great vitality, which characterizes the native. He benefits from an enviable health, a tremendous work force and a rare determination to his most acquaintances. He is the type of person, who is looking all the time for a challenge, something to do, a test to pass, often believing that he has something to prove. Despite of his expansive nature, the native is careful, rigorous, often planning his actions in advance.

Jupiter in the Third Mansion shows a man dedicated to the role of father (therefore mother, in case of women), a true social model considering family care. He can be a good psychologist, not necessarily as a profession, a trusted advisor, and a live example of high morality. His judgements are always carefully made, verified through more logical filters, and affirmed with great diplomacy. He is a man full of kindness, attention and  devotion, being completely involved in everything he is doing.

Saturn in the Third Mansion represents a native who is doing a lot of work for his personal perfection. Not because of his great vanity or self-importance, but because of innate necessity to uproot his imperfect nature and to surpass himself, in order to help those around him after that. It designates a lot of loneliness and a great desire of inner withdrawing, a silence and quiet loving person, with a few friends and a minimal contact with family.

Uranus in the Third Mansion represents a native, who is putting his heart and soul into his faith, fighting often against those, who criticize him because of this. Regardless of the religion, he was born in, or the beliefs, which  are underlying his development, the native is defending them very fervently, always arguing appropriately and eloquent. He is an idealist to the bones, and if he seems to give a step backward against an ideological opponent, it is only a needed preparation for those next  two steps necessary to win the debate. His pleasure is not in the debate itself or in the contradictory discussion, but in the protection of his beliefs, liberties and personal rights, inherent to those beliefs.

Neptun in the Third Mansion shows a very believing person, sometimes with such deeply rooted opinions, that could be called fixed. He is a good person, kind, who sometimes believes, that he knows what is good for others and is acting accordingly, either his help is awaited or not.

Pluto in the Third Mansion designates a person with a big potential for transformation. Our native is one of the biggest innate alchemists, who can transmute his emotions, thoughts and natures according to their will, either they know this or not. They are people who can achieve a very strong self-control, either acting consciously in this way or not, they can easily stabilize themselves in critical situations, and in case of some destabilisation or decentration, they are quickly recovering. The native is the kind of people, which are always falling on their feet, but if it happens to fall down, he will get up immediately and continue his walk. If the native will be interested in esotericism and its domains, he will excel in study and practical alchemy, the science of transformation and transmutation. Either it is about traditional alchemy or the esoteric methods of taoism, shamanic mummification or tantric sciences, the native will achieve marvelous results if he will focus his energies in that kind of studies.

Lilith in the Third Mansion indicates a vulgar nature, leaned toward pleasures and immediate gratification of the felt needs. He is not a lazy person, who is waiting for fulfillment of his desires, but exactly the opposite type, who is taking his destiny in his own hands, and sometimes others too, to fulfil his purposes. In relationships he is leaning toward treachery, perversity, lies and adultery, but, in a strange way, exactly in these will be his charisma and his strong point for attracting a partner.

The North Node in the Third Mansion exhibits the fact that the purpose of actual native’s life is learning the value of prioritising. In his current existence, the native must to learn how to distinguish between different domains of his life, and where should he spend the most of his forces, where the half, and where a small percent. This person must be just, selective, decided and rationale for setting his priorities, both for everyday situations and his entire life.

The South Node in the Third Mansion designates a soul, which in previous lives ignored the life’s priorities and was spread between multiple actions, often with instant, but short terms results. He acted with big strength and determination, but without being cautious and wise, wasting resources, which in other situations it would have bring him much higher benefits.


(Talisman for the third Lunar Mansion – Source)

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