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Well, we’ve been moving slow lately and I apologize. People are involved in all sorts of projects and also… life. Work, paying bills, studying. But that won’t stop us from working on Occult-Study and making it better and better.

In the article section, there are some new articles which I hope you will enjoy.

Check them out!

Archangel Seraphiel by Asterion

1.4 – Why we’re here: The Great Work in a Neo Platonic Magical System by Rufus Opus

1.5 – While we’re here: The Great Work in Action by Rufus Opus

2.1 – The Lamp by Rufus Opus

2.2 – About those Planets… by Rufus Opus

2.3 – The Joys of Making Talismen by Rufus Opus

2.4 – Elemental Kings by Rufus Opus

2.5 – Spirit Pots by Rufus Opus

2.6 – Them Pesky Demons are at it Again… by Rufus Opus

2.7 – The Genius and the Evil Daimon by Rufus Opus

How to be a Christian AND a Magician by Rufus Opus

Research in the occult by Rufus Opus

Modern Grimoire Magick: Folk Magick and the Solomonic Path by Aaron Leitch

Daemonology: First Developments. Homeer and Hesiod by Humberto Maggi


That’s about all the new material in the article section.

We’ve also made some new friends, and added new partners at our Partners page.

At the Media section, we’ve added two new pages: One of them is a list of recommended movies with occult themes, which you can find at the Movies page. The second one is a Photos section, which is still under construction, since we need to put more descriptions at the Magic Circles gallery. More photo albums are coming soon!


That’s about it, for now. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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All the best




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