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The contact, work and relationships with Demons in occult practice are important. As the child needs a parent, so does the occultist sometimes needs the help of other beings who are more spiritually evolved. In this case, the practitioner needs to create a way to interact with these beings or energies. No matter if in his vision Demons are entities with a life and a personality, simple subtle energies or creations of the mind, he uses their help to evolve.

Only when the individual gets to form a clear conviction and idea about these Demons will he be able to work and have a relationship with them, to use their help, to obtain the knowledge and wisdom that they offer. And this is possible only after work and experience.

Depending on the system or the belief that he practices, the individual uses the instructions offered in order to have success in the invocation/evocation of Demons. There are dozens and even hundreds of ways to work with Demons or to worship them, beginning with Ceremonial Magic (especially the “goetic” or “solomonic” tradition) and getting even to Demonolatry

There is however some information that the majority of systems/beliefs do not offer, that are only obtained in time through experience. Some of them I wish to share with you now. Remember that these are my own discoveries and techniques, in other words they are not exact, fixed or indispensable, but they could be of use for a better practice.

Without further ado, I present my advice and tips:

  1. Respect is mandatory. No matter if you are a Christian mage who wishes to control and bind Demons or a Demonolater, you must recognize his greatness and offer the proper respect. The demon represents something superior to you as a human being, and this asks for respect. Even if in your vision the Demon is a creation of your own mind, he still must be treated with respect because everything can have an injurious turn, even disorders in your own mind. As long as the Demon is respected, the relationship and work between you will develop naturally as with a human being.
  1. Introduce yourself: As with any other relationship that you wish to start, you need to introduce yourself. Everything, as I said, with respect. Introduce and present yourself to this God/Spirit/Energy/Thought-Form and communicate with him/it. It doesn’t cost you anything to do this, but it might cost you if you don’t. Although from my own experience I say that it is important to open yourself in front of him, to naturally present yourself with all your intentions, a Christian mage would probably contradict me, saying that he could use this information in your disadvantage. Also from my experience, I learned that Demons are and can be emotional. They appreciate respect, politeness, honesty. A big mistake that the majority of practitioners do is that they come to ask the Demons’ help not as pupils in front of master teachers, but rather like some bosses giving order. You cannot expect to be helped if you impertinently demand help as if they owe you something. No, Demons don’t owe you anything, not even if you threat them with dozens of names of God and the Archangels. Everything can explode in every second. Contrary to the ideas that you find on the naive brainwashing websites, the demons ARE DARK AND NEGATIVE and can harm you. Like a weapon, if you don’t know how to use it you can get hurt.
  1. Do not insist: If your conjuration or demand was not fulfilled, do not insist. If the demons want you help you, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Simple as that. Remember that their existence does not depend on the fulfillment of your desires, they don’t exist to grant and offer you things. Many make the mistake of asking and commanding demons and find themselves disappointed with no result. They are like children begging for candy.
  1. Communicate daily: This, of course, if the demon has given you the response and wishes to communicate. As I was saying, it is important to create a relationship with them and for that you need communication. As in life, in order to know somebody you need to communicate. As in life, a relationship can be lost due to lack of interest. I recommend you take a few days in which you will do only that, in order to create a connection between you (practitioner and demon).
  1. Create a persona grimoire: It is important, because in the majority of experiences of this type, the responses are subtle and cannot be observed easily. With the help of this grimoire you can observe in time how much you have progressed, in what direction is your relationship going and last but not least, you can decipher certain responses offered by the demons that you have not observed at the moment of the invocation.
  1. Create a spiritual connection: It is my own method, without which I couldn’t have success. I suggest you meditate at least 10 minutes on the Demon (and of his sigil, if available) before the ritual. Think of him, who he is, how he is, what you want from him.. and let your thoughts flow. After these 10 minutes, begin the invocation but continue to meditate to create a spiritual connection to him. Try to feel him, let his energy touch you.
  1. Isolate: As I said above, I recommend a few days in which you communicate and do rituals with the Demon. From my own experience I have learned that the emotional volume and capacity and the intensity of concentration on a longer period of time is a great plus in opening your senses which will help you in the communication with the spirit. The more you dedicate to the action, the more chances to succeed. This will help you to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the proper meeting with the Demon and will help you understand and observe what is happening during the ritual. Your senses must be sharp. You need to be able to make a difference between what is REAL and what is produced by your subconscious. Understand that the rituals and magical practice must not be based on presumption and hope. Although there can appear certain difficulties in the ritual (and after) you must always be concentrated in what you are doing. Give maximum attention to what is happening around you. You must be focused on any action that takes place in the ritual space (changing of temperature, smells, visions, noises etc). Although the demons can be recognized and felt by the energy that they transmit, if you didn’t enter in an adequate spiritual and mental condition and state it is possible that you won’t observe any change  (even if the Demon has responded to your call). I have met people who whenever calling Demons, were unsure in what they were doing and what was happening around them during the ritual and after. And I had the same problem at the beginning. I didn’t know how to talk to the Demon, I didn’t know what to do, what to say, what to ask, what to think… and what to expect. Although I never expected miraculous events, I did want to see if something was really happening. And even when I did have results, I was still unsure because the results are not always clear. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe without having proof, and because of this it was hard for me to understand certain things that happened in my spiritual practice. But it doesn’t always depend on the practitioner. Sometimes, its the Demons who do not wish to participate. If you haven’t got a response it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ritual didn’t “work” but maybe the Demon didn’t want to participate. It happened to me with the demoness Sonnelion. Whenever she wanted to communicate, she did it when I least expected it, and when I wanted her communicate she rarely responded. To a solomonic magician this would be a failure however.
  1. Offer something in return: Not everything is free. There are demons who ask for more than your time, patience, respect, politeness and trust. You need to learn how to offer a part of yourself. Either if it something symbolic or a real gift, sometimes you need to offer in order to receive. An example is the dedication of the soul or the blood pact. Anyone can kneel in front of an altar and say a few nice words but that doesn’t make him an occultist but a beggar. You must learn how to offer a part of yourself. I specially given the example of dedication. The dedication is a gift. It is your soul and your life dedicated to that Demon. It is an act of respect and trust. But in the case of dedication, you cannot throw your soul like a coin. If you don’t do something good with your life, if you don’t take care of your soul, if you don’t respect the promises you made to that Demon, it’s like offering a broken gift/present. Why would a Demon want to receive a soul that is weak, scared and empty? Getting back to the subject, the exchange is important. Many people ask what they can offer to Demons, or what do Demons ask in return. Well, first of all, energy. When the demon manifests he looses energy and so he needs a ‘recharge’. For example, worship is like an exchange of positive energy that the Demon uses. Other choose to offer blood, semen, sweat or even hair and nails. All of these contain life energy.


These would be all my tips for you, the rest depends on your creativity and experiences. I wish you success !

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