Universal and Hermetic Kabbalah


(Raul Petrisor presenting the Tree of Life in Hermetic version – Servants of Light, at the Hermetic Institute, branch of Fraternity of the Inner Light and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Raul was initiated in America)


Note: The following article has been taken and translated by F.v.F. from the book “Kabbala: Teorie si Practica” by Raul Petrisor with the author’s permission.

Universal Kabbalah is not Jewish or Christian, but contains aspects from both and other spiritual sciences like astrology, tarot, crystal therapy, aromatherapy. The starting point is formed from the works of Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant; 1810 – 1875) and Papus (1868 – 1916)[1]. It influenced Theosophy [2]of Blavatsky (1831 – 1891)[3] and mostly The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn[4] of Mathers and Westcott. Universal Kabbala is one of the most important aspects of any Golden Dawn order or group.

Universal or hermetic kabbalah becomes more and more spread; we could say it is amongst the most popular systems of spirituality and personal development at the disposal of the actual society. Hermetic Kabbala has got here because of the fact that it is available to everyone interested, no matter the religion or the belief system used. Hermetic Kabbala recognizes the old documents and practices, but uses them in a way that is not associated and bound to any religion or dogma.

The information presented will be with direct application in every day life through meditation, rituals and prayers. If the terms used sometimes seem religious, that is not the intention or purpose. Rather it is the result of the proliferation of the religious institutes for masses and of the usage of similar terms in generating religious dogmas. Essentially is that, unlike a religious person, the true mystic will perceive a very different sense in the terms and ideas. The reason is simple. The religious person, as it is, represents an onlooker of experiences to which he prays and bows, while the mystic is a practitioner of them. That is also the definition of the spiritual seeker, syntagm that translates as “someone who knows by direct experience”. As such, kabbala is not theology or belief about God, but the experience of God and the evolution towards Him, an unending journey in the process of becoming. Even if we acknowledge it or not, we are all on this eternal journey of becoming.

[1] Gerard Encausse is the founder of Martinist Order.

[2] Is a religious and metaphysical philosophy.

[3] Elena Petrovna Gan is known as Helena or Madam Blavatsky.

[4] Is a magical order created in Great Britain, in the XIX and XX century, that practices theurgy and spiritual development, influencing the western occult movement.


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