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In the Satanic religion, of which Demonolatry is also a part, the types of worship and spiritual practice are various. People have always viewed the “unknown” or the “different” with fear and disgust. Satanists have been placed in that category of people such as criminals and rapists, when in fact Satanism does not include anything worse than what it is already found in any other religion. For this reason, I would like to make a short list of basic Satanic practices to clarify.

This article is written and dedicated to:

  1. Christians, Jews and Muslims and all the religions in the Right Hand Path.
  2. “Modern/LaVeyan” Satanists who cannot accept the truth about Satanism.
  3. Pseudo-Satanists.


What Satanists DON’T DO:

1. Human sacrifice:

It is hard to say if human sacrifice is part of the Satanic tradition. And of course, not all Satanists follow tradition. However, crime in the name of Satan is from my point of view for those psychically unstable, no matter what tradition they follow. It is a practice that would put the freedom of the Satanist in danger. I don’t say there are no criminals in Satanism:

There are bad people in every religion and Satanism is not an exception” – Brother Nero

The only Satanic organization that encourages human sacrifice is Order of the Nine Angles (O.N.A.). Their writings explain that the goal is to create a new “species” of humans, more evolved and powerful, a similar idea of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch. The adepts are given hard and extreme tasks that they must exceed. Those who cannot fulfill the tasks are considered weak and thus must be sacrificed and expelled from existence.

Also, we could take into consideration the numerous Christian writings about the subject. These claim that medieval witches practiced human sacrifice and infanticide as part of their rituals, especially at the Black Mass. As an example, the first part in Malleus Maleficarum writes that if an abortion doesn’t have success, the witches must kill the infant and offer him to the Devil. In Chapter 2 it tells that many witches have confessed of doing such acts. It is, of course, hard to believe, considering that the confessions were offered by torture.

Although it is hard to say if human sacrifice is or was part of Satanism’s tradition, it is obvious and well-known that it was a pagan tradition, and knowing that Satanism had many pagan influences we can say that Satanism could have human sacrifice as a pagan tradition.

2. Don’t rape and murder women:

 “Nothing is beautiful except man; but most beautiful of all is woman” – Codex Saerus: Black Book of Satan

In Satanism, but especially in traditional Satanism, there is a high appreciation for women. She has an important role in ritual which is connected to beauty and carnal pleasure. Satanism is a carnal religion. Many rituals imply sexual intercourse and thus women (or “mistress”) holds an immense importance and is very loved and respected.

 In “Complete Guide to Satanism”, page 7 and other sources from Order of Nine Angles, it says that women represent Baphomet, the wife of Satan.

3. Burn churches:

If you are a Satanist and a pyromaniac, then that’s another story. Satanists don’t risk their freedom for such an act. It is just an absurd idea created by the mass media.

This idea appeared at the beginning of the 1990’s when a group of Black Metal musicians from Norway burnt Christian churches as a sign of protest. What people failed to understand, is that they were not really Satanists, but neo-pagans. Ever since it has remained a subject of discussion along with other crimes, especially from the so-called Satanic Panic in America from the 80’s and 90’s.

4. Destroy cemeteries and exhume corpses

Destroying a cemetery and exhuming bodies is as stupid as church burning. It is possible that a Satanist to be found in a cemetery, but that does not mean he is there to destroy. A cemetery can be a peaceful place for some.

There is, of course, the possibility of necromancy being practiced by Satanists. Even so, contrary to popular belief, necromancy has little to do with exhuming corpses. It is however necessary that the ritual to be held in the cemetery, since it is full of “Death energy” which is needed in that ritual.


What Satanists DO:

1. Rituals

There are many types of rituals in Satanism, but mostly they are done for thanking Satan and the Demons and worshiping them. There are also rites for guidance, protection and so on. There are also magical rituals in which practitioners try to change reality through spiritual methods. For more information read the article Satanic Rituals.

2. Animal Sacrifice

Animal Sacrifice is part of Satanic tradition but it is not an necessity or obligation. There are Satanists who do animal sacrifice once a year in honor of Satan. For more information read the article Animal Sacrifice.

3. Meditate

Satanists meditate to improve their mental capacities and to bring their minds to superior levels. Also, they meditate because it is necessary for them to be able to control their minds during a ritual or a telepathic communication with Demons, or even to realize what is real and what is created by the subconscious during a ritual.


In Satanism, like in any other religion, there are holidays and celebrations. Most of them are seasonal holidays, coven/sect celebrations or anniversaries. For more details read the article Satanic Holidays.



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