Two new collaborators, seven new articles!

Things are moving, slow, but they are. And with the help of people such as David Rankine and David Rubin, this website will always get better and better. I thank them both for joining our team as collaborators, and, if possible, as authors in the future. Thank you David Rankine and David Rubin!

You can check out their profiles here:

David Rankine –

David Rubin –


Also, there’s more great news. We have seven new articles which you can check out!

Introduction to the Holy Tree of Life by Aaron Leitch

Four aspects of Kabbala by Raul Petrisor

The Four Worlds by Raul Petrisor

Murder and Magic in France – Negative Uses of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius by David Rankine

Agrippa and the Magic Squares by David Rankine

A Guide to Jewish Meditation by David Rubin

Experiencing G-d in Jewish Mystical Tradition by David Rubin


Stay tuned for more!

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